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02.11.2021 Difficult backend of the season on the Gaula
01.07.2021 Norway allows entry for tourists and some large fish have been landed on the NFC beats.
15.06.2021 Good conditions on the Gaula and the first fish were caught on the NFC beats above the Gaulfossen
09.06.2021 Cuba is waiting for you
02.06.2021 Successful season start on the Gaula and the first fish from the NFC beats
26.05.2021 Just one week until the season start on the Gaula
06.11.2020 Tsimane is Back
22.10.2020 A difficult end of the season finalizing an overall good season on the Gaula
18.08.2020 Good run on the Gaula with big numbers of grilse From 31.07.2020
18.08.2020 Norway is opening the borders for tourists and still good fishing on the Gaula From 31.07.2020
05.08.2020 The fishing has improved significantly and the fish have been passing the Gaulfossen from 01.07.2020
05.08.2020 Difficult conditions on the Gaula but the first fish were caught on the NFC Beats from June 17th 2020
05.08.2020 Untamed Angling COVID-19 Update
20.02.2020 Book one of the last few spots for the 2020 season in Tsimane!
20.11.2019 Tsimane 2019 Fishing Report Week 16
28.10.2019 Only a few weeks left until the start of the season on the Rio Grande - spring is just around the corner in this part of the world
11.10.2019 Difficult season end on the Gaula Update 11.09.2019
18.08.2019 The fishing on the Gaula has started again on Friday 09.08.2019. Update 09.08.2019
03.08.2019 Difficult fishing due to high water temperature and temporary closure of fishing on the Gaula 30.07.2019
02.08.2019 After some high water in the beginning of July the water level is now constantly dropping. 17.07.2019
02.08.2019 Still difficult fishing on the Gaula but the average weight is still high. Update 05.07.2019
27.06.2019 The conditions are improving, and some nice salmon have been caught on the NFC Beats.
14.06.2019 Difficult season start on the Gaula, but some big fish have been caught on the NFC Beats
11.04.2019 The season start on the Gaula is almost around the corner
13.09.2018 Great season ending on the Gaula and a very promising forecast for the season 2019.
19.08.2018 After brief closure, the Gaula is reopened - the highest water level of the season also ensures the best fishing of the season
19.08.2018 Low water and temporary closure of the Gaula
03.08.2018 Historical low water conditions, but still some fish were caught
03.08.2018 Some rain improved the fishing
03.07.2018 Good season start but historical low water conditions followed afterwards
03.07.2018 Unusually season start on the NFC Beats on the Gaula
15.09.2017 Our season on the Gaula ended on the 31st August – we look forward to season 2018!
15.08.2017 Week 29: Another exiting week on the NFC Beats with some big fish landed!
25.07.2017 Week 28: High water, happy fishermen, and some really BIG fish!
25.07.2017 Week 27: The Gaula on Fire — Fantastic fishing on NFC waters!
25.07.2017 Week 26: Many great fish have been landed!
25.07.2017 Weeks 24&25 As the high water continues, so does the good fishing, with some great fish caught!
03.07.2017 The Sad Passing of International Salmon Conservationaist Mr Orri Vigfusson
18.06.2017 Difficult conditions, but some good fish caught
13.06.2017 Good fishing on the NFC Beats
13.06.2017 Impressive start on the Gaula. Salmon of 21 kg 45,3 lb and 23,1 kg 50,3 lb landed Average weight of the 10 largest fish on the opening day was 15,88 kg 35,3 lb
