The Season 2010 on the Gaula
Season 2010 has started well! 01.06.2010 20:48

Bruno Berthot from France with the first salmon from the NFC Beats – the fish was landed just 50 minutes after the start of season 2010 on our Beat E1 and weighed in with 7,7kg (17lbs).

The season 2010 on the Gaula has started! It was so good to see the well known faces of most of our early season regulars back on the short start meeting 1 hour before the opening. All have arrived safely, the “family” of early NFC guests is “back in business”. Several of our usual guests on the season start have postponed their fishery due to their expectation of difficult conditions at the opening. And indeed the facts about this springs weather development are just published in the local newspapers and it appears now that the first five months of this year were coldest since 44 years!

In Röros the first 13 nights in May were below 0°C. During the first 13 days in May it was snowing on 7 of them! Accordingly the Gaula was still cold, we measured 5°C at the start, the Gaula at Gaulfossen had a water level of 338m³/sec. at midnight (ca. 1.65m at the Fröseth gauge) which is a high level but very common on the opening.

Regular French guest Bruno Berthot was the first this season who was able to land a salmon – 7,7kg (17lbs), it was just 50 minutes after the season start, when Bruno was able to land the first salmon on the NFC Beats - bright and beautiful as usual in June on the Gaula.

Bruno playing his fish in dull light conditions during early morning of June 1.

As usual the water rises these days in the evening until some time early in the morning due to snow melting in the mountains. So Bruno caught his fish in rising water. NFC’s Daniel Stephan was the next angler who hooked a fish, about 15.30h on the 1st of June. He was able to land his first salmon after a hard fight of 10 minutes as well on our beat E1. He released the fish and Johannes Kahrs and Karsten Kruhl shot some good pictures.

Daniel estimated to his first salmon of the season to weigh about 7,5kg (16.5lbs). He played the fish very hard as he intended to release it carefully, hoping for a quick recovery of the fish. Just before he caught his fish he had another take, so there seem to be some fish running at the moment!

Daniel hooked his fish on E1 as well in very nice weather conditions…

These are the pictures we all love so much…a fighting salmon on one of the Gaula’s great fly pools!

First salmon of the season 2010 for Daniel – estimated to weigh 7,5kg (16.5lbs) and just beautiful!

this fish will run further upstream to produce more Gaula salmon in the autumn…released!

The fish recovered very quick as seen on this picture!

We are very glad to see the first salmon are caught on our water already. With early season weather conditions like this one cannot be sure, if salmon will be caught from day 1. Now we are very relaxed and expect that the next salmon will be caught very soon. We will try to report and update our website as good as possible during the next days.

As we are not fully booked we also could fit some rods in on short notice, so if you have the time to come, just let us know, we would be glad to welcome you on the Gaula!

A small group of salmon enthusiasts from Norway, Japan, France, Belgium and Germany met up in the Stören Hotell on the 31st May - one hour before midnight - to welcome the new season.

The next salmon has been caught on our beats! 03.06.2010 19:23

The weather become colder on the second day of the season and a hard wind was blowing, making the fishing a bit more challenging. The water is till quite high and cold (about 6 degrees), and so it is still our Lower Beat which is fishing best at the moment. This time Johannes Kahrs, who “normally” used to catch his first fish on the opening day, needed a little longer and hooked his first salmon this time not before the evening of the second day.
Johannes fished our Beat E2 and the fish took his 8 cm long Black & Silver Tube quite far out. Despite the cold water the fish took immediately after the fly touched the water!

A well known picture during the start days – Johannes is playing a fish!

… a bright and sea liced salmon, straight from the sea is always a challenge!

Johannes Kahrs from Berlin and his first fish of the season weighing approx.8,5kg (18 1/2 lbs).

…and released in very good condition – we are proud that our fishermen even release spring fish, most important contributors for future salmon generations

Manfred Raguse was fishing with Johannes this time and luckily was able to film the fight. We will try to put that on the website as soon as possible! During the night heavy rain started to fall and the water was well up as a good deal of snow was washed out into the river. We hope we will be able to report more fish tomorrow when the 3rd day of the season is finished! At the time of writing we heard that Arve Nilsen has lost a big fish at the tail of the E2 beat, but we had not yet a chance to speak to him.

Fishing at night on the Lower Beat – a special feeling, certainly with some mist appearing – the next take could always be one of the Gaula’s real monsters! The hope to hook one of them is reason why most early season regulars are coming every year in early June!
Difficult conditions on the Gaula 05.06.2010 18:31
The fishing at the moment is quite difficult for the fly only enthusiasts on our beats. The water temperature seems not to be increasing, and fluctuates between 5 and 6°C which is still very cold and the salmon are not taking our flies very well. The water is very high and was peaking yesterday with 402m³7sec. but his since yesterday morning a 2 o’clock been steadily falling down to 269m³/sec. this morning. But good news is that a fish of 12.6kg was caught above Gaulfossen yesterday, just below our Home Pool. Therefore we are hoping that the fishing will improve on our pools in the middle reaches shortly.
So far it is still our Lower Beat which produces the fish. For example Ken Sawada, famous fly-tier from Japan, who is fishing every year with us at the season start, was able to land a nice salmon which he estimated to weigh about 7kg (15.5lbs). He caught his first fish of the season on our Beat E3 on the 4th of June.

What a beauty! Ken Sawada with a nice salmon from our Beat E3 – weighing about 7kg (15.5lbs). After taking this picture Ken released the fish carefully.

We also have been talking to Arve Nilsen, who lost a very good fish on Beat E2. He thought he has hooked a rock as he has been fishing a very heavy sinking line, but as he came closer, the rock started to move up streams in full speed. After a dramatic fight the fish unfortunately came off the fly. Arve had another serious take in the same session.

On other parts of the river, for example the Gaulfossen Pool, the fishermen had decent fishing so far and caught some very nice fish, even a fish with 20kg has been reported yesterday morning. The majority of fish in the Gaula is at the moment caught on worm and spoon. There are some very impressive fish recorded so far. The top ten list of fish caught in the Gaula since the 1st of June 2010 looks already amazing and the largest first 5 fish are: 20 kg, 20kg, 18,1kg, 18kg, 17,1kg. So there are as expected some very big fish in the river system this season. Catches on the fly will improve as soon as the water temperatures increases. We will see, maybe the 5th day will bring some more fish to report- we will let you know!

Fishing on the NFC Beats improves! 06.06.2010 21:09
The most recent fishing on our Lower Gaula Beat has been improving along with a improvement of the water temperature!

Bruno Berthot caught and released his next salmon on the 5th of June on Beat E2 . Bruno estimated the fish to weigh about 8,5kg (18.5lbs). Shortly before he had a take on the same spot.

Bruno and his beautiful salmon, weighing about 8,5kg (18.5lbs).


Later during the evening our regular Norwegian guest Yngve Landro who had just arrived, hooked a fish quite far down on Beat E2 and landed his first Gaula-salmon of the season 2010 after a good fight on a Mikkeli Green tube fly! The fish weighed in with 9,9kg/ just under 22 pounds.

Yngve playing his first fish….

A beautiful salmon in best condition – and a happy fishermen; Yngve Landro!

Also Johannes Kahrs has been into a fish on the Lower Beat during the day and lost it. The day before Karsten Kruhl lost a nice fish on the Lower Beat as well.

During the night Andre Scholz, who came up to Norway for a 3 day trip, caught a fish on his last session on Beat E1 around 3 o’clock during the night. Andre’s fish weighed in with 8,5kg (18.5lbs) and was 89cm long. It took a Good Morning Green tube fly. Andre’s fishing courses on the Gaula in August are much in demand, but there might be one or two places vacant. Only one hour later Per Nyquist, who had just arrived, caught a beautiful female salmon which was 102cm long, weighing approx. 10,5kg/ 23 pounds.

Andre Scholz’s salmon - approx. 7,5kg

...after just some minutes fishing on Beat E1 and Per is into his first salmon…

Per with his nice fish – estimated about 10,5kg (23lbs) and measured length 102cm

It seems that the fishing is starting to improve, the water temperature is gone up to 8 degrees and the water is still dropping constantly! A good sign, and since yesterday afternoon the fish are able to pass the Gaulfossen easily, that means we expect to arrive more fish in our middle reaches around Støren very soon, by the latest tomorrow evening.

At the time of writing this update, we got a message from our guests who are fishing the Lower beat at the moment. They report about more fish running and have good fishing right now. Johannes Kahrs has lost a good fish in E2 and just 5 min later Yngve Landro hooked his 2nd fish on the same spot and was lucky, he could land a fantastic salmon of 13kg (28.7lb). At about 15:45 Arve Nilsen caught another fish in the same beat of approx. 7kg/. So today there are already 4 nice fish caught until the early afternoon.

Yngve Landro playing his second salmon !

Yngve with his great springer – 12,5kg/28lb) from our Beat E2

Tonight the second fishing week of the season is starting and we hope that the fishing will be as good as the last sessions on our Lower Beat. As soon fresh salmon arrive in the middle reaches, we expect some great catches in our pools here in Støren. We will keep you updated!

The new week started quite good! 08.06.2010 21:22
On Sunday evening our new fishing week started and the newly arrived fishermen were all keen to go out and fish for one of our great June springers. The water still dropped constantly, so we are starting to change over from heavy sinking lines to light and medium sinkers, which is very nice after the first days of the season heavy sinkers were the order of the day. Now the casting is getting more fun!

Fabien Laborde caught the fist fish of the new week very early on Monday morning. The salmon was in perfect condition and took the fly on our Beat E1. Fabien’s fish weighed in with 10,9kg (24lb).

Fabien with his beautiful salmon from Beat E1 – 10,9kg (24lbs)

Monday has been somewhat quiet. We talked to a friend on the Gaulfossen Pool were the fish have been congregating due to the high and cold water for a while. He told us that the fish left the Gaulfossen Pool at 3p.m. yesterday afternoon to pass the rapids and to run up to the middle reaches were most of our pools are located. That is very good news and it means that the first fish could arrive in the Storen area already after 24 hours, but most likely after 48hours. So we expect some exciting days.

The morning session on Tuesday on our E-Beats has been exiting. Gerald Schimetta from Austria lost a very big fish on Beat E2, which just ran downstream and took almost all his 200m Backing straight from the reel, sadly the fish got lost when the line caught up in a series of underwater rocks in the next beat below (E3). But he had another take and this time he was able to land a nice medium sized fish of about 6kg (13lbs) which he released carefully after landing it.

