Christmas Island

Destination: Christmas Island
Country: Republic of Kiribati
Saltwater: Blue water, Flats wading
Capacity: 8 per week
Season: Year-Round
Specialties: Blue water fishing, Not suitable for non-fishers, Wading
Species: Barracuda, Blue Fin Trevally, Bonefish, Giant Trevally, Wahoo, Yellow Fin Tuna

The Lodge


This is the ultimate year round destination with incredible bonefish and GT fishing at an incredible price!

Christmas Island (Kiritimati) is a raised coral atoll hidden in the middle of the Pacific Ocean; it may be in the farthest forward time zone in the world (UTC+14) but to wade its waters you will feel frozen in time. The atoll consists of many stunning lagoons, extensive clean white sand flats and coral drop offs; all of this and also incredibly stable weather patterns makes Christmas Island one of the ultimate year-round saltwater destinations.

Throughout the year anglers can target bonefish, the atoll is widely considered as some of the best bonefishing in the world due to the vast numbers of fish, a healthy average of 3 4 lbs and fish exceeding 10 lbs are not uncommon. Increasingly people are venturing to Christmas Island to test themselves against the incredibly aggressive and powerful species of trevally that inhabit these waters. The most common are blue and striped trevally growing to 20 lbs+, they can offer excellent surface fishing opportunities which are certain to get the adrenalin pumping. For those who want the ultimate test they can target the king of these waters, the giant trevally. A fish that can exceed 100 lbs on the flats, they have the power to break flyrods, the speed to snap flylines and the aggression to match. Other species you may encounter include; triggerfish and various reef fish and for those who want to venture offshore there are chances to target milkfish, tuna, wahoo and even sailfish. This is a destination where you should pack everything; 7# through to 12# or even 14# and reels with copious amounts of backing. You are also allowed to fish with conventional gear in certain areas.

The Island provides seven different accommodation options to the travelling fisherman, each one with its own characteristics and insight into the Kiritimati way of life. Your accommodation will provide you with a base camp before going out and exploring the seemingly endless shoreline with your guide. The guides on the island share years of experience fishing the atoll and each one has their own secret spots that are bound to give you the fishing experience of a lifetime.

Client Comments:
"Caught many 2-4 pound bonefish, great accommodation and will definitely return again in the future." - H.H.J Simpson.

Travel Tips:
Christmas Island is 12 hours ahead of GMT and flying time from London to Hawaii is 14 hours with a 3 hour flight to Christmas Island the following day.

Visa waiver's are required for the USA and must be obtained online prior to travel.

Please contact us with any questions or for booking information.