20.02.2017 Jurassic Lake
22.12.2016 Happy Holidays from the International Flyfishers Club!
15.09.2016 Another good season on the Gaula – the promising trend on the Gaula continues
11.08.2016 Week 31 – The Gaula Delivers: great water levels, good conditions and big fish!
11.08.2016 Week 30 – With much needed rain, and a rising river, some great fish have been caught!
27.07.2016 Week 29 – Despite the very low water conditions, some nice fish caught!
18.07.2016 Week 28 Update: Biggest fish of the season at Norwegian Flyfishers Club so far!
11.07.2016 Week 27 turned out to be another week of good fishing, despite the low water!
11.07.2016 Despite low water levels- Big fish caught!
30.06.2016 Week 25 – Typical “summer” conditions and good fishing continues!
23.06.2016 A great week 24 with lots of nice fish, and happy fishermen at Norwegian Flyfishers Club!
15.06.2016 The great fishing continues!
07.06.2016 The fishing on the Gaula is on fire!
05.06.2016 High water, great weather and fresh salmon on the NFC Beats!
05.06.2016 Season 2016 started with a nice fish on our Beat E3!
11.05.2016 New paradise for Fly Fisher
28.04.2016 Escaping from the cold weather in Europe, we find good fishing in Cayo Cruz, Cuba
14.04.2016 High hopes for big fish in the 2016 season and some new top beats on the lower and middle river.
23.12.2015 Happy Holidays from the International Flyfishers Club!
17.09.2015 Good season on the Gaula in 2015 and high hopes for 2016
21.08.2015 Week 33 – Great August fishing with big and many fish on NFC waters!
10.08.2015 Still good fishing on the Gaula on the NFC-Beats.
02.08.2015 A week with changing water conditions and some very good fish!
30.07.2015 Another great week on the NFC Beats
17.07.2015 A great week with lots of fish landed and happy fishermen & fisherwomen!
05.07.2015 Good Fishing on the NFC Beats both below and above Gaulfossen!
23.06.2015 Another week of high water with some awesome fish caught!
16.06.2015 A challenging start to week 24 makes way for a strong end!
07.06.2015 A productive day on the lower Gaula
07.06.2015 Next salmon landed on the NFC Beats
04.06.2015 Good season start on the Gaula!
22.01.2015 Short memories of season 2014
23.12.2014 Merry Christmas
09.09.2014 A great end to the 2014 season!
05.09.2014 Colder air- and water temperatures and some nice fish have been caught.
05.09.2014 Finally some rain and some nice fish been caught!
05.09.2014 Another low water week with some fresh fish!
05.09.2014 Very low water on the Gaula – Dry fly and wet wading time!
25.07.2014 Some nice fish caught after the Spate
25.07.2014 Summer time in the Gaula valley
10.07.2014 Fresh fish arrived on the Gaula!
04.07.2014 A few more nice catches after last weeks flood on NFC waters.
25.06.2014 Week 26 started with 3 great fish after the flood and a few fish lost!
18.06.2014 Week 25 starts great!
18.06.2014 The 2nd week started with a good rise of the water due to heavy rain falls on Sunday night.
07.06.2014 The fishing picks up – some nice fish have been landed today!
07.06.2014 The salmon season 2014 on the Gaula has started – first fish on NFC water landed above Gaulfossen!
13.03.2014 The new NFC Lodge is beginning to take shape!
30.01.2014 Kau Tapen Lodge – Fishing Report
16.01.2014 Villa Maria Lodge – Fishing Report
19.12.2013 Christmas offers and news from the Gaula
14.08.2013 THE PERFECT CAST & BLAST ADVENTURE Combine a week of monster Trout Fly Fishing with 2 days of breath-taking Dove Shooting
14.08.2013 Combine The Best 2 Lodges In The Bahamas In 1 Memorable Trip
08.08.2013 Week 31 – Good fishing on the Gaula with a very successful salmon fishing course!
08.08.2013 Week 30 – Summertime on the Gaula
08.08.2013 Week 29 - Gaula fishing is still challenging- but seems to be picking up!
15.07.2013 Difficult season on the Gaula – and yet some good fish have been caught on the NFC Beats.
04.07.2013 Still rather slow fishing on the Gaula – but some nice fish have been caught!
20.06.2013 Slow fishing on the Gaula - but fish seem to be finally on the way.
20.06.2013 The fishing seems to be picking up!
17.06.2013 After another flood the next fish have been taken again!
17.06.2013 Olivier knows how to do it – catch and release of a 16kg salmon!
08.06.2013 Big fish number 3 for Olivier!
07.06.2013 The fish have passed Gaulfossen! The 2nd fish above the rapids was landed last night!
07.06.2013 Next sea-liced salmon caught on the NFC Beats! Now with lots of rain the river has flooded, but hopefully this will help to move some fish up the river!