Gerald hooked his salmon….

A happy fisherman - Gerald Schimetta with a salmon of about 6kg (13lbs), sea liced, fresh and beautiful!

Gerald relases his salmon carefully…

The fishermen on the Lower Beats had several more takes and saw a number of fish running during their session, so we think we will have not to wait long before some new catch reports come in.
A great day on the NFC Beats! 10.06.2010 08:34
Due to some rain falling in the afternoon the water rose quite a lot during the evening, so the evening session was not so good, but during the night the rain seemed to have motivated some salmon to move. The water was still rising, but suddenly a run of salmon stopped in our Beat E2 and Fabien Laborde got a take, but the salmon was not proper hooked. The next cast brought already the next take – this time it was a gentle take but Fabien striked and the first fish was hooked! After a good fight he was able to release his first fish of his night session. Sadly not picture was taken of this fish, which Fabien estimated to weigh 9 kg ( 20lb). But more fish were in the pool. Fabien hooked the next one shortly after that and was able to land the 2nd fish of the day which was estimated to weigh around 10kg (22 lb).

Fabien Laborde with salmon number 2 for him on his night session on Beat E2 - estimated to weigh 9 kg (20lbs).

It seems the fish stopped in that pool, and Fabien hooked the 3rd fish, which was estimated to weigh about 9kg as the first one. Fabien released all of his 3 fish carefully!

Salmon Nr. 3 – that is how a happy salmon fish looks after catching 3 nice June springers within 6 hours!

His fishing partner Henri Coquellette fished a lighter line and did not have a take until he changed his line – good he did! On his next cast with a heavier sinker he hooked a good fish and was able to catch and release a fish which was estimated to weigh about 10kg (22lb).

First time visitor Laurent Rochette releases his first Gaula salmon – estimated to weigh about10kg (22lb).

The fishermen fishing the pool above lost a fish as well, but no fish landed by them so far.
During the morning Johannes Kahrs hooked a smaller salmon, which could not be released as the fish took the fly very deep and started to bleed. Johannes fish weighed 4kg (8 ½ lb)

Roland Augustine from New York fished together with Johannes and also he caught his first Gaula salmon this morning! The salmon has been released and was estimated to weigh about 6kg (15 ½ lb).

On the noon session it was again time for our Norwegian friends Yngve Landro and Arve Nilsen who had Beat E1- as soon as after 15 min fishing Yngve hooked a nice salmon about 8,5kg and 87cm length (18.5lb).

Yngve is into a fish….

Salmon Nr. 3 for Yngve this week – estimated to weigh about 8,5kg (18.5lb)

Yngve releases his first fish of the day…

This day has not ended yet and shortly before the end of his session Yngve hooked a 2nd fish, even a bit bigger than the previous one. The salmon was a deep and short fish, so Yngve estimated his 4th fish to weigh about 9,5kg (21lb).

…a very well known picture these days…Yngve is playing a salmon!

Yngve with his 2nd salmon of the day – about 9,5kg (21lbs)

…releasing a big salmon, always a good feeling to see a fish is recovering fine after a smooth landing and will run further upstream to the spawning grounds!

We are looking forward to the next coming hours and the days are coming now. Surely there will follow more reports of great catches on the Gaula on our Beats!

The good fishing on our Lower Beats continues! 12.06.2010 00:32
The evening session continued as the day began! 10 fish have been caught on our Lower Beats on this day! All bright and silver, beautiful as June Gaula salmon are…

Manfred Raguse got the message that the fishing is good and left the office to make some casts as well. He fished Beat E2 during the evening together with Pelle Klippinge and hooked a good fish almost on the dangle and Manfred thought first that he has hooked the ground, but then he could feel that a fish has taken his Greenlander Tube close to the bank. After a good fight he was able to land his first salmon of the season 2010 and released the fish carefully after taking some pictures.

Manfred Raguse playing his first salmon…

Manfred measured the fish to be 91cm long, but in very good condition with a girth of 47 1/2cm. Manfred estimated the fish to weigh about 9kg (20lbs).
Due to higher temperatures during the day, resulting in some snow melting, the water began to rise, but anyway the fish were running, so it did not take a long time until Manfred was into his 2nd fish on this evening. The salmon took the same fly a bit further down streams again quite close to the bank, but was - as the first fish- well hooked in the scissors. Luckily Pelle Klippinge was able to film a part of the fight (it will be online during the next hours!!).

…the fish on our Lower Beats are very strong as they just came up straight from the sea!

First salmon for Manfred in season 2010 – weighing about 9kg (20lbs)

The 2nd fish was a medium sized fish with a length of 81cm and a estimated weight of 5,5kg/ 12 lb, but playing a medium sized salmon in the water pressure on the Lower Beat, is quite challenging. Fish of this size are extremely lively. After some minutes Manfred was able to land the fish and released his 2nd salmon of the day carefully.

Manfred and his 2nd fish, which he estimated to weigh about 5,5kg (12lbs)


Pelle Klippinge was into a fish not long after and played it for a while, it looked absolutely like Pelle will be able to land the fish, but suddenly the hook lost hold and the fish was free. Manfred filmed the final part of the fight. This film will be online shortly. During the night it got cold and the water went up fast, so the fishing slowed down, but our Austrian guest Gerald Schimetta hooked apparently a big fish, which he lost after 10 min fight on Beat E3, also his fishing partner Jean-Luc Verstraaten was into a fish, but he also lost it.

On the afternoon Pelle Klippinge fished Beat E1 and just only after 15min he hooked a salmon. Pelle reported, the fish was very strong and good conditioned. Unfortunately the fish was bleeding heavily so sadly he could not release it and had to keep it. So he had to stop fishing until midnight. Pelle’s fish weighed in with 8,5kg (18.7lbs) with a length of 91cm.

Salmon hooked!

Pelle landed his salmon of 8,5kg (18.7lbs).

Also Fabien Laborde from France caught his next fish, this salmon was the 5th fish he caught this week. Fabien is doing quite well, it seems that he is always in the right spot at the right time! After a hard fight he could release a salmon which he estimated to weigh about 9kg (20lbs).

There are several fish lost after quite some battles and it is difficult for us to keep track on all what is happening. The nature is still about 10-14 days behind the normal schedule. The fish seem to be running quite hard and that is probably the reason why they take our flies often only half-heartedly. We cannot complain about the great fishing several of our guests experienced during the last days, but we are wondering that not many fish are caught above Gaulfossen yet. The reports about fish caught in the middle reaches are still scarce although salmon are now since days most of the time able to pass it, especially as the water temperature is mostly around 9-10°C. We cannot await to catch some fish in our great fly pools on the middle and upper reaches of the river.

The Lower Beats continue to fish quite well 14.06.2010 21:50
First of all we would like to show you our latest video clip.
The fishing on the Lower Beats continued quite good. A lot of fish running the Gaula and our guests catching fish even in rising water, which does not have any bad effect at all on the Lower Beats at the moment. These fish are all running fish and they are eagerly taking flies at the moment, but unfortunately often somewhat half heartedly. There are a good number of fish caught, but in addition our guests have a large number of encounters with fish, which they loose after a longer or shorter play. We hear this happens at the Moment on the other lower beats as well. All together the fishing is very exiting and on the next cast a salmon of a lifetime might take the fly!!!

Dominique Boubel came back to fish with us this June after 15 years and was finally able to land “his” June springer, the reason why he came early in the season!

Dominique with his salmon of approx. 10,5kg (23lbs) caught on our Lower Gaula Beat

…Dominique releases his fish after some pictures have been taken…

Also Gerald Schimetta has been successful again on our beat E1. He was able to land a salmon of 6,9kg (15.2lbs) after he lost several more fish during his week. Especially he cannot forget his encounter with a very large fish which took his Greenlander tube on the E2 beat, rolled on the surface and took 200 meter line despite he was breaking as hard as he could. He had to follow the fish down streams but even then his reel was completely empty, the fish got around a stone and he lost him. He thinks as well on the one which took his fly in the E3 Beat whilst he was stripping in line. That fish took 100 meter line and he had to follow until the end of the beat but lost him after 10 minutes. He lost another fish in Beat E1 after more then 10 minutes fight, before he finally managed to land the one which had taken his fly on the next cast.

Gerald with his salmon, which weighed in with 6,9kg (15.2kg)

It is not easy to get pictures from our guests, as all are fishing busy our great Lower beats and like to take advantage of the excellent chance to catch one of these beautiful Gaula June salmon!

Bruno Berthot from France fished our Beat E2 and caught his next salmon, a nice salmon which he estimated to weigh about 9kg (20lbs) – the fish took a Phatagorva Tube Fly. Most of the fish are caught on some kind of Green Highlanders, but it seems that the fly is not the key – it is as it often is in salmon fishing – to be at the right time on the right spot!

Bruno Berthot is into his next salmon, good to see a happy fishermen…

…soon landed…

Bruno releases his salmon quickly after the landing…

During Saturday it began to rain quiet hard in the montains, so it was rain washing in a lot of snow and the river began to rise very quick, but the fish still were taking flies. Roland Augustine and Johannes Kahrs had a good evening session on the Lower Beats. Roland were able to land 2 smaller salmon, the first about 5,5kg (12lbs), which he could release and the 2nd fish of the evening for Roland weighed in with 4kg (8.8lbs)-this fish has been bleeding so Roland kept the fish. Also Johannes Kahrs who fished with him Beat E2 caught his next salmon, he estimated to weigh his beautiful fish (pictures will follow) to weigh about 9kg (20lbs). Per Heikkilä hooked also a good fish which weighed in with exact 8kg (17.6lbs).

The next session in the morning, in quiet high water already, saw Fabien Laborde and his fishing partner Henri Coquelet both catching fish. Fabien caught his salmon number 6 this week, all great salmon weighing between 8 and 11 kg!!! He estimated to weigh his 6th fish about 10,5kg (23lbs).

Fabien with his salmon number 6- weighing about 10,5kg (23lbs).

But also Henri Coquelet, fishing the fist time for salmon at all, had a very good start into his salmon fishing career and was able to land a very nice salmon of approx. 9kg (20lbs) – Henri released his first salmon ever caught carefully. This is great for a fisher who caught his first salmon!

Henri with his first salmon – 9kg (20lbs) – it can’t start better with salmon fishing!!

