Dear Flyfisher,
we just want to let you know that we started to deal with the bookings for the next season and that now is the right time to book in for season 2007 . The annual Gaula catch in season 2006 is not complete registered yet and despite that are already 36 tons (79.380 lb) on the official records! The final total catch might end up being around 38 tons (84.380 lb), in every case this years catch will be very close to last years figures. This is a spectacular result if one considers the long period with extraordinary heat and extremely low water. Based on the structure of this years catch with a very high share of approx. 40 % of medium sized (2 seawinter, 10 – 14 lb) fish we are very sure that we can expect next year a real big fish season with many fish around 18 – 24 pounds and larger! As we had a lot of grilse included in this years catch, we assume that we will again catch a lot of medium sized fish ( 10-14 pounds) next season.

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Rarely were the temperatures higher than in early May this year. With such benign spring weather running salmon were reported around mid-May from the middle reaches of the Gaula. A few days before opening day the Gaula had a perfect water level and a water temperature of 8.6°C, coupled with sunny and good weather conditions. The weather changed suddenly, surprising the inhabitants of Berkak who woke up to find 30 cm of fresh snow in their gardens. On 31 May I drove up to Storen and when coming over the Kvikne mountains found a lot of snow falling. This abrupt drop in temperature saw the Gaula's season start with a water level of 1.10 m at the Froseth gauge (60 cm above normal summer water level) and a water temperature of 5.7°C.

Despite these cold conditions in ten casts Daniel Stephan had a brief encounter with a serious fish, before parting company. Steve Smith also lost a fish. Age Björnstad and Peter Hansen had serious takes, but unfortunately no were landed on the NFC beats that first day. The first fish landed this season was probably caught by Tor Berg in the Gaulfoss Pool, 43-minutes after midnight and weighed in at 12.4 kg (27.3 lb.).

Due to the cold weather the majority of fish are caught on heavy spinning tackle in the lower reaches of the river. Less than one in ten fish have been taken on fly so far. The largest fish to date was reported on 3 June and weighed 17,9 kg (39.5 lb.), caught by Glenn Vie on a wobbler; the second largest so far, weighed 16,6 kg (36.6 lb) and was caught by Jens Baadsgaard on a spoon. The average weight of the first 82 fish caught is an impressive 8.97 kg (19.8 lb.).

The first fish landed on the Norwegian Flyfishers Club water came on 3 June at 13:00 hrs on the Bridge Pool to Ken Sawada and weighed 8,0 kg (17.6 lb.). At the moment we are hoping for a increase of water temperature which usually improves the prospects for fly-fishing significantly.

Geoff Little with a cock fish of 28.7 lb.

Our Guide Johan Wallestad with beautiful fish from a night in July…

A nice fish taken in our Beat D

David Wellard with a nice fish of 12,8 kg / 28.2 lb caught mid June.

Photograph: Ken Sawada with the first salmon in season 2006 from the NFC water: A beautifully conditioned fish of 8,0 kg (17.6 lb.) and a length of 91 cm taken on the 3 rd of June on his Orange Flame Long Tail tube fly

Peter Hansen caught this nice salmon of 11,6 kg / 25,6 lb on the 6 th of June in our Beat E..
The salmons have arrived in Rognes on the Gaula!
There have been a number of indications that the salmon will be spread far up in the Gaula river system from the season start on the 1 st of June. Due to the early spring flood, the salmon start early to run this year. Senior scientist Torbjörn Forseth of the Norwegian institute for Nature research (NINA) believes this and is of the opinion that we will experience a good salmon season, especially in bigger rivers like the Gaula. He reports that smaller rivers might face water difficulties at one stage as the amounts of snow left are not very impressive.

The first fresh fish above Gaulfossen have been seen this week in Rognes, which is in the middle reaches of the river. Therefore we have reason to expect on the 1st June fresh run salmon as high as our highest beat, the new Upper Gaula Beat above Singsas. Please see the map of the location of the NFC Beats on the Gaula, the beats are located strategically from the lower to the upper reaches of the Gaula – a unique chance to be “at the right time on the right place”!

We have still a number of rods vacant from the season start onwards and would encourage you to give us a call or send us an email if you are interested to join us .

Manfred Raguse

Norwegian Flyfishers Club

Phone: ++49-40-5892302

Fax: ++49-40-5892304



Latest News................... Reykjavík May 10, 2006


Thanks to NASF's inspired new initiative in Norway thousands of extra salmon reached the spawning grounds of the rivers running into the Trondheim fjord in 2005. These fish included a number of the huge-sized salmon for which Norway is so famous.

This is the conclusion of scientific experts at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research who have evaluated the results of the NASF project. The five-year compensation scheme has greatly reduced the number of bag nets operating in this very long fiord.

The experts analysed the effects of the first year of the buyout on the various rivers and the extent of the increase in spawning numbers of Atlantic salmon'.

The independent scientific report says: "Our estimates indicate that the compensation scheme has resulted in a considerable increase in the catches of salmon in the rivers draining to the fjord. "

The scientists compared the 2005 situation with the numbers of fish that would have been expected to survive the nets if the commercial fishery had been in full operation.

"We estimated that the number of salmon entering the rivers increased by approximately 9,300 fish (49 metric tons)," they reported. They conclude that egg deposition in the rivers also increased by approximately 24%.

"This has given a tremendous boost to the Conservation Project we launched in Norway last year and is great news for everyone around the world who supports the NASF Campaign," commented Orri Vigfússon, Chairman of NASF International in Reykjavík. "It shows that nothing works better than the commercial conservation agreements promoted by NASF. The hard working Trondheim group that organised this scheme has done a magnificent job which should be an example for the rest of Norway."

"An increase of 24% in year one is wonderful and we should expect to build on this increase in the next four years. I am convinced this will boost the angling tourist industry in the Trondheim region and I hope that the value of salmon fishing rights in those rivers will double in value in no time. It is important that we continue to support similar programmes throughout the Norwegian coastal areas."

"Sadly, at the very same time that NASF was demonstrating the way ahead in Norway the Irish Government was ignoring the call of its own fishery scientists to suspend the Irish mixed-stock fisheries.

"We have proved that we can rebuild salmon stocks not just in Ireland but in the rest of EU countries. The fact is that for far too long the Irish nets have blockaded salmon returning to Europe from the high seas feeding grounds around Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands"

The North Atlantic Salmon Fund, NASF, is a coalition of voluntary conservation groups who have come together to restore stocks of wild Atlantic salmon to their historic abundance. For further information telephone +354 893 3553 or e-mail

Ken Sawada with his second fish of the season, a splendid fish weighing 11,9 kg/ 26,2 lb., caught on Beat B in Storen.

Grant Foreman with his first fish of the season, weighing 9,4 kg/ just under 21 lb.

Daniel Stephan caught this nice fish of 8,8 kg/ 19.4 lb. in our New Pool.

Leo Padrut from Switzerland caught this fish of 10,1 kg / 22.3 lb. on our Beat D.

Masoto Aoki with a nice salmon weighing 12,1 kg / 26.7 lb. taken on a Black Fairy.

Albert Donven, president of the Salmon Club Luxembourg with a nice Gaula salmon caught in week 25.

Chris Sandford holds Geoff Little's fish weighing 12,9 kg (28 1/2 lb) from our Beat B

Sebastian Yorke with a cock fish of 12,2 kg (26.9 lb) caught at our Tilseth Pool

Tim Gray with a nice fish caught in week 25