07.06.2013 The first fish of the 2013 season is landed on the NFC beats!
16.05.2013 Alphonse Island fishing report: 27 April – 4 May 2013
18.01.2013 Kau Tapen Lodge – Beginning of season 2012-2013 Report (January 2nd to 11th, 2013) – By Jean Baptiste Vidal
18.01.2013 Villa María Fishing Report Jan 4 to Jan 10, 2013 – By Gaston Guglielminetti
04.12.2012 Alphonse Island report: 24 November - 1 December 2012
28.10.2012 News for 2013
04.09.2012 And so the season finally comes to an end….We want to thank all of you for making it great!
12.08.2012 Still challenging fishing on the Gaula – but some big fish have been taken!
04.08.2012 Fishing seems to be picking up as more fresh fish are caught throughout the NFC Beats!
31.07.2012 Still challenging fishing on the entire Gaula
22.07.2012 A slow week on the Gaula – but some big fish were caught!
17.07.2012 Due to new rain falls the fishing slowed down quite a bit – but a few good fish have still been taken by our fishermen and the water levels are dropping quickly right now!
16.07.2012 Great photography and review of the NFC by our friend Tarquin Millington-Drake!
11.07.2012 Week 28 started with several good fish!
09.07.2012 We experienced a rather slow week on our beats – but fishing seems to pick up again with some fish above Gaulfossen!
04.07.2012 Norwegian Flyfishers Club - Announcement!
02.07.2012 Another good week on the Gaula – and the salmon have passed the Gaulfossen!
28.06.2012 The water has begun to slowly drop and fishing improves!
23.06.2012 After the big flood and some days of very high water the fishing is picking up again!
17.06.2012 Still very good fishing on the Lower Beats!
13.06.2012 Fantastic days on the NFC Beats – the Lower Beats are producing some nice fish!
11.06.2012 A good start into the new week on the NFC Beats!
09.06.2012 Exciting days on the NFC Beats!
03.06.2012 The weather is still cold but a few more fish were caught on the NFC Beats!
02.06.2012 The season 2012 has started – the first fish on the NFC Beats landed on 1st of June!
01.06.2012 The First Fish Of The Season 2012
04.04.2012 New NFC beat on the lower Gaula – and World premiere of the fantastic new movie “River of Silver and Gold”
22.02.2012 The season start 2012 is coming closer – please watch the countdown!
22.12.2011 Official statistics confirm another good season on the Gaula
28.10.2011 It’s now spawning time on the Gaula – and the right time to book in for season 2012! Fish a free prime weekend* (3 days)!
07.09.2011 Slow backend following the 100-years-flood
25.08.2011 New DVD Trailer: Gaula - River of Silver and Gold
20.08.2011 100-year flood on the Gaula!
15.08.2011 Again heavy rainfalls at the beginning of last week
09.08.2011 Yo-Yo water levels on the Gaula – but some good fish are caught
31.07.2011 Unfavourable water conditions on the Gaula – some difficult days with rising water just when ideal water levels are reached
26.07.2011 Good fishing for the rest of the week and a good start to the new week
23.07.2011 Low water on the Gaula – despite difficult conditions - some good fish landed
19.07.2011 Mediocre fishing on the Gaula – but some large fish are caught
14.07.2011 Good start into the new week, but heavy rainfalls are appearing again
10.07.2011 Improved fishing on the NFC Beats - 14 fish landed on July 8th
08.07.2011 A lot of salmon are running upstream
04.07.2011 Good days on the NFC Beats!
27.06.2011 Monster Salmon landed– 21,1kg (46 ½ lb)!!!
A superb day on the NFC Beats!