Henri releases his salmon – and a happy fisherman returned after a great session on the Lower Beat

After Henri caught his salmon the water rose so quick that fishing for some hours was almost impossible, so the week ended with Henri’s fish. But already in the evening, when our new week started and our new guests were arriving, the Gaula was fishable again! During the night already 3 fish have been taken on the Lower Beats. As soon we have the pictures, we will report the first catches from the newly started week. We are looking forward to new week and are certain that we will soon report further catches to you. The videos took a little longer preparation time, but will soon be online, we hope.

Great start of the new week – 11 fresh salmon on Monday on the NFC Beats! Fish are passing Gaulfossen in great numbers! 16.06.2010 19:39
The new week started as the last ended, our fishermen are having a very good time on our Lower Beats. A lot fish running the Gaula and it is difficult to get in all catch reports at the moment.

a fresh salmon from our lower beats...

During the first night the newly arrived Party around David Edsell from England had a good start on the Lower beats. Mark Coley caught a nice salmon in Beat E2 which was estimated to weigh about 9kg (20lb). Also his fishing partner David Edsell had a good start into the week with a salmon of approx. 8kg (17.5lb). Both fish were carefully released.

In the morning Thomas Wölfle from Germany was successful on Beat E1 and landed a fresh salmon which unfortunately was bleeding and weighed in with 7,5kg (17lb).

Thomas is fishing with our Scottish guest Alastair Dunbar who experienced a very good start into the week. He was able to catch and release 2 nice salmon during the session with Thomas. He estimated the first fish to weigh about 7kg (15.5lb) and his 2nd fish of the day about 8kg (17.5lb)

Alastair Dunbar with his first salmon for him this week – weighing about 7kg (15.5lb).

…and the second salmon for Alastair just 45 minutes later – weighing about 8kg (17.5lb).

Regular Bruce Bomphrey from England managed to land his first salmon of the week as well. Bruce had to keep the fish as it was hooked badly.

Bruce with his nice salmon from beat E1 - weighed in with 6kg (13.2lb).

Patrick Allard fished Beat E2 and caught a great fish of 10kg (22lb). Also Hans Heribert Beckers, who is fishing with us the first time, caught a medium sized fish of 5kg (11lbs). His fishing partner Thomas Scharrer had as well a smaller fish which weighed in with 4kg (8.8lbs). David Edsell caught a beautiful 20 pounder on his Green Highlander at 10:15 in the morning on our E3 Beat.

Our friend Chris Henshaw finally had a very good end of his stay and caught two very nice fish on his last session on the E-Beats. Around 6 p.m. he hooked his fist fish and was able to release a good salmon weighing around 8kg (17.5lb). Four hours later he was lucky again and caught a perfect cock fish which weighed in with 10,5kg (23.1lb).

Chris Henshaw –what a good ending of a week for him – a cock salmon of 10,5kg (23.1lb) – just a perfect fish!

During the night it got very cold whilst the water was still dropping, but no fish have been taken during the night session. In the morning it was again Hans Heribert Beckers who landed the next salmon which was estimated to weigh about 10.5kg (23lb). The salmon has been released after taking some pictures.

Hans Heribert Beckers releasing his beautiful salmon of approx. 10,5kg (23lb).

Then it was again Alastair Dunbar who caught his third salmon. This time the fish was bleeding so the fish needed to be kept.

Alastair playing his third salmon...

Alastair with his third salmon of approx. 7kg

During last night we got reports from the Gaulfossen Pool that fish are starting to pass and run upstream…very good news for us, so Christian Lindström from Sweden took his chance to try our Beat D1 – after only 10 casts he hooked a salmon. After a short but a hard fight he was able to land the first salmon on NFC water which has been caught above Gaulfossen this season! The unusual cold weather conditions (the coldest first 5 months of the year since 44 years) with nature developing much later then usual has affected the salmon run as well. We were easily able to cope with this situation as we have a lot of nice fly water in the lower reaches of the Gaula.

Christian Lindström and his salmon of 10.5kg (23.1lb) from Beat D1

These are great News for us! Now the fish are finally up here and our fishermen are going out highly motivated to fish our Beats around Storen and Rognes. We hope that we are able to report a couple of more fish caught on our Pools in the middle reaches. Things are looking promising!!!
Huge Flood on the Gaula!!! 19.06.2010 20:46
Heavy rain started to fall, and the river began to rise continuously and very quick as well. Despite the rising water some fish have been caught before the flood started to become extreme. For example Mark Coley from England caught a small salmon about 3kg (6 1/2lb). And also Jens Dam form Denmark caught his first salmon on the Gaula which weighed in with 7,5kg (16.5lb) on our Lower Beat.

Jens Dam with his first Gaula-salmon – 7,5kg (16.5lbs)

Ola Sundberg from Sweden caught our 2nd fish above Gaulfossen in our Beat C2 – Ola’s fish was covered in sea lice as well! A very good sign – now we know definitely that the salmon have passed the Gaulfossen and are already up here in Storen and Rognes in our pools in the middle reaches!

Ola Sundberg with his salmon from Beat C2 – 9kg (19.8lbs)

Our German guest Uwe Bruhn has caught fish number 3 above the Gaulfossen on our Beat D1. His salmon weighed in with 8,4kg (18.5lbs) and was his first ever salmon. His fishing partner Andreas Winter was able to make some nice pictures whilst Uwe was playing his salmon.

Salmon hooked in Beat D1

…always a very challenging fight on this beat…

Uwe Bruhn with his first ever salmon –weighing 8,4kg (18.5lb.)

The last salmon before the water peaked was caught by Mortan Carlsen on our Lower beats again. He estimated to his fish to weigh about 5,5kg (12lbs).

Mortan Carlsen with his salmon of approx. 5,5kg (12lbs).

During yesterday evening the water went up to a very high level and started to get very coloured as well. The camping sites having big problems and had to evacuate people, so it is a unusually situation – we are having floods every year but this time it is significantly higher than usual. Even the shelter on beat D1 has been taken by the flood. The flood started about midnight on the 17th June from only 120m³/sec. and went up to a extreme peak of 1.412m³/sec. at 6:15 this morning (19th June). Believe it or not, despite quite some rain which continued most of the day the river fell down to just the halve of this within only 12 hours. It is amazing how a natural river as the Gaula, without manipulation of larger hydro power schemes “behaves” at times.

However, the weather forecast promised that the rain stops late this evening and as the Gaula drops as fast as it rises, we expect to be able to fish tomorrow again- and then fishing should be soon improving again! A lot of fish are moving after a flood and usually they are good takers after a heavy spate. We are looking forward to what might happen shortly…
The first salmon after the flood have been caught 22.06.2010 22:40
It was interesting to see how fast the water dropped after this huge flood (the highest since 1995) we experienced on the Gaula. As well very exiting was what has happened on the Pools, what changes will be there. For our regulars it might be interesting to know that the Shelter on Beat D1 and B1 are both gone - they have been there for over 20 years, but this time the flood took them! We have not reported yet that an amazing fish was caught on fly just before the flood in the lower reaches on a Beat very close to our Lower Gaula Beat. The fish weighed 21,4kg/ 47,2 lb.) and is the largest fish on the Gaula so far.

However, as usual for a natural flowing river, the Gaula drops as fast as it rises, so on Sunday the water dropped quickly back to a fishable level - still high, but our high water pools were fishing nicely - but nothing happened on the first evening. Already on the next morning the fist fish was caught by our first time visitor James York from America. He hooked a good fish in our Beat A2 on a fly he tied just prior to fishing and estimated the fish to weigh about 9kg (20lb) and released it carefully.

James York with his first Gaula salmon – approx. 9kg (20lb)…and released..

His fishing partner David Boothroyd from England hooked a fish in the same pool and after a 20 minutes fight the fish was already landed but the leader snapped and the fish managed to escape finally. The fish was estimated to weigh about 12kg /25lb.

Our regular Norwegian “week 25 party” arrived as well on Sunday – this time Eilif Eckhof caught the first fish of this group. He fished together with Arve Nilsen our Beat B1 and was able to land a nice salmon which weighed in with 9kg (19.8lbs).

Eilif has hooked a salmon in Beat B1

Eilif with his salmon of 9kg (19.8lbs)

During the day our fishermen saw several fish in some of the pools in the middle reaches so we are glad that live is awaking in the river again after the flood. Rudolf Krüger from Germany lost another fish in Beat D1 during the day.

This morning began quite promising – Alastair Dunbar from Scotland, who extended his stay for another 3 days, has been successful again on Beat E1 and caught a beautiful fish which he estimated to weigh about 6,5kg (14.5lbs).

Alastair with his beautiful fish from beat E1

Also David Boothroyd hooked his next fish in Beat A1, this time David landed the salmon and the fish weighed in with 8,5kg (18.5lbs). He was particularly pleased with the fish, as his wife had tyed the fly prior to departure.

David with his fish from Beat A1 – 8,5kg (18.5lbs) –2 days Gaula and David has a new personal record! Congratulations!

The number of fish that were caught is not so impressive, but it might be still the effect of the flood and the cool water what has been washed in. The water temperature hat dropped back on Sunday to only 6,6°C degrees. We expect the water dropping constantly now, warming up and so the number of fish caught should increase as well. The average weight of the 10 largest fish on the Gaula caught this season has increased now to 18,8kg/ 41 ½ lb. whilst the general average is still at 8,3kg / 18.3lb. The total catch at the Gaula is 9.237kg/ 20.500lb. so far, and it is early in the season and it looks like a new record season comes into reach.

Just a few hours before the flood took our shelter at the Bridge Pool - Mortan Carlson from the Faroe Islands enjoys a rest.

Still slightly slower fishing after the flood - but some very nice fish are caught every day! 25.06.2010 11:36
The water level dropped very quickly after the 20 year flood and all our pools are starting to fish nicely at the moment. The fish are passing Gaulfossen since the 22nd mid day without problems again. Obviously it would be an advantage if some more new fish would arrive in our pools in the middle reaches. But anyway, every day our fishermen are catching nice fish.

For example Ian Cambell from England caught a beautiful fish after a very hard fight on our Beat E1. Ian’s salmon weighed in with 8,6kg (18.9lb).

Ian is playing his fish on Beat E1.

Ian Cambell with his Guide and the beautiful salmon of 8,6kg (18.9lb).

Also Grant Foreman landed a fish on our Lower Beats, his medium salmon weighed in with 4.2kg (9.2lbs). Finally the first fish on our Bogen Sondre Beat was landed by our Croatian guest Miro Ljubic. His first salmon ever weighed in with 9.2kg (20.2lb).

Miro Ljubic with his first salmon – a good start into salmon fishing: 9.2kg (20.2lb).

