Gaula 8.175 salmon registered in Season 2005
the Gaula River has been in the year 2005 again the most productive sport fishing river in Norway . The annual catch in the just 3 months season -

June, July and August - were 8.175 fish with a total weight of 37,5 t.

This was a increase of 10,3 t compared with the previous year. The average weight of the 10 largest salmon caught on the Gaula exceeded 41 pounds.

The fishing in season 2005 was best in the lower reaches of the Gaula. The very cold temperatures and huge amounts of melting snow influenced the fishing in the middle and upper reaches very negative. As a consequence the NFC has integrated some new water in the lower reaches from season 2006. But the latest weather reports are not indicating that we have to expect so difficult fishing during the early season.

It is interesting to follow up and find out how the benefits of the buy out of 80% of the coastal nets in the Trondheim Fjord turned out. The season catch of the "kilenöter" (bag nets) decreased by 47 t, from 85 t to 39 t compared with 2004. At the same time the total river catch of the rivers draining into the Trondheim Fjord increased from 56 t in 2004 to 83 t in 2005. The share of the Gaula is very impressive: 45,18%!





Fisket av





GFF Stadion, Rognes 

Westerlund, Per 





Gaulfossen, Hovin 

Kveberg, Kjell 





Krogstad, Hovin 

Nielsen, Niels Blom 





TOFA/ Melhus JFF 

Einarsen, Asbjørn 





GFF Kroken, Malum/Winsnes 

Jensen, Michael 





Nordløkken, Singsås 

Svensson, Mads 





Kregnes Felleseie, Kvål 

Wiig, Leif 





Ivervaldet, Hovin 

Lundemo, Tor Morten 





Mo, Melhus 

Tømmerdal, Kjell 





Nedre Løberg, Lundamo 

Haug, Peter 


We're through the season now, but we are far from having the final catch result for this season because by no means are all catches registered yet. The Gaula experienced another great season - as expected due to the buy-out of 80% of the nets in the Trondheim Fjord. By 2 nd September were 5,648 salmon (with a total weight of 27,6 tons) registered at the Gaula Natursenter in Storen! The breakdown of the catch in season 2005: 1,664 of the fish consisted of salmon of 7 kg or more! The number of medium sized fish (3 – 7 kg) is 1,142 and the number of grilse caught is 2,842.

The average weight of the Gaula's salmon catch that is so far registered is currently 4,9 kg (10,8 lb). The weights of the heaviest fish produced this season has been most imressive: The smallest fish on the list weighed 18.0 kg (39.7 lb) and the largest 20.8 kg (45.9 lb). The two largest fish, the second biggest weighing 19.7 kg (43.4 lb), were both caught on fly in July. August produced as well some large fish, for ex. one weighing 19.7 kg (43.4 lb), one of 19,5 kg (43 lb) and one of 18,4 kg (40,6 lb). The average weight of the 10 largest fish landed this season is at an amazing 18.9 kg/41.7 lb! There were many very large salmon caught.

The prospects for the next season 2006 are great. We can expect large runs of medium sized salmon weighing mostly 5- 6,5 kg (11 - and 14 ½ lb) and there will be many very large fish running, whilst the year class of 3-seawinter fish might not be as strong as this year.

The booking for next year has started. You are welcome to join us. We have not yet increased prices for 2006 and you can book in now until the 31 st October at 2005 prices! Please do not hesitate to contact us with all further questions at: NFC AS / c/o Manfred Raguse , Robert-Blum-Str. 5B, 22453 Hamburg , Germany , at phone ++49-40-5892302, fax ++49-40-5892304 or email

The NFC has a number of vacant rods from now until the end of the season (31 August), and is prepared to take short notice bookings for the rotation beats, as well as the Bogen Söndre Beat for single rods or parties of rods.

Great opportunity: Due to a cancellation the famous Bogen Söndre Beat incl. the English House is vacant for week 31 and from the 20st August - 1 st Sept. for a party of 4 to 6 rods! Call 0047-91393498 (Manfred Raguse) or 0047-48186991 (Valentin Maul).

The last fish of the season on the NFC water: Mathias Sunefjord with a very nice and fresh fish taken at 20:00 hrs. on the last day of the 2005 season (31 st August).