25.06.2011 The good fishing continues – 10 salmon landed on the Barbeque day!
22.06.2011 A great day on the NFC Beats…and still more fish to come…
20.06.2011 Ideal water levels and an exciting start to the new week
17.06.2011 Good conditions after the flood, but it is still not easy…
13.06.2011 A real flood at the start of the new week
09.06.2011 Some tough days on the Gaula – but now the fishing seems to improve!
06.06.2011 The first salmon on the NFC Beats caught above the Gaulfossen
02.06.2011 The next salmon on the NFC Beats is landed
01.06.2011 The Gaula season 2011 has started – the first fish on the NFC Beats is landed!
29.05.2011 It looks promising for the season start - the conditions on the Gaula are very good at the moment!
22.05.2011 Great conditions on the Gaula 8 days before the season start
06.05.2011 The spring on the Gaula is in full swing – just a bit more than 3 weeks to go!!!
21.04.2011 Only six weeks to go until the 2011 Gaula fishing season!
16.02.2011 What to expect in season 2011?
03.02.2011 More salmon seminars on the NFC Beats
30.11.2010 Snow on the Gaula, Rss-Feed and Booking for Season 2011
18.10.2010 Get ready for season 2011...
06.09.2010 The season 2010 ended with a couple of good fish for our fishermen
25.08.2010 The last week ended with a salmon of approx. 9,5kg (21 lb) and 97cm length – and the new week started with a salmon of exactly the same size!
20.08.2010 Late summer on the Gaula and low water – but the weather forecast is extremely promising!
08.08.2010 After some days with mixed weather the water is dropping – week 31 ended with 48 fish caught
05.08.2010 The Grilserun has started and asides many grilse some nice sea liced salmon caught on the NFC Beats!
28.07.2010 Last week ended with over 60 fish from the NFC –rotation, the new week started slightly slower
23.07.2010 Further excellent fishing on the NFC Beats by the end of the week and also a good start into the new week!
18.07.2010 Good fishing continues on the NFC Beats!
13.07.2010 Good final of last weeks fishing and a fantastic start of the new week on the NFC Beats with 10 fish up to 14,7kg/ 32 ½lb caught on the first morning!
09.07.2010 First time this season - a normal water level which improves fishing on most of our pools
04.07.2010 Slower days on the Gaula due to the next flood – but now the fishing is improving again!
27.06.2010 Good times on the Gaula with mainly big fish caught
25.06.2010 Still slightly slower fishing after the flood - but some very nice fish are caught every day!
22.06.2010 The first salmon after the flood have been caught
19.06.2010 Huge Flood on the Gaula!!!
16.06.2010 Great start of the new week – 11 fresh salmon on Monday on the NFC Beats! Fish are passing Gaulfossen in great numbers!