Rune Jensen and Manfred Raguse had a session in Beat D1. Fishing his second time down the pool Manfred hooked a good fish on a shorter version of a Sunray Shadow and landed it after 10 minutes after walking the fish a considerable length up to the top part of the pool in order have space to play the fish in save distance to the rapids. The fish had a length of 91cm and was estimated to weigh about 8,5kg (18.5lbs). Luckily our Photographer Daniel Goez was joining Rune and Manfred while they were fishing and he was able to take some great pictures – please see below:

Manfred is playing a salmon on Beat D1.

…walking up the fish slowly - to avoid the salmon runs down the “Gauntlet”.

Manfred and his salmon

…and released after taking some pictures –double view!…

Of course our Norwegian party caught some fish as well.–Yngve Landro who had been already successful fishing with us in the very early season, and returned now to fish week 25 with his friends, caught a good fish on our Lower Beats. Even if the fish was weighing in with “just” 8kg (17.5lb), Yngve said it was one of the best fighting salmon he ever caught! A enormous exiting fight!

Yngve is into a salmon on Beat E1…we have seen this a few times before during this season!

Yngve with his first salmon of the week – 8kg (17.5lb).

After midnight Yngve and his fishing partner Jostein Ueland had the next session on our E Beats and now it was Jostein’s turn. He was able to catch and release a nice salmon of about 9kg (20lb). Sadly the salmon disappeared before he could take a “fish-picture”. Also Yngve caught his 2nd fish just 15 min later – Yngve estimated his 2nd salmon to weigh about 8kg (17.5lbs) and released the fish.

We have not yet reported the first fish of the week – it was caught by Martin Jackson on Beat D1 on Monday morning -10 min fishing after fishing on Beat D1 and the first fish took the fly! After a great fight Martin on a barbless single hook fly, Martin released the fish carefully.

Martin Jackson with his first Gaula salmon – he estimated his fish to weigh about 8kg (17.5lb).

The weather forecasts are not very promising – a lot of rain the next 3 days, but hopefully some more fish have arrived before the water starts to rise again on our middle reaches around Storen! We will see…

We are fully booked in week 26, with the exception of a 2 day slot for two rods from the 2nd – 4th July and two vacant rods on the Upper Gaula Beat. But in week 27, 28 and week 29 we have some rods vacant, as well from the 1st of August. Please contact us if you want to join us.

Good times on the Gaula with mainly big fish caught 27.06.2010 20:31
The weather forecasts was right this time and a lot of rain fell, but our beats continued to be fishable without any problems which is the usual situation. It seems that a lot of fish arrived now in our Pools in the Storen area. A lot of fish are lost, some after a very hard battle. With the present water levels the salmon are running relatively fast and often take the fly half heartedly.

The next fish were caught by our Norwegian guest Christian Vassdal on our Lower Gaula beat in rising water. Christian’s fish weighed in with 8,5kg (18.7lb).

Christian Vassdal with his nice salmon from Beat E1 - 8,5kg (18.7lb).

Also our French regular rod Francois Leobon had a god session on our Lower Gaula beat with a black-orange-yellow tube fly. He caught one of the first grilse (about 2kg / 4 1/2lb) and a 2nd fish of 6.7kg (14.7lb).

Francois Leobon with his larger fish from Beat E2 – 6.7kg (14.7lb).

His fishing partner Rudolf Krüger from Germany caught as well a salmon of 6.5kg (14.3lb) on a Green Highlander.

Rudolf Krüger and his salmon of 6.5kg (14.3lb)

Suddenly our fishermen saw a lot of fish running in the Pools around Storen, so it did not take a long time until the first fish was successfully landed by Kristoffer Vassdal in our Beat B1. Kristoffer released his salmon with a length of 102cm which he estimated to weigh about 10kg (22lb).

A 10kg (22lb) salmon and a happy fisherman – Kristoffer Vassdal from Norway.


Also the first sea trout above Gaulfossen was caught and carefully released, weighing approx 2kg (4,5lb) on our Beat D1 by David Boothroyd. A good sign, which means fish can easily pass Gaulfossen if fresh sea trout arrive already here.

The most fish have been seen in our Beat A1. Eilif Eckhof and Arve Nilsen fished the afternoon session there and saw 25 big fish coming into the pool. Arve lost a good fish on the first go. A short time later Eilif caught his 2nd fish of the week- it was measured to 93cm length and Eilif estimated his salmon to weigh about 8kg (17.5lb). The fish was carefully released.

Eilif with his nice salmon from beat A1 – 8kg (17.5lb).

During the evening Jim Bliss was lucky on Beat A1 – he caught a good salmon about 7kg (15.5lb). Also in Beat B2 have been fish seen and lost, and on Beat B1 it was again Yngve Landro who caught his next salmon. The fish was 103cm long and was estimated to weigh about 10,5kg/ 23,1lb). Yngve is not only using a very long rod (16’9), it seems that he is using also very big flies as his entrance in the NFC fishing log is indicating: He caught his last fish on a “Orange Land Rover”.

Our „multi tasking“ Land Rover in his natural surroundings. After some years with the NFC he is for sale now (despite his age of 35 “almost new” with only 39.000km on the clock).

Possibly this supports the “big fly – big fish - school” within the salmon fly fishers community, as Yngve has now landed 7 Gaula springers, coming relatively close to 1 fish per day.

Yngve hooked a salmon in Beat B1.

Yngve Landro with his beautiful female fish of about 10kg (22lb) - caught on a Orange Land Rover.

The good fishing seems to continue. Manfred Raguse fished the night session on Beat A1 with Rune Jensen and he did know that the chances for a big fish were good. This proofed to be right. Short after his arrival at 2 o’clock in the morning a big fish took his Temple Dog tube fly (tied by the late Yves Dreux). This was possibly one of the big fish Arve Nilsen saw during the afternoon showing on the same spot! Manfred played the fish very hard with the aim to release it afterwards. It was landed and measured to 114cm length and 65cm girth. Afterwards it was carefully released.

Manfred Raguse is playing the fish hard in rainy weather and dull light conditions…

What a fish! 114cm length and a girth of more then 65cm, the fish was carefully estimated to weigh about 16kg/ 35lb).

A perfect cock fish - our largest fish so far this season!

The river was running with 285m³/sec. and in this high level the salmon run the bypass at Bortistu and the New Pool can be fished only until the beautiful glide in which the fish rest for a while once they have arrived newly in the pool.

Manfred lost another good fish about one hour later, the fish was hooked just 10 meters lower down in the glide, the salmon has been on for about 5 minutes before he broke the leader in a violent run on the surface during which the running line got tangled on the reel!

Slower days on the Gaula due to the next flood – but now the fishing is improving again! 04.07.2010 21:22
The fishing has been slowing down during the last days as a result of large quantities of rain and accordingly the corresponding changes of the water level. The Gaula has been running on the 30st June at 10 o’clock in the morning with a flow of 117m³/sec. but was again rising quickly and was peaking at 10pm the same day with 616m³/sec.! After some hours with unfishable and then quickly falling water the first of our guests started to fish again and reported a lot of fish lost during exiting fights but there were not landed many fish so far during this week. The yo-yo situation with regards to the water level is avoiding that fish are taking properly and that many fish are lost quickly.

Anyway, a few nice fish have been caught, for example Peter Ericson from Sweden has fished our Beat D1 and was able to hook a nice salmon. Peter’s fish weighed in with 6,8kg (15lb).

Peter has hooked his fish…

Peter with his salmon – 6,8kg (15lb)

Also Johannes Kahrs has returned to fish with us again and was able to catch a fish on our Beat B1 the next day after his arrival. He estimated this medium sized fish to weigh between 5 and 6kg (11-13lb).

Our Scottish guests fished Beat D1 during the first night after their arrival and experienced some crazy hours - Bill Stephen hooked a huge fish, which left after a short while with enormous power - sadly after taking more than 150 meters of backing the fish got lost!

Also his fishing partner Edward Whyte hooked a good fish during the same session and also his fish left the pool and got lost in the same way.

Kent Hakanson, their guide saw both fish - Bill’s fish was estimated by Kent to weigh over 15kg, maybe even 20kg (over 40lb)! Edwin’s fish was about 15kg (30lb). So some big fish were coming into that Pool during this night!

Also other fishermen reported lost fish and quite many takes were reported from all over our rotation beats, but sadly no fish was been landed.

During the next night Johannes Kahrs and NFC’s Daniel Stephan had a good session on our Lower Gaula Beat E2. They just arrived and saw a couple of fish jumping and running up the Pools - so Johannes did some quick casts and immediately hooked a smaller salmon. But as usual these days (as it seems)- the fish came off. A short time later Johannes hooked the next fish, this time it was not a small fish! The fish took so hard that the loop which Johannes had in his hands got tangled on the reel-handle and was blocked the reel - the fish had no chance to take line and Johannes had to run with his fish downstream, but after some jumps the fish came off. Johannes said it was huge! Now it was Daniel’s turn. He had 2 takes before and on the bottom end of E2 he finally hooked his first fish that night - after a short but good fight he landed the salmon and released it quickly. He estimated the fish to weigh about 5kg (11lb). During the next rounds Johannes and Daniel had several more takes but no fish has been proper hooked until 5 minutes prior to the end of their rotation time. Daniel did his last casts and hooked his 2nd fish of the day. 8 minutes later the fish was been landed. His salmon weighed in with exactly 8,0kg (17.6lb).

Daniel with his 2nd fish on the E-Beat night-session – 8kg (17 ½ lb.)

During the day it began to rain heavily, the water started to rise a lot, but Christian Lindström wanted to try out his newly arrived rod on our Home Pool. But he got not far with it because after 4 casts a salmon took his fly! Christian played the fish very hard, so it did not take a long time until he landed a nice salmon of 9kg (19.8lb).

Christian with his salmon of 9kg (19.8lbs), caught on our Home Pool – one of our “free for all” Beats.

After Christian took his fish the water rose very quickly and got very dirty, so it was unfishable for the afternoon and the evening. During the night the rain stopped and already early in the morning the Gaula was fishable again-with a nice cognac colour- so we were quite sure to get in the next catch reports very soon. The next salmon was caught by Jean-Luc Verstraeten from Belgium. He caught his salmon on Beat B1 and estimated his fish to weigh about 9,5kg (21lb).

Jean Luc Verstraeten playing his fish on Beat B1.

Jean Luc with his salmon – weighing about 9,5kg (21lb).


