Paradise Lodge

Destination: Paradise Lodge
Country: Mexico
Saltwater: Flats skiff, Flats wading
Capacity: 6 per week
Season: Year-Round
Specialties: Oceanfront property
Species: Barracuda, Bonefish, Jack Crevalle, Permit, Snook, Tarpon

The Lodge


Paradise Lodge is aptly named. What was at first hailed as the lodge most consistently productive for tarpon and snook now includes outstanding bonefishing in the most scenic and remote flats of the Mexican Yucatan. Add to this excellent possibilities of hooking up with the most elusive of flats fish; the permit. It offers wilderness saltwater fishing from complete comfort in luxury accommodations on the Caribbean Coast near the border with Belize. It is small catering to only six anglers at one time, with 4 rooms to provide space for non anglers as well as anglers.

It is located where it is on purpose. It was originally built by Dial Duncan about 20 years ago and he chose its foundation to be laid smack dab in the middle of the many tarpon and snook lakes just inland from the sea and connected to the ocean by cenotes (pronounced say- no’-tase) and the two bays, Chetumal (to the south of the lodge) and Espiritu Santo (to the north). He and subsequent owners, along with lodge guides have been exploring those waters ever since. It is probably the best destination in the Yucatan to seek the hard won goal of a Yucatan Slam. This is landing a bonefish, tarpon, permit and snook in one day. If you add the ocean waters in the front of the lodge (accessible on calm days) to the two bays and the nearly dozen lakes, there are 4 distinctly different waters to fish in which to fish 4 distinctly different fish. In addition to the fishes mentioned above, there are jack crevalle, barracuda, snapper and others to talk into eating your fly offering.

The guides are all experienced and were with the lodge before the hurricane. They know the waters well and know how to position a fly fisher to get the best shots at whatever fish he/she has targeted. The boats are all in tip-top condition and are adapted to the local water and fishing conditions. The vehicles are all well maintained, air conditioned and provide the most comfortable ride possible to fishing each day. The bays give an angler the classic flats fishing experience. Fishing from a boat or wading in knee deep in 80 degree saltwater. On a very calm day, access to the ocean in front of the lodge is available. The waters between the shore and the reef are home to ocean bonefish, permit, migrating tarpon, jack crevalle and barracuda. All are usually larger than their inland and bay cousins. These waters are know as the rodeo grounds during windy days and can get quite rough if the wind picks up speed. The weather has to be watched very closely when fishing there, but the bigger fish and different conditions make fishing there very interesting.

The non-angler is not forgotten at Paradise Lodge. There are a lot of activities to keep them busy and entertained. Just a short walk up the beach, the Meso-American Reef rises to within a few feet of the surface and a short swim from the beach. Snorkeling there is world class. Kayaks are available to play in the ocean and of course, the beach can provide hours of pleasure swimming and hiking. There are Mayan ruins to explore and birds to observe in the jungle country along the road behind the lodge. The staff at the lodge will bend over backwards to assure the non-angler has just as good of a time as the fishers. All of the drinks are on the house and the bar is always open.

Client Comments:
"One of the best value for money bonefishing operations out there! Not only was the fishing excellent and above what I was expecting, but the accommodation and food was outstanding." - G.L - UK

Travel Tips:
Travel Tips: Mexico is 6 hours behind GMT and flying time from London is approximately 10 hours plus transfer time. Both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have direct schedules from London Gatwick. British Airways fly on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Mondays whilst Virgin Atlantic fly Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Visa's are not required for British passport holders.

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