Kau Tapen - The Location

The lodge is located on the banks of the Rio Grande, in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

The success of the fishery on the Rio Grande is a modern-day fisherman’s Cinderella story. In just a decade, through access control and the diligent promotion of catch and release, average catch results have risen remarkably from less than a fish a day in the early ’80?s, to multiple fish per day, per person.

In the modern era, starting with the opening of Kau Tapen Lodge in the early ’80s, the Rio Grande became the most productive sea-run trout fishery in the world. However, trout numbers fluctuate with conditions at sea, tides, water levels, and a host of other natural factors.

The Rio Grande flows from West to East, from the Andes to the Atlantic Ocean, through 70 km of Argentine territory.

The landscape of Tierra del Fuego is reminiscent of Wyoming or the Scottish flow country. It is a sparsely populated wilderness.

Large sheep farming estancias share this land with herds of wild llama-like guanacos, red foxes, and condors.