Christian Tamcke caught a medium sized fish during the night session on the Lower Beats. His fish measured 82cm and weighed in with 5,0 (11lb).

Christian Tamcke with his medium sized salmon of 5,0kg (11lb.)

Also Sebastian Yorke from England caught a very good fish on our Beat E2. His salmon weighed in with 9kg (19.8lb). Sadly the camera was not functioning and there were no pictures taken.

We heard very promising reports from the lower river. Many fish have been caught just below the Gaulfossen Pool. Also the conditions with 11,5°C water temperature and a dropping level are looking very promising for the next days. We just hope the River drops constantly for some days now so salmon will stop running so fast as they did these days. As soon the water levels drops a bit more the salmon will rest in the Pools and the chances to catch them are much higher!
First time this season - a normal water level which improves fishing on most of our pools 09.07.2010 19:26
We apologize for being a bit slow regarding our updates during the last week. Due to permanently changing and mostly too high water levels fish were running like mad and fishing was slow for a couple of days. Now we got for the first time this season a water level of 60cm at the Fröseth gauge (81m³/sec. at Gaulfossen)with the tendency to get even lower. The fish have stopped running in the way they did before. We notice a stronger concentration of fish in several of our pools with a increased water temperature around 15-16°C.

Suddenly all has changed and we have summer fishing conditions which are dictating floating or intermediate lines and much smaller flies. Although still some fish are caught on sinking lines, the “lighter methods” make progress every day.

Christian Tamcke and Bernd Kuleisa had a good session on our Beat E2, Christian Tamcke caught his 2nd salmon for the week which weighed in with 5,1kg (11.2lb) and Bernd Kuleisa caught two salmon, a good fish which he estimated to weigh about 7kg (15.5lb) and which he returned carefully and shortly after that a grilse of about 1,5kg (3.5lb).

Bernd Kuleisa with his salmon from Beat E2 – about 7kg (15.5lb)

..and his fishing partner Christian Tamcke with his salmon of 5,1kg (11.2lb)

Carl-Johan Karlsson from Sweden arrived during this day and fished our Beat D1 - having immediately success - he was able to catch and release a salmon of about 6kg (13lb). Simon Kitcher caught also a nice fish on beat D1 which weighed in with exact 8kg (17.6lb).

Also Per Nyvist managed to land a very nice salmon of 10,5 kg (23.1lb) on one of our “free for all beats” which can be fished by all our guests any time “free of charge” in addition to the rotation beats.

Per Nyqvist with his well conditioned salmon of 10,5kg (23.1lb).

On the next day not many fish have been caught but it was again Carl-Johan Karlsson who landed a good salmon which weighed in with 7,2kg (15.8lb). Also our regular guest Bob Mallet from Jersey (UK) caught his first fish during his first day. A fresh medium sized salmon weighing in with 4kg (8.8lb).

Then it was Mortan A. Carlsen from the Faroese Islands, fishing the 2nd time with us this season, who caught a beautiful salmon on our Beat C2. The fish was bleeding as it was very deeply hooked so Mortan had to kill this fish. The salmon weighed in with 9,5kg (20.9lb)

Mortan A. Carlsen with his salmon of 9,5kg (20.9lb) from Beat C2 (in the background the old headquarter of the NFC.)

Gerald Schimetta caught a very small salmon on beat D1 on the same day – estimated to weigh even below 1kg (unusual small fish). Per Heikkilä from Sweden caught a few hours after his arrival on Tuesday his first salmon of the week which he estimated to weigh about 7kg (15.5lb).

Per Heikkilä from Sweden with his nice salmon of about 7kg (15.5lb) caught in Beat C2

Also Dr. Werner Brinker from Germany, who fished a little later on the same beat and caught a medium sized fish which weighed in with 4,6kg (10,1lb).

This coming day should be one of the best days for one of our fishermen, fishing on NFC waters. The experienced fly fisher Mortan A. Carlsen started his “day of a lifetime” with a big fish from Beat B2, he estimated it to weigh about 12kg (26.5lb) and released it carefully.

Mortan with a great salmon from Beat B2 – weighing about 12kg (26.5lb).

After that he fished our beat D1 and caught his 2nd fish of the day - this salmon he estimated to weigh about 7kg (15lb) and released it as well carefully. But Mortans lucky day just continued and in his next session, during which he was fishing our beat D2, (which he almost wanted to drop out because he had become tired after long hours fishing) - but NFC’s Daniel told him that in Beat D2 a lot of fish were seen and he should go on. Mortan did follow Daniels advice and did not regret it! Within 4 ½ hours he was able to catch and release 6 salmon(!) weighing between 6,5 (14lb) and 12kg (26.5lb) – all in one session on Beat D2. So Mortan ended up with 8 salmon for this day! He had really earned a beer after the fishing and finally got his sleep after a lot of adrenalin due to his numerous hard battles! Mortan said it was the “best fishing day” he ever has experienced in his life! Following below there is a report from Mortan about his unbelievable day on our Beats:
7th of July – my best fishing ever after 35 years of fly fishing!

A few year ago I lost my salmon of a lifetime so far on NFC water. After fishing for 3 years in difficult circumstances - the heaven was open for me: Got a fish of 12kg (26 1/2lb) in Renna during the night and on Bridge Pool the next one about 7kg in the morning. After 38 hours on my legs, the bed was calling. But NFC’s Daniel wanted me to keep on fishing – so I did. Arriving at the Pool, Michael Dahms has just caught a nice salmon of 9,8kg (21 1/2lb). The next 4 ½ hours should be my the best fishing ever so far for me! Further 6 fish between 6,5kg (14 ½ lb) and 12kg (26 ½ lb) were given to me by the mighty Gaula. As well I lost 2 and had 2 to 3 touches on the fly. I saw maybe about 50 salmon jumping within these few hours - turning tough fishing to fishing of the best kind ever! In particular I saw a extremely large fish coming up to the surface in a way that “lifted” the water, I have only seen that once before in my live.

It cannot be told in words – you have to “live” it, to understand and feel when the river has given you the “best”! I am thankful from the bottom to the head!

I have to underline that a considerable part of this salmon fishing experiences for multi seawinter-salmon, should credited to NASF with Orri Vigfusson (Iceland) for his tremendous work on salmon-conservation for more than 20 years and the buyout of the netting in the Trondheimfjord. My greatest wish is that the Norwegians can adopt Orri Vigfusson’s formula and go on following up this concept and idea of conservation. Many, many thanks Orri! You are the best friend for our loved Atlantic Salmon!

This was a day which will always stay clear in my mind – a day of fishing of a lifetime. Thanks for a combination of the NFC (Manfred) with a good formula of practicing salmon fishing and NASF (Orri) all time conservation program! As I said, my wish is that the Norwegians adopt this way of thinking and follow the track! Then more fishermen will experience how really good fly fishing could be and we will pass on the native stock to our children and the generations to come!

Many thanks from a happy fisherman from the Faroese Islands
Mortan A. Carlsen

Some pictures of Mortan’s session from Beat D2….

…sadly he was alone and nobody could take good pictures, but whatever we all know it was a fantastic day – but this can happen on the Gaula if you are at the right time on the right spot!

Also his fishing partner Michael Dahms, coming every year to fish the NFC beats, managed to land a very good fish in our beat D2 – weighing in with 9,8kg (21.6lb) just before Mortan arrived at the pool.

Michael Dahms with his 9,8kg (21.6lb) salmon from beat D2.

The evening was quite, a few lost fish reported by our fishermen but no fish landed until the next morning. Our Japanese guest Akihide Sugiyama caught a good salmon on Beat C2 – weighing in with 7,5kg (16.5lb). Also his fishing partner, Shusuke Hirano, as well from Japan, and a regular rod on NFC waters since many years, caught a short time later the 2nd fish during this session. Shusuke’s salmon weighed in with 8,5kg (18.7lb).

Akhide Sugiyama with his salmon of 7,5kg ((16.5lb).

Fighting hard on beat C2 –Shusuke Hirano with his long 17ft rod!

Shusuke Hirano, a happy fisherman with a beautiful fish of 8,5kg ((18.7lb)

Our old regular Theo Ripplinger caught as well a very good salmon. It was again Beat D2, where he caught the fish. Theo’s fish weighed in with 8,1kg (17.8lb). Also Dr. Werner Brinker caught his 2nd fish of the week on beat D1, weighing in with 7,5kg (16.5lb).

Dr. Werner Brinker with his nice salmon of 7,5kg (16.5lb) from beat D1.

The fishing is about starting to get really good, so we hope it will go on like this and we surely are able to get some new great catch reports in during the next hours!
Good final of last weeks fishing and a fantastic start of the new week on the NFC Beats with 10 fish up to 14,7kg/ 32 ½lb caught on the first morning! 13.07.2010 00:06
After the water dropped by the middle of last week for the first time to normal summer water level, the fishing situation has become much better. Right after the gauge at Fröseth has come down to 60 cm the turn to better fishing was started by Mortan Carlsen who caught right away 8 salmon on the 7th July including two of 12kg/ 26 1/2lb to his rod.

Peter Nilson with his large salmon from our Beat D1 – 14,7kg(32.3lb)!

The final part of the last week provided some good fishing to our guests. The catch is now a mixture of large, medium sized fish and some grilse, which have finally arrived as well on our beats. The average weight on the Gaula is still as high as 7.47kg/ 16 ½ lb at the moment. The average weight of the 10 largest salmon caught this season has reached impressive 19,5kg /43lb. The largest fish so far is a splendid cock fish which weighed in with 21,4kg /47,2lb, followed by another 47 pounder.

Some more examples from our guests are the following fish caught: For example by Gerald Schimetta, he had his next fish on Beat D2 which weighed in with 5,4kg (11.9lb). Bruce Lindley and Pelle Klippinge caught both a grilse each. Both returned their fish carefully. Per Nyqvist caught a nice fish on our Upper Gaula Extension Beat, which he estimated to weigh about 7,5kg (16.5lb) and which he carefully returned. Peter Oberg, who just came fishing with us for a day had two nice fish, the first one from Beat C2, about 7,5kg (16.5lb) which he carefully released and the 2nd fish was caught on Beat C1 and weighed in with 5,9kg (13lb).