This fish is the largest fish from the Gaula so far this season: Per Westerlund caught this 20.8 kg (45.9 lb) salmon on fly in the Rognes area, just downstream of our Bridge Pool (but not on the NFC water). Photograph: Dr. Oystein Aas.

br> Michael Dahms with a cock fish caught on the 13th July on the Long Pool. The fish weighed 14,5 kg/ 32 lb. and was caught on a small Green Higlander tube. He lost another fish of approx. the same size and believes that a school of large fish had entered the pool which was very quiet before.

Andre Scholz caught this 13.0 kg (28.7 lb) fish on 14 July in Tilseth Pool. He caught another of 11.5 kg (25 1/2 lb) the same night in our Upper Pool at Rognes.
Season start on the Gaula! DIARY - 6PM - 1 st JUNE
It has been a cold start to the 2005 season here on the Gaula with locals saying that it is the coldest May in over 20 years.

There are still huge amounts of snow left in the mountains which hopefully will provide us with good water levels well into the coming season.

The river is running quite high and clear at around 1m 30 on the Froseth gauge and the water temperature is between 4 - 5 degrees. There were 10 fish reported taken early today below the Gaulfossen, the largest scaling 16,3 kg, 15,5 kg and 13,0. and a further 14 reported elsewhere. Among these were fish of 15,7 kg, 13,5 kg, 13,1 kg and 12,5 kg. The first fish taken on NFC water came from New Pool at 10.30 am. Terry Oldfield caught the 8.6 kilo fish on a red and silver tube, he released two kelts as well. There were also several contacts with fish on the NFC beats this morning.

So despite the cold conditions it has been a promising first morning and we will be updating this report as the season gets underway.

Update 4 th of June 2005

Beats on the Gaula have been reporting some very impressive catches with 158 fish taken on the river so far with an average weight of 9.8kg (21.6lb). The larger concentration of catches has been on the lower river owing to unusually cold and high water conditions which has slowed down the run of fish. The air temperature has dropped to 0°C at times making for chilly conditions for wading. There was even some snow reported on the 1 st of June in the upper reaches.

These are ideal conditions for the Gaulfossen which has done exceptionally well with 32 fish taken so far with an average weight of 10.3kg (22.6lb) Their largest fish to date is 16.3kg (36lb). The biggest fish taken on the river so far is 17.0kg (37.5lb) which came from the Lundamo area.

The top 10 on the Gaula with an average weight of 15,9 kg (35,1 lb)/ 4 th of June 2005

1. Thorleif Gule, 17 kilo
2. Lars Bystrup, 16,5 kilo
3. Anders Berg, 16,3 kilo
4. Tor Stræte, 16,1 kilo
5. Marius Undlien, 15,8 kilo
6. Ole K. Løvik, 15,7 kilo
7. Stig M. Moen, 15,6 kilo
8. Atle Furuseth, 15,5 kilo
9. Kjell Kveberg, 15,5 kilo
10. Jørn Effraimsen, 15,0 kilo

There are still some rods vacant with the NFC. If you are interested to come, please contact Manfred Raguse at email: Raguse or phone 0047-91393498.

Netting buyout in the Trondheimfjord

In the last report we mentioned the NASF inspired plan to buy out the nets in the Trondheimfjord - an objective that is currently being vigorously pursued and an agreement most likely to be achieved for this season.

According to catch statistics for the nets in the Trondheimfjord the average catch over the last five years was 53 tons a year. If the buyout agreement succeeds, the net fishermen will be compensated for not using their right to fish and many more salmon will be allowed to run into the rivers of the Trondheimfjord. This fish will strengthen the spawning stocks and creates community value of the salmon in the sportfishery. The amount of extra fish running the rivers could be even greater, as the catch statistics of the fjord fishermen are not 100% accurate. Experts assume that the realistic catch is much higher. In 2002 the official net catch was 80 tons and in 2003, 90 tons.

A forecast for the number of salmon running into the rivers, if the nets remain dry, could be mind-boggling. After the analyses by fishery scientists, the proportion of the Gaula salmon lies at approximately 28 to 30% of the total salmon run into the Trondheim Fjord. .

The association of river owners ‘Elvene Rundt Trondheimsfjorden' wants to pay the fjord netsrmen to stop fishing for the next five years. The aim is to make contracts with as many netsmen as possible so that a minimum of 80% of the netting stations are bought out. The offer of the river owners to pay 70 Norwegian Kroner (NKR) per kilo of the recorded average salmon catch was handed over to approximately 100 fishermen at the end of September 2004. Forty of them accepted the offer immediately. In the meantime fishermen that account for over 80% of the catch have signed the contracts and the goal is reached. The period for signing the contracts expires on 1 April, hopefully we get close to 100%.

