Abaco - Cuisine

We pride ourselves with serving delicious food of fresh local produce, specializing on fresh fish (mahi, tuna, grouper, and snapper) conch and lobster.

We carefully stock our larder with fine quality foods from the US and Nassau.

Our chef bakes bread, pastries and cookies daily. Our coffee is made from freshly ground beans and will be waiting for our guests in the buffet. Alternatively, we will bring a cup of coffee to your room!

A full breakfast will always feature a variety of cereals, coffee and a selection of teas, as well as fresh fruits. Eggs will be cooked to your preference, with bacon, sausages and grits or hash brown potatoes. Hot cereals are also available.

A lunch menu card allows you to choose next day’s lunch and the content of the boat coolers. We have an open bar policy at the lodge. On your return from fishing you will find cold beers, spirits, and a blender for cocktails, as well as stacks of soft drinks.

Delicious appetizers are served in the verandah, so you can sample local specialties such as cracked conch, grouper Fingers and conch salad.

If you have a preferred brand of liquor, please be sure to let us know in advance so the lodge can have it ready for you upon arrival (payable upon arrival to the lodge). Otherwise, you can bring your own bottle. Please note that local spirits will be available free of charge at the lodge.

Our emphasis is on mixing local dishes with light fresh recipes such as snapper with mango salsa, and some barbequed beef, fish and chicken.

Desserts will vary from chocolate decadence to key lime parfaits and rum cake with coconut ice cream.

House wines such as Chilean Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon will be served with dinner. After dinner coffee and tea and liquors will be served in the sitting room.

We can cater to special dietary needs. Fill in our questionnaire any requirements or food allergies you might have, so we can inform the chef. Salads are offered in our cooler lunches for those on low-carbohydrate diets.

The lodge has a good supply of drinking water from our reverse Osmosis system. You will find water in your bedroom and your boat, and you can drink the tap water. In our arid climate, conservation is always appreciated.