Gerald Schimetta with his fresh salmon of 5.4kg

Also Dr. Werner Brinker has been lucky again and caught in Beat C1 a good fish of 7,2kg (15.8lb) Hans E. Wolff has been successful in the meantime on Beat C2 and was able to land a salmon of 6,5kg (14.3lb). The next few fish were all reported from Beat D2 again. Roland Huss caught a good fish of 7kg (15.4lb) and his brother Franz Huss a short time later a nice salmon of 8,3kg (18.3lb). Then it was again Dr. Werner Brinker who landed the next fish on the same Beat on the following session – a big salmon of 9,7kg (21.3lb) and a length of 103cm. Also Gerald Schimetta caught on his last session for the week his next salmon, as well on beat D2 and it was estimated to weigh about 7kg (15.5lb). Also this fish was carefully released.

On Saturday evening Peter Nilson from Sweden arrived and experienced very good fishing right away after his arrival. He started with a wonderful fish of approx. 11kg (24lb) from the C2 beat which he released carefully. His fishing partner Linus Andersson caught and released also his first salmon on Beat D1, which he estimated to weigh about 7kg (15 1/2lb).

Peter Nilson from Sweden with his nice salmon of approx. 11kg


Linus Andersson with his 7kg salmon from Beat D1

On Sunday evening the new week started and began with great fishing hours for Peter Nilson. The first fish he landed was grilse in Beat B2, the next fish followed was a little bit bigger, about 3,5kg (7.5lb) on the same beat. After that Peter changed the beat to beat D1, and there he was able to land a medium sized fish of approx. 5kg (11lb). This fish were all caught on a Green Highlander. He finished his day with a very big fish which weighed in with 14.7kg (32.3lb), caught on the same beat on a little Jeanie tube! After that Linus Andersson caught his next fish during the same session and as well on a Jeanie tube, which he estimated to weigh about 7kg (15 ½ lb).

Peter Nilson with his large salmon from our Beat D1 – 14,7kg(32.3lb)!

Peter Nilson with his salmon of ca. 5kg.

Also Jürgen Ruhland had a great start into his week on our Beats. During this morning he was able to land a good salmon of approx. 7kg (15 1/2lb) a grilse and a sea trout! Despite we have already 11 fish registered, which were caught this morning, we have heard of some more fish caught on our water already.

It seems that fishing improves a lot and we are back into the typical good July fishing weeks where we are not able to get all reports in time as it happens all the time something and new catch reports come in non stop. A lot more fish have been hooked and got lost these days, large numbers of running fish were reported from the lower reaches so we are very sure that the good fishing continues.

Pictures of some fish caught will follow, we hope some of our fishers or guides will pass by and drop some more pictures for our website shortly! Please visit our website slightly later, we will put pictures in as soon as we get them in.
Good fishing continues on the NFC Beats! 18.07.2010 23:53
It’s very good to see that the fishing on the NFC Beats is still good even if the water has dropped in the meantime to a quite low level. If the water is so low, the fish are not running so intensive as in higher water and prefer to run during the darker periods, they do stop longer in the pools and are taking the flies better. Now a lot of grilse and medium sized fish are seen and there is good fishing for salmon of all sizes. On Wednesday the river rose a good deal due to some rain, but after a short wile on a higher level it was falling again.

Maurizio on Beat E2 with his salmon of 6,5kg (14.3lb)

Allan Bakke from the USA came to fish with us just 2 days and managed to land his first Atlantic salmon on our Beat D2. He released his fish carefully. Allan estimated his fish to weigh about 4,5kg (10lb).

Allan Bakke with his guide Christian Lindström and Allan’s first Atlantic salmon!

Our regular guest, Leo Niemantsverdriet from the Netherlands, caught 2 good salmon on Beat D1, the first fish weighed 6,7kg (14.7lb), the 2nd salmon exact10kg (22lb). Leo released both fish, after weighing them in a carp-net.

Mortan Carlson has extended his stay due to the good fishing situation during the last days. A good decision, as he caught and released another big fish of about 10 kg (22lb) on Beat C2. Sascha Pütz, fly tier from Germany, has caught 2 grilse and a good fish of 6,9kg (15.2lb).

Andre Scholz had a really good session on our Upper Gaula beat and was able to land 3 fish during one night up to 7kg (15 1/2lb), Andre released all 3 fish carefully. Later during the afternoon he caught an even bigger fish on our Beat C2 which weighed in with 9,1kg (20lb).

Andre with one of his fish from his session on our Upper Gaula Beat

Also split cane rod builder Rolf Baginski has caught a medium sized salmon on Beat B1. In the same Pool Adrian Kendrick was able to catch and release a very good fish. He estimated to weigh his salmon to weigh about 10kg (22lb) and released the fish after a good fight.

Katrin Klose is holding the salmon caught by Rolf Baginski

NFC’s Daniel Stephan had some time to fish this week and caught 2 grilse on our Lower Gaula Beat and a good fish of 7,4kg (16.3lb) on one of our “free for all” Pools. Leo Niemantsverdriet caught another good fish of 7,5kg on Beat B1 and as well a grilse on our Lower Gaula Beat.

Our Japanese guest Tsuyoshi Michishita caught a nice salmon on Beat D1 which weighed in with 6,9kg (15.2lb).

A happy Japanese fishermen – Tsuyoshi Michishita and his salmon of 6,9kg (15.2lb)

Then it was again Mortan Carlsen who has been landing a salmon of approx. 9kg (20lb) on Beat B2.

Mortan Carlsen with his nice salmon of approx. 9kg (20lb) from our Beat B2

Also Peter Galler was successful and landed a salmon of 4,1kg (9lb). And Jürgen Ruhland had a very good morning and caught 3 salmon between 2 (4.5lb) and 7kg (15lb), which he all released. Maurizio Corti from Italy landed a good salmon on Beat E2 – his salmon weighed in with 6,5kg (14.3lb).

Maurizio on Beat E2 with his salmon of 6,5kg (14.3lb)

Sascha Pütz caught his next good fish on our Beat D2, which weighed in with 8,2kg (18lb).

Sascha Pütz from Germany with his good fish from Beat D2 – 8,2kg (18lb)

Some more grilse and a couple of other fish have been reported in, but right now are so many fish caught so that it is not easy to get more pictures and reports in time. We will update our website with some more pictures as soon we got some in from our fishing guests!

Further excellent fishing on the NFC Beats by the end of the week and also a good start into the new week! 23.07.2010 12:28

Andre Scholz is playing a fish on Beat C2

Andre Scholz is holding his salmon of 9,1kg – which he caught in the middle of last week

The water level is still quite low, but the fishing is still very good. The water temperature dropped a bit and is between 15 and 16°C, which ensures that the salmon in the pools are still willing to take flies. Of course, most fish are taking now in the better oxygenated parts of the pools, but especially some bigger fish are still on their lies in the deeper holding areas of the pools, and it is still worth to fish the pools all the way down even if one feels that some of the pools really have become slow in the lower parts.

Some fish have been reported in quite late, for example Siggi Schneid, who managed to land 2 salmon which weighed in with 8,5kg (18.7lb) and exactly 6kg (13.2lb). He also caught 2 grilse which he released. Also Joachim Sackel from Germany had a several grilse and also 2 medium sized fish during his week. Kai Welle caught 6 fresh salmon during his week all between 3kg (6.6lb) and 4 kg (8.8lb). The week ended with a fish from Bernd Kuleisa who came for the second time this season, he needed just a few casts on one of our free for all beats and caught and released a salmon of approx. 5kg (11lb). Another grilse followed after that.

Bernd Kuleisa with his approx. 5kg salmon

Also Remo Nicolai from Switzerland has been successful on his first visit on the Gaula and was able to catch a salmon on Beat C2 which weighed in with 9,2kg (20.2lb).

The newly started week just continued as the week ended. During the fist evening Chris Henshaw had good session on our Beat B1-within 6 casts he was able to land 3 fish! A grilse, one medium sized fish and the biggest one weighed in with 8,2kg (18lb)

Our Canadian first time visitors Paul Smith and Rod Hale arrived late on Sunday evening and were very tired and bothered a little by the jet lag. However, they went out to make a few casts next morning on the Upper Pool on the Bogen Sondre Beat and both caught fish immediately. Rod Hale hooked a big fish after the first 5-6 casts on a Blue Charme and landed it safely. It was estimated to weigh about 12kg (25 ½ lb) and was carefully released. Paul Smith used as well a Blue Charme and was soon into a fish, which was landed and carefully released. Paul’s salmon was estimated to weigh about 8kg (17 ½ lb). A good start of the week for them!!!

Rod Hale with his nice fish from our Beat BS2 – approx 13,5kg (30lb)

Nice to see a big fish being released…

Paul Smith with his first Gaula salmon of about 8kg

Also Bernd Kuleisa caught his next 2 fish during the next morning, later on another grilse and his biggest fish of the day he estimated to weigh about 7,5kg (16 ½ lb).

Ralph Ronnenberg und Markus Höfler also have been successful and were able to catch a few fish during their first week on the Gaula! Markus Höfler’s biggest fish weighed in with 8kg and was caught on our Upper Gaula Beat on a single handed rod. There have been some complications with his reel and a dramatic fight took place. With the help of NFC’s Thies Reimers all ended well. Both caught further 2 grilse on Beats D2 and BS1.

Thomas Wölfle returned as well for fishing the second time with us this season and landed so far 4 fish weighing all around 4kg / 9lb. Of these 3 fish were caught on our Upper Gaula Extension Beat and a nice salmon on our Bogen Sondre beat which weighed in with 6kg (13.2lb).

Thomas Wölfle landing his salmon on Beat BS1

Thomas with his salmon of 6kg from BS1

Peter Ericson had also a really good week and landed 7 fish so far. The first fish was caught on Beat D1 and weighed in with 5,5kg (12.1lb). On the next day he was able to land 3 fish. The biggest had a length of 107cm and was estimated to weigh about 12,5kg (27.5lb). Peter released the fish after taking a picture on the bank of D2. In the evening he caught his next nice fish on our Beat BS2 which he estimated to weigh about 9kg (20lb).

Peter’s big fish from beat D2 –approx. 12,5kg

Peter with his 2nd good fish of the day – approx. 9kg from Beat BS2


Also Olivier Plasseraud returned for another weeks fishing from France and has already caught 4 salmon so far, not very big ones – but 2 fish have been caught on a nymph and 1 even on a dry fly! Olivier will soon give us a little report on his experiments with nymphs and dry flies which we will include in one of the next updates as soon as we have it.

Olivier playing a fish on our Upper Gaula Beat…making pictures while he was playing the fish! A different view!

Olivier’s fish caught on dry fly – as to see on this picture!