14.06.2010 The Lower Beats continue to fish quite well
12.06.2010 The good fishing on our Lower Beats continues!
10.06.2010 A great day on the NFC Beats!
08.06.2010 The new week started quite good!
06.06.2010 Fishing on the NFC Beats improves!
05.06.2010 Difficult conditions on the Gaula
03.06.2010 The next salmon has been caught on our beats!
01.06.2010 Season 2010 has started well!
30.05.2010 SEASON START 2010
24.05.2010 Preparations for the season start
05.03.2010 Great prospects for season 2010 on the Gaula in Norway!
19.12.2009 Join us on the Gaula in 2010!
04.09.2009 End of a mediocre season on the Gaula – we are looking forward to the 2010 season!
27.08.2009 Fishing is a challenge on the Gaula right now
23.08.2009 A little slower fishing on the NFC Beats, but some good fish have been caught
20.08.2009 The water flow of the Gaula changes all the time like a yo-yo, but the fishing is not bad….
14.08.2009 More water and improved fishing again!
09.08.2009 More fresh fish have been caught on the NFC Beats, even if the water got very low during the last days
06.08.2009 Every single day produces some fish on the NFC beats!
03.08.2009 Some fresh sea liced fish were caught on the NFC Beats during the last days
31.07.2009 Slower fishing during mid week on the Gaula
27.07.2009 This week started well on our beats!
25.07.2009 No big run after the flood yet – but still some good catches on the NFC Beats
22.07.2009 The first fish are caught on our beats after the highest flood this year
20.07.2009 After a „medium“ week a good start into the new week with 7 fish caught after a half day
17.07.2009 A bit slower fishing in all Trondelag rivers – however, some very good catches on our water !
16.07.2009 Week 29 with further nice catches from the NFC Beats
13.07.2009 A good end of the last week and a good start to the new week!
11.07.2009 Some good fish have been caught during the last days…
07.07.2009 A good start into week 28…
06.07.2009 The fishing keeps on going well despite the water gets a bit low
03.07.2009 Nice catches on the NFC Beats…
30.06.2009 A good start of week 27…
29.06.2009 The water is still dropping and improvment of the fishing by the end of the week
26.06.2009 Summer arrived on the Gaula!
23.06.2009 Finally nice weather in the Gaula valley and the first catches of the new week
22.06.2009 A very difficult week ended – but great prospects for the newly started week!
18.06.2009 A difficult week on our beats so far – but still some nice catches on our beats
15.06.2009 Rising Water and a lot of rain in the Gaula valley
13.06.2009 The fishing continues to be good
10.06.2009 Fantastic days!
09.06.2009 A good start into the new fishing week and good fishing on our middle beats above Gaulfossen!
08.06.2009 Some nice new salmon from the NFC beats
05.06.2009 Big salmon
03.06.2009 Good early days on the NFC Beats!
01.06.2009 The season 2009 has started
25.05.2009 SEASON START 2009 – some vacant rods left!!!
07.05.2009 The prospects for the seasonstart 2009 are promising!
12.03.2009 Seasonstart 2009 is coming closer...
15.01.2009 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 to all Salmon fishers
01.12.2008 Good news for the Gaula salmon!
31.10.2008 News October 2008
08.10.2008 season report 2008 and a new Trout & Salmon article
07.09.2008 The end of season 2008...
02.09.2008 Week 35 – the last week of the season 2008
24.08.2008 Week 34 – a good start of the week…
20.08.2008 Week 33 - good August fishing on the NFC Beats!
10.08.2008 Week 30 and 31 – very hot weather and slow fishing on the Gaula, but a very good start of week 32!!
23.07.2008 A good start of the week 29 - and a lot of rain on the Gaula-valley
11.07.2008 Week 28, continued: Dropping water, but still good fishing!
10.07.2008 Week 28 – 6th to 8th of July - very good days on the NFC water….
07.07.2008 Report Week 27 ( 29th of June to 6th of July) – summer in Norway!
03.07.2008 28th of June – a slow day on our Beats, but a very big fish lost…
03.07.2008 27th of June – the water dropped down under normal summer water level!
30.06.2008 26th of June – cold nights on the Gaula
30.06.2008 25th of June – a nice day on th NFC water
30.06.2008 24th of June – dropping water!
30.06.2008 23rd of June – the new week started
30.06.2008 22nd of June – end of week 25
26.06.2008 Still a few rods vacant on NFC-beats!
23.06.2008 21st of June – Midsummer in Norway – salmon of 16,1kg (35.5 lb) landed!!!
22.06.2008 20th of June – …running the Gauntlet!!!
21.06.2008 19th of June – rising water but still nice catches
21.06.2008 18th of June – rising water on the Gaula
21.06.2008 17th of June –the prospects are exiting…
21.06.2008 16th of June- a slower day on our water…
17.06.2008 15th of June – the next fish over 15 kg (33 lb) landed!!!
17.06.2008 14th of June – another good day on the NFC water…
14.06.2008 11th of June – very good days for salmon fishermen….
14.06.2008 13th of June – more than 50 fish already caught this week!
13.06.2008 12th of June – The Next Huge Fish Landed!!...
10.06.2008 7th -10th of June - Fantastic fishing on our Beats
07.06.2008 huge fish landed on the NFC water…!!!
06.06.2008 5th of June - 7 large springers caught today!
04.06.2008 4th of June - perfect conditions!
03.06.2008 2nd and 3rd of June
02.06.2008 NEWS from the NFC-water - 5 large salmon landed on the first day of Season 2008
01.06.2008 The Start of the 2008 Season
26.05.2008 SEASON START 2008 – some vacant rods left!!!
08.05.2008 New restrictions in place – and some vacant rods
02.04.2008 Stopping the slaughter
03.03.2008 Season 08