The fishing has improved significantly and the fish have been passing the Gaulfossen from 01.07.2020 05.08.2020
In the last few weeks, the weather on the Gaula has been characterized by very warm temperatures and bright sun. The thermometer partly rose to over 30 degrees, which is absolutely unusual for Norway in June.

Jimmy Jakobsen with his salmon of 2,2 kg from Beat E2.

This heat wave caused intensive melting of the snow in the mountains and this caused a very high water level for three weeks. In the early afternoon, the melting snow made the Gaula rise and during the night the river started to drop again due to reduced temperatures, an everyday Yoyo effect. It is unbelievable how a natural river, that is not developed for hydro electricity generation, varies in the water flow. During the Easter days, the Gaulfossen measured 40 m / s... read more...

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Difficult conditions on the Gaula but the first fish were caught on the NFC Beats from June 17th 2020 05.08.2020
Many of you might wonder why we still have not published any pictures of catches. This is, of course, primarily due to the fact that most of the guests usually come from abroad and this has not been possible so far due to Covid 19.

Alex with the first salmon 2020 from the NFC Beats.

Unfortunately the long-lasting flooding of up to 900 cubic meters per second at the Gaulfossen has exposed some clay fields, making the water in the lower Gaula extremely murky. The visibility was often only 15-20 cm and unfortunately made fishing on the E Beats almost impossible. In Lundamo on Beat L1, the water is also murky, but the visibility is significantly better here. Manfred Raguse was able to hook a large fish there on June 12, but lost... read more...

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Untamed Angling COVID-19 Update 05.08.2020
Dear Friends of Untamed Angling,
we hope you are well and safe as we all navigate challenging new waters. As you are all aware, the COVID-19 global pandemic has changed the world as we know it. This is a force majeure issue that is unprecedented and for us has required a great deal of planning as well as consideration for you our valued guests and also the many people Untamed Angling support.

Every company and lodge is different and is being impacted in different ways. Remote and logistically challenging destinations like ours are facing a very difficult situation. We pride ourselves on our model that brings in a network of stakeholders for a series of projects that se... read more...

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Book one of the last few spots for the 2020 season in Tsimane! 20.02.2020
Perhaps the best Dorado fishery you will find anywhere. This destination is so fascinating because you are fishing for big Golden Dorado in fast flowing and crystal-clear medium sized rivers. It is a fly only destination. A lot of international well known fly fishers have been fishing this unique destination in Bolivia and have all been very impressed.

Also at Tsimane the 2020 season starts to fill up and there are only a few rods in the following weeks:

Pluma Lodge
20. June 27. June (2 Rods)
27. June 04. July (1 Rod)
04. July 11. July (2 Rods)
25. July 01. August (2...

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