It is great to see that a lot of the fish which have been caught during the last and this week are very fresh run, quite many are sea sliced which is a very good sign and indicates that fresh fish are running the Gaula all the time! So we are really looking forward to the days to come with great hopes that fishing continues as good as the in the last days!

some more impressions:

Jan Johansson releasing his fish

Bernd Kuleisa

Last week ended with over 60 fish from the NFC –rotation, the new week started slightly slower 28.07.2010 22:32
After one week of low water the water began to rise on Wednesday evening, which ended up with the peak of 246 m²/sec in Gaulfossen on Thursday evening. But the water dropped quickly back to a lower level. Short after midnight the next salmon was caught by Eivind Myhre. He caught a nice salmon of approx 9,7 kg (21.3lb) on our Bogen Sondre 2 Beat and a second one in the morning in our Beat B2. He estimated his 2nd fish to weigh about 6-7 kg (13 to 15lb).

Eivind Myhre’s salmon of 9,7kg (21.3lb) from Beat BS2 – released!

After the session on Beat B2 he fished together with Manfred Raguse our Beat D1. In the early morning Eivind Myhre was successful again and caught a fish of approx 4,5 kg (10lb). Shortly after he released his fish it was Manfred Raguse who was into a fish in your Bridge Pool. He landed a nice and fresh good conditioned fish of about 4,5 kg (10lb), which was as well released carefully. Both fish were each 78cm long.

Eivind’s salmon nr. 3 - approx. 4,5kg (10lb) – released as well!

Manfred Raguse with his approx. 4,5kg (10lb) salmon from Beat D1 - released!

Bernd Kuleisa has a good start into his next fishing day. He caught two fish on our Beat B1. First one fine salmon he estimated to weigh about 7 kg (15b 1/2lb) which he released carefully and one medium sized fish which was weighing in with 3,2 kg. Thomas Wölfle caught two further fish on one of our free for all pools and the second one on Beat BS1, both fish were released and estimated to weigh about 4 and 3 kg (9lb and 7lb).

NfC’s Thies Reimers has caught 2 grilse and as well Per Heikkilä from Sweden caught 5 fish on the next day, the biggest he estimated to weigh about 5kg (11lb) on our Upper Gaula Beat. The most exiting fish caught Chris Henshaw on our Beat D2, in the second part of the D2 beat - the Bua Bridge Pool. Chris had a incredible fight on this small pool, with the fish almost leaving the pool 3 times, but finally he was able to land a beautiful fish of 8.2kg (18lb).

Chris Hensahw with his nice “Bua”- salmon from Beat D2 – 8,2 kg (18lb)

There have been several more grilse been taken for example 3 by Ralph Ronnenberg, Rod Hale, Robert Clemen and Werner Tennie until the weeks end on Sunday 20hrs. The last week produced well over 60 fish in our rotation.

The new week started a bit slower with a several fish (mainly grilse) caught by Thomas Berggren, Per Heikkilä, Rolf Frischknecht, Ulli Kohls, Harry Hearn. Kent Hakansson also caught a medium sized fish on Beat C2 which he estimated to weigh about 5kg (11lb) before he released the fish. Chris Henshaw caught two further nice grilse on his last day.

Harry Hearn from Australia playing a grilse on Beat C1

Harry with his grilse, caught on a Alley’s Shrimp and has been released after taking this picture

Now we are in the beginning of a new week and we expect quite some rain from Thursday onwards which should improve the fishing further. There are very many fish seen in the pools every day and from the lower Gaula there are reports of many fish running up streams, so we are sure to report more fish until the end of the week!
The Grilserun has started and asides many grilse some nice sea liced salmon caught on the NFC Beats! 05.08.2010 18:56
At the moment we have a perfect summer water level of 0,50m at the gauge which should provide some good fishing during the next days. We apologize for our delayed update and have first to report more from last week, when the water level was more on the low side.

During the last week most of the caught fish were grilse in good condition. Our guests John Stub from Canada; Robert Clemen, Wolfgang Kessler, Heidi Führing from Germany, Daniel Wenger and Rolf Frischknecht both from Switzerland, Vincent Di Stefano from the USA. NFC’s Johannes Kmieciak and Daniel Stephan or Arne Henning Grönlien from Norway had one or several grilse. Arne Henning, who lost a very large fish in our C2 beat, had also had 3 fish attacking his bomber!

Several medium sized fish have been taken during the week, and some of those fish have also been sea liced! So we are in a good situation and have fresh running fish all the time! For example Rolf Frischknecht was able to catch an approx. 5kg (11lb) salmon on our Upper Gaula Beat, whilst Rober Clemen, who fished with him lost a very large fish (estimated over 30 pounds) after a long and very hard fight with ended with a broken leader. Dieter Benenowski caught a salmon of approx. 4,5 to 5kg (10 to 11lb) on Beat D2.

Matthias Biegel had a medium fish of 4,3kg (9.5lb) and as well a big fish which he estimated to weigh well over 10kg (22lb)on our Beat D1 which has been released, sadly no photo has been taken – but he caught another good fish in the beginning of this week – approx. 7,5kg (16 ½ lb).

Matthias Biegel is playing a fish on Beat C1

Matthias with his salmon of approx. 7.5kg (16.5lb), which he released after taking this picture

Also his fishing partner John Stub caught a fish weighing approx. 3kg (6.5lb) during the same session on Beat C1.

John is into his fish on Beat C1

John releases his salmon…

The new week started nicely for Karsten Kruhl who just has been here again for an extended weekend. He caught 3 grilse about each 3kg (6.6lb) and lost several more fish. Also Daniel Müller-Moore from Switzerland was able to land his first Gaula-salmon on our Beat BS1 which weighed in with 5,5kg (12.1lb). Robert Clemen caught a fish of 4kg on our Upper Gaula Beat and on his last day another fish of approx. 3kg (6.5lb) on his last day.

NFC’ Daniel Stephan took a break from work and fished just 5 min on our Beat E2 were he hooked immediately a medium sized fish. After a good fight with a small 12,5ft rod he was able to land a salmon which weighed in with exact 5kg (11lb).

A bended rod on the Lower Gaula Beat…

Daniel with his sea liced salmon of 5kg (11lb)

Also our first time visitor Matthew Gaspare from Switzerland caught a medium sized fish in the evening on Beat B1. After an exiting fight he was able to land his first Gaula salmon with the help of our Guide Christian Lindström.

Matthew Gaspare with his fish of 4,7kg from beat B1

Also Daniel Müller-Moore has already caught his next salmon, this time on Beat C2 which weighed in with 4kg (8.8lb).

Daniel Müller is playin a fish on C2...

Daniel Müller-Moore with his 2nd fish of the week

Several more fish have been caught during updating our website (we apologize for a further delay of our update), many fish are seen every day in the pools and it is quite obvious that there are a lot of fish in the river, but fishing is suffering from rain resulting in yo-yo movements of the river all the time with longer periods spend fishing in rising water whilst the fish still prefer to run and taking half heartedly. Many lost fish are reported all the time by our fishermen.

If you want to join us between now and the end of the season on midnight of the 31st. of August: We have a few rods vacant in our rotation from the 8th – 11th August and at the end of the season from the 29th – 31st August, and on our Bogen Sondre Beat from the 8th to the 26th August. There are some spaces vacant on our Upper Gaula Beat as well. Please contact us best by email or by phone 0047-91393498 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              0047-91393498      end_of_the_skype_highlighting to get a quote.

After some days with mixed weather the water is dropping – week 31 ended with 48 fish caught 08.08.2010 23:49
Due to a period with quite a lot of nice weather, mixed with shorter but intensive rain periods and warmer temperatures the fishing this week has not been excellent but quite good. Our fishing guests caught fish every day, mostly grilse but also some bigger fish.

Ralph Warnke from Germany, who is fishing the first time with us, caught a nice salmon on Beat E3.

Ralph in “action” with his salmon on Beat E3

Ralph Warnke with one of his salmon – weighed in with 7,5kg (16.5lb)

Also his fishing partner Erwin Schwartz has been successful during the same session and caught a medium sized salmon of 4kg (8.8lb). Both fish were caught on a black tube.

Erwin Schwartz with his fresh 4kg (8.8lb) salmon from Beat E3

Many grilse have been caught this week as well on almost all Pools spread over the whole river. For example Arne Henning Grönlien caught a few grilse, so did NFC’s Thies Reimers and Matthias Biegel, Daniel Müller-Moore and Laurence Kiernan. Virtually all these fish were carefully released.

Underwater releasing-picture of grilse caught by Laurence Kiernan on our Upper Gaula Beat

Also our party who fished our Bogen Sondre Beat with Michael Griem, Helmut Alleze, D. von Buttlar, all from Germany, had some grilse and medium fish during the week. They released all of their fish carefully despite one of 4kg (8,8lb) for which the remark “hook & cook” was entered into the statistic!

The Lower Gaula Beat has been fishing well these days, so NFC’s Daniel Stephan took the chance to fish down there and hooked his next salmon from the Lower Beats this week. His fish weighed in with 4,4kg (9.7lb). Matthias Biegel caught a fish of 4,6kg (10lb) on a Black Mini tube which was bleeding and could not be released.

Daniel with his 2nd medium fish this week – again from Beat E2 which took a quite long winged fly about 9cm long!

Herman de Muyt from the Netherlands has been successful on the same Beat and caught a salmon of about 3kg (6.5lb) on the Lower Gaula Beat. Also Werner Steinsdorfer was successful down there on Beat E4 and observed close to the croy a fish which he estimated to be 1,30m long! Also his fishing partner Rene Bleicher caught a medium fish on the Lower Beats, which weighed in with 5,1kg (11.2lb). Herman de Muyt caught another fish which estimated to weigh about 4,5kg (10lb). He released both of his fish.

Herman De Muyt with his grilse form Beat E2

Werner Steinsdorfer is playing a fish on the Lower Gaula Beat…

Rene Bleicher with his salmon from Beat E1 – 5,1kg (11.2lb)

Matthias with one of his fish this week - this one from Beat C2 is weighing 4,6kg (14.5lb)

Also our Swedish fishing guests Lars Bryngelsson, Gert Petterssson and Thorbjörn Berggård were able to catch a couple of grilse and medium sized fish this week. Claude Cellotto from Austria had a very good day on the Upper Gaula Beat and caught 4 fish within in a few hours, some grilse and a medium sized salmon of approx. 6kg (13lb). He released all fish carefully.

The Bogen Sondre group caught some more fis and as well Werner Steinsdorfer, Rene Bleichern and Laurence Kiernan. As well Torbjörn Berggard, Gert Pettersson and Ralph Warnke caught some more fish which were all carefully relased.

