"Land of the Midnight Sun", is famous for its breathtaking fjord and mountain scenery and for being the home of the Vikings. More importantly, as far as the salmon angler is concerned, Norway is a fabled land of pure, clear, rushing rivers which flow through heroic scenery and are the haunt of giant, hard fighting, silver salmon. Norway remains the one country where there is still a chance of hooking the wild salmon of a lifetime; and for the sheer exhilaration of playing heavy fish in a strong-flowing river, Norway has no peer.

DREAM DESTINATION NORWAY will always tantalise salmon anglers who relish the prospect of fishing for the king of fish amongst some of the greatest scenery on the planet.
That magic moment, when the line is drawn tight and comes alive, followed by the slow rythmic pulse of a large hooked fish out in the stream, can only be enhanced if it takes place on a mighty river in the pale glow of the midnight sun. With the NFC the angler is given the chance to experience some of the best flyfishing Norway has to offer, at a realistic price.

SUMMER HARVEST. Fishing for salmon in Norway takes place from June 1st to August 31st. The best salmon fishing is to be had during the nicest weather periods of the year. The first part of June is the time for sunk-line fishing. Starting at the end of June, intermediate and floating lines with smaller flies are the norm. Suitable tackle is available for hire or purchase and local fly selections may be purchased as well.

THE GAULA RIVER runs through unspoilt surroundings starting from the mountains near the Swedish border, enters the sea at Trondheim Fjord and has always been one of the finest and most productive salmon rivers in the world. On average over the last 20 years, the annual rod catch of between 15-49 tons on the Gaula River has been, among Norway's 629 salmon rivers, second only to the Tana River which is 10 times longer, and produces just twice as many rod-caught salmon.

SALMON RUNS on the Gaula during the early season consist of large fish averaging approximately 22 lbs. The prime fishing takes place in July and August for fish in the 12 to 22 lb. range, with some stunning 30-pounders but the whole season there is always the chance to catch a 40-pounder! Grilse runs arrive in mid-July, followed by a good run of sea-trout and fresh run fish of all sizes run until the end of August.