Destination: Hawaii
Country: USA
Saltwater: Flats skiff
Capacity: 2 per week
Season: Mid May to Mid May
Specialties: Non-fishing activities
Species: Bonefish

The Lodge


For a while stories of giant bonefish have been emanating from Hawaii. The fishery there is relatively undeveloped and has been pioneered by Terence Duffield, also known as “Coach Duff”. Duff is the original bonefish guide in Hawaii and through numerous hours on the water he has figured out how to catch these monsters. Fishing Hawaii is not a numbers game, and this is a tough fishery. It can be flat out brutal with big winds, spooky massive bonefish (the Hawaiian State record is 18 pounds) and every single bonefish is earned. But the payoffs are huge also.

Located on Oahu, Duff runs two custom Andros Boats. He pushes through big water in an 18 foot Andros Backwater (panga design) with an ETEC 90 that keeps you dry and safe. For the technical stuff, he runs a 16 foot custom Andros Abaco which with an ETEC 75 that has a draught of six inches of water and with a seven foot beam and is the most stable technical poling skiff on the planet. Coach says, “I am a grinder, I believe in dark to dark hunting of these monster bonefish. I guess it’s the steelheader in me. I have no “clock” in my boat. If there are fishable tides and big Hawaiian Bones still reachable with feather and fur, we’re gonna stay after them, we’re gonna be relentless, and we’re gonna have a hell of a lot of fun while we chase em. I look forward to showing you something I have pioneered in many ways and welcome to one of the world’s true Trophy Fisheries. With a client best of 14.8 pounds on the fly, and much bigger fish hooked and lost the next fly caught world record is getting closer every day.

Fishermen stay and are pampered at the Paradise Bay Resort on the “Hawaiian” east side of Oahu. Wednesday night is all you can eat buffet brought in by the beautiful local staff, Friday night is Mojitos night, every room has a lanai and kitchen and it’s brand new. There are no other hotels or motels on our green, lush part of Oahu and it sits on mighty Kaneohe Bay, home to the world’s biggest bonefish. We are very proud to work with this amazing lodging opportunity. It doesn’t feel like a resort, it feels like “Hawaii” just like it should.

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Travel Tips:
Hawaii is 10 hours behind GMT and flying time from London is approximately 19 hours plus transfer time.

There are no direct flights to Honolulu but you can fly from London Heathrow via San Francisco with Virgin.

Visa waiver's are required for the USA and must be obtained prior to travel.

Please contact us with any questions or for booking information.