Right now it is the time for Floating line fishing in lower water levels. As usually in this time of the year a lot of grilse are in the system, and we are glad about it. They bring a lot of movement into the pools and they are an important indicator that their year class which left the river less then a year ago survived in good numbers. We hope for some rain and a rise of the water which would have a positive effect on the fishing.

If you want to join us fishing this year, please contact us best by email, there are very few rods vacant.

Late summer on the Gaula and low water – but the weather forecast is extremely promising! 20.08.2010 15:01

Ralph Warnke with one of his fish caught in week 32 –the fish weighed in with 10,1kg (22.2lb) and was caught on our beat Lower Gaula Beat E2.

During the last week we experienced very warm temperatures and consequently further dropping water which obviously did not have positive effects on the fishing. However, a number of good fish have been caught and the grilse were taking quite well.

The week was started by our Austrian Guest Franz Wenger; he had never fished salmon before and just wanted to try it out for 2 days. It did not take long and he was able to land his first salmon, which weighed in with 5,5 kg (12.1lb).

Franz Wenger with his first salmon from our beat D1 - 5,5kg (12.1lb)

Thies Reimers fished the early morning on our beat D2 and caught a nice fresh salmon of approx. 8,5 kg (18 1/2lb), which he released carefully.

Also our Norwegian guest Ottar Bang caught a good fish of 6,8kg (15lb) on our Lower Gaula Beat E2. On the same day NFC’s Daniel Stephan caught 2 grilse there as well.

Marcus Thomasson and his girlfriend Linnea Stockhaus fished our Upper Gaula Beat for 2 days and were able to catch 2 grilse there. One of them was Linnea’s first caught salmon ever.

Linnea Stockhaus with her first salmon, caught on our Upper Gaula Beat

The next day was a good day for Ralph Warnke, he caught this beautiful salmon of 10,1kg (22.2lb) on Beat E2 (picture on top) and his fishing partner Erwin Schwartz caught a nice fish of approx. 5,5kg (12 lb) which he released carefully.

During the week we had a fly fishing course running – and participant Markus Leukhardt even caught his first salmon while practising casting on one of our free for all pools.

The fishing became increasingly difficult due to the low and warm water which still dropped every day and the temperature increased due to permanent sunshine. So the best tactic was to fish in the fast and better oxygenated water with small flies on floating lines in the very early mornings and evenings. So did Linda and Jon Babulic from Canada, who fished the first time on the Gaula and as well the first time for Atlantic salmon at all. Linda wrote for our website a little story about their 5 day experience on our beats and took as well the included pictures:

Jon and Linda Babulic arrived from Canada on Sunday, August 8th. They attended the weekly NFC briefing meeting and eagerly set off for the Bogen Sondre (BS2) beat with their guide Chris Lindstrom. They arrived at a lovely Norwegian farm house, set up their rods and walked a short distance for their first experience of the famous Gaula River. They took a small row boat across to the gravel island. By 9 pm Chris was providing them with instructions on where and how to fish this beat for the greatest likelihood of success, especially in the very low water level.

The action was fast and furious. Within 30 minutes, Jon had a take ‘a bite’ followed by hooking but loosing two fish. Then Linda got a hard take. Jon hooked another fish, a big one this time, Chris coached him on playing and landing of the fish. It was 11:28 pm when Linda started snapping pictures. Unfortunately, the fish rubbed its nose in the gravel and managed to get the hook off. What a disappointment. At midnight, just as they were about to get into the little row boat, Jon turned and looked at the spot where he had lost the fish and whispered “I’ll be back for you….”

Thursday, August 12th the rotation schedule brings Jon & Linda back to BS2 from 6:00 to noon. Chris meets them at 6 am; they don’t even try to hide their excitement. They take the little row boat across to the gravel island. As they are putting flies on their lines the fish are jumping all over the place. Linda starts down the beat first and Jon is five meters behind her. They have been there less than an hour when Jon executes a perfect spey cast. “Here we go”, he says calmly. Linda knows that means he has a fish on. She reels in her line and gets the camera. Chris coaches him on playing and landing the fish, “Turn him around”. The fish won’t turn, so Jon walks backwards as instructed and bring the 4 kilo (9 pound) salmon in to the edge of the water. A beautiful salmon well deserved. Congratulations Jon.

Jon Babulic with his first salmon with his guide Christian Lindtröm – approx. 4kg (9 lb )and carefully released

Friday, August 13th the first rotation of the day at Long Pool – nothing, no takes, no hooks and no fish. The day is not done yet, the last rotation is at Bridge Pool; a beat famous for loosing flies in the rocks unless the back cast is perfect. Jon isn’t feeling well so the agreement is that fishing will end at 22:00. It’s 21:50 when Chris encourages Jon to fish the last 10 minutes. It pays off at 21:56 Jon’s Bouglé screams, and Jon says: “Here we go, come and real it in Linda”. A team effort brings in a 1.5 kilo fresh grilse just arrived from the ocean. Great team work at the end of an exciting and unforgettable week on the Norwegian Flyfishers’ Club beats on the famous Gaula River in Norway.

Linda and Jon Babulic are holding their “team salmon”

Photos and text by Linda Babulic.

A few more grilse have been caught and a swell some medium sized fish between 3 and 4kg (6,5lb and 9lb) by Martin Vogelmann and Ewald Langwieser and Lutz Sander from Germany or Daniel Müller-Moore from Switzerland, Rolf Bäckelin from Sweden as well as Eric Wolfe from America.

Eric Wolfe with his first Norwegian salmon of approx. 3,5kg (7.5lb)

Stefano Montegazza from Italy landed another medium sized fish on Beat E3, which weighed in with 4,6kg (10.1lb) As well Andre Scholz caught a nice fish on our Upper Gaula beat of 6.9kg (15.2lb).

The fishing during the last days was getting more and more difficult as the water is starting to get very low now, with a water flow of only 10m³/sec, which not necessarily has to be a big problem on our beats, as we have some very productive low water pools, but in combination with the late but very intensive summer arrival with air temperatures close to 30 ° C during the day and non stop shining sun, simply avoids good fishing. But the weather forecasts are extremely promising and the rain will soon improve water level and temperatures and then the chances for some great backend days on the Gaula are in close reach!

In detail: We have got on the 20st August a drop of air temperature from close to 30 ° C almost all week down to 16°C whilst it is raining cats and dogs at the moment and the next days will have a lot of rain and temperatures mostly around 14°C. On Saturday we expect 10mm rain, on Sunday 4,3mm, on Monday 3,6mm, on Tuesday 6mm, on Thursday 7mm and on Friday 3mm. We look forward to the continuing promised change of weather in the next days which will bring the Gaula up to a attractive water level again and hope to get the classical situation of very good fishing after a longer dry period.

If you want to join us during the last days of the season you should contact us soonest by phone 0047-91393498 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              0047-91393498      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email . We are close to be fully booked during week 34, but there could be a chance for a vacant rod. But what about joining us for the very last days? We have a few more rods vacant in week 35 which is short, but long enough for a little break, from Sunday, the 29th August, to midnight on Tuesday the 31st. August. Departure on September 1st. During the last days of the season there is a very special atmosphere on the river and fishing is often very good. The price is very low: Per rod only Euro 455 in a double room in a country house (single room surcharge Euro 13 per day), or Euro 610 in the hotel with breakfast (double room, single room surcharge Euro 42 per day).

The last week ended with a salmon of approx. 9,5kg (21 lb) and 97cm length – and the new week started with a salmon of exactly the same size! 25.08.2010 19:50
First we will report from the past week, which has been a difficult week due to very low water and very warm temperatures. The region Trondelag has been in August the warmest and driest area in Norway, which is quite unusual. There has been less rain then during any year since 1968. This had its impact on the fishing. A lot of salmon were seen in the pools, but with such high water temperatures ther salmon are were not often in a “taking mood”. However, the last fish of the week has been caught by Sven Oliver Spethmann from Germany. He was able to catch and release a very nice fish of approx . 9,5kg (21 lb), the measured length was 97cm, on our Beat E2. The fish was caught on a single handed rod and was carefully released.

Sven Oliver Spethmann with his fresh salmon of approx . 9,5kg (21 lb)

Also other fishermen have been successful and caught some grilse and sea trout for example Peter Hansen, Winfried Holtkamp, Helmut Thiery or Andre Scholz.

Helmut Thiery caught also a medium sized fish which weighed in with 4,1 kg (9lb) on Beat
E3. Andreas Kriedemann caught a good fish on Beat E2, a quite fresh salmon of 6,5kg (14.3lb).

Helmut Thiery with his medium sized fish of 4,1kg (9lb)

Our regular guest Andreas Kriedemann with a fish from Beat E2 – 6.5kg (14.3 lb)

Thies Reimers was able to catch and release a good fish of approx. 7kg (15 ½ b) on one of our free for all beats during the early morning. Just a few hours later Evandro Kürsteiner from Switzerland caught a fish of the same size on our Beat D1.

Evandro Kürsteiner is playing his salmon on Beat D1

Evandro with his nice salmon of approx. 7kg (15lb) which has been carefully released after taking a few pictures.

The week ended with Sven’s fish from the top of the site. The newly arriving fishermen were hopeful as the air and water temperature has been dropping considerably on the arrival day Sunday and some rain caused some rise of the water level. This weather change is most welcome. It continued to rain quite a lot and the river recovers more and more. So the new week started with completely different conditions. Our first time visitor Jiri Rozehnal from the Czech Republic was able to land the first fish of the week on our Beat BS2, which measured 97cm and was estimated to weigh about 9,5kg (21lb). Jiri released the big female salmon carefully.

Jiri’s female salmon from Beat BS2 - 97cm and approx. 9,5 kg (21lb)

The end of the season gets closer and we hope, we are able to report some good fishing during the backend until midnight on the 31st of August.

The season 2010 ended with a couple of good fish for our fishermen 06.09.2010 10:15
The last week of the season was difficult, despite that we had high hopes that the change of weather from “tropical heat to Norwegian autumn” would bring vast improvements of the fishing. The low water which recovered only very slowly was certainly the main reason and the extreme fast change of weather did not help. Anyway, some of our fishermen have been able to catch some salmon up to 12,5kg (27 1/2lb).

Our guide Christian Lindström was invited to fish by his guest Jim McLanaghan – he was able to catch two fish within short time on Beat E3 – also this beautiful female fish of 12,5kg (27.5lb) on our B