“The average catch for the entire fjord is 53 tons per year. Our goal is it to reduce this catch by 80%, this corresponds to 42 tons. And it looks promising that we will manage that,” said the leader of ‘Rivers Around the Trondheimfjord', Jon Kjelden, who comes from Rognes on the Gaula. The contracts will cost the protectors of the wild salmon NKR3.5 to 4 million per year. The total value of the contracts is NKR 20 million to be distributed over five years and has to be collected from river owners, local and international companies, and by Norwegian and international anglers.

I visited Arne Jørrestol the leader of the organisation of the sea-fishermen (Sør Trøndelag Grunneigar og Sjøfiskelag) on 5 August 2004 . He lives at Agdenes, at the mouth of the Trondheimfjord. I had chosen specifically 5 August because it is the last day of the fjord net-fishing season. If we succeed in buying out the fjord nets for the next five years, it is most likely that further buyouts will follow. Therefore, I had the feeling that my visit would be an historic day - at the right time in the right place - but this time somewhat different to what that usually means to a salmon angler.

The nets were collected after the end of the fishing to dry out before being stored away for the winter. It was impressive to see how the currents in the fjord run and it was easy to understand why this was one of the better netting stations, comparable with a good pool on a salmon river.

Arne Jørrestol is a friendly man and head of a friendly family, who invited me into their house to eat with them. We spoke about the yearly catches of his net right and took a look into the catch statistics. With only four nets he had caught over 7 tons of salmon in 2004! That corresponds to a yearly catch of a river like the Stjørdal, but over thousands of rod-days by anglers. He told of similar catches by a neighbour living nearby.

I visited his curing and smoking room, in which he and his son worked with the last catch of the season. There were salmon up to 22 lb, many medium-size salmon around 15 to 18 lb, and some grilse. All the fish were fresh and shining silver.

He reported that he would be happy to stop net fishing. His son has no interest in netting, as he has other plans for the future. On the other hand fishing and smoking the catch is Arne's sole source of income. He would like to go on summer vacation, just like other people, instead of being tied to the hard summer work with the nets, as he has been for the last 25 years. But he also mentioned that there is a plan by a foreign company to market the best quality wild salmon of the world to international gourmets. He and his colleagues have already received an offer from this company. “Therefore, it is important,” he said seriously, “to come to a decision soon.”

I shiver to think that our multi-sea-winter fish, which have become so rare worldwide, could end up like that instead of getting the chance to spawn in their home rivers of the Trondheimfjord. I realised that we had to sign the contracts with the fjord netsmen - definitely now, rather than later.

For many years the NFC has donated several weeks' fishing each season to salmon protection organisations, in order to generate financial support by sales through auctions or lotteries at salmon dinners. We also donate valuable fly-fishing equipment for this purpose, with the valuable support of the Orvis Company. We have promised NKR 100,000 as a donation to the buyout and hope for your support.

Mathias Richter with a fish weighing 9,6 kg / 21 lb, caught on the Home Pool. He caught a 17 pounder in the same Pool and a medium sized fish in the Railway Pool.

Gary Derrick with a good fish of 9,0 kg /19,9 lb caught on the 9th of July in Renna Pool.

Grant Foreman with a typical medium sized fish caught from the Blue Container Pool on the 2nd of July.

Nick Bryant playing a fish on Bogen Söndre Upper Pool.

Thomas Wölfle with a fish of 9,2 kg / 20,3 lb caught on Lower Langöy Pool on the 4th July, he had another one of 8,8 kg / 19,4 lb the same day from the same pool.

Tim Sparks with a nice fish (11,2 kg / 24.7 lb) from Bogen Söndre, caught on the 9th July.

Terry Oldfield with the first fish from the NFC Beats in season 2005

Terry Oldfield with the first fish from the NFC Beats in season 2005

Prof. Jens Fischer releases a nice fish of approx. 20 lb caught on the 2nd July on the Bridge Pool on a Green Highlander.

Net caught salmon - it looks like they will have the chance to spawn from 2005 onwards if "Elvene rundt Trondheimsfjorden" succeeds with the buyout. Photographer: Rune Krogdahl