The season start on the Gaula is almost around the corner 11.04.2019
In less than two months we will be on our way to Norway and we can not wait to be back at the Gaula river after 9 months.

Manuel Plösser with a beautiful salmon from the lower Gaula.

There is still snow in the Gaula valley and the water level is 17m³/second on the Gaulfossen. But this will change in the next few days and weeks. The weather forecast shows for the coming week, at least for the area around Storen, rising temperatures and the snow in the valley should begin to melt. The temperatures higher up in the valley and up on the mountains are still quite low. So it will probably take some time until the snow begins to melt up there.

At the moment there is still a good amount of snow in the upper areas, but it is by no means an... read more...

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Great season ending on the Gaula and a very promising forecast for the season 2019. 13.09.2018
As difficult as the fishery was in June and July, with historical low water conditions most of the time, so exiting was August, the last month of the season. August was colder and we had more rain than in an average year. Whenever the water level had just dropped to a slightly lower level, the next rain came and provided gave us with new water. It is not an exaggeration to talk about top conditions in most parts of August.

Very impressive tail of an Atlantic Salmon. Some of the fish in August were huge!

The water level was quite high during the last three weeks of the season and we experienced some very good fishing. The salmon which have been in the river for some time started to move further upstream and also some fresh fish came into the river. It is ... read more...

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After brief closure, the Gaula is reopened - the highest water level of the season also ensures the best fishing of the season 19.08.2018
For a long time we have been waiting for the rain and seeing the river so low and without anglers, was very unusual during the season. As we wrote in our last update, the Gaula reopened on Thursday evening as the weather forecast for the coming days predicted much cooler weather with rain. This time, the weather report should finally be right and on Friday afternoon it finally started to rain. The water level rose to over 100 m³ / second on the Gaulfossen and with the fresh water, the fish were immediately active.

Thies with his salmon of approx. 9 kg from Beat B1.

Thies Reimers was able to land one fish of approx. 7,5 kg on Beat BS1 and later in the evening he caught another salmon of approx. 9 kg on Beat B1. He released bo... read more...

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Low water and temporary closure of the Gaula 19.08.2018
Who followed our last updates about the fishing on the Gaula noticed one thing: the words low water level or low water was mentioned quite often. This did not really change during the last weeks. It was extremely hot in the Gaula valley and the common Norwegian summer rain never came. It was only a question of time until the water temperature and the water level would get into a critical level for the fish.

Low Water on the Gaula, here you can see the Lodge Pool.

The water level dropped to 7 m³/Second on the Gaulfossen and with air-temperatures of up to 32 degrees in the day time and sometimes more than 20 during the night, the water temperature came up to over 20 degrees.

Water temperature in the evening at the Lodge, the thermometer shows almost 24 degrees.

The logical consequence was that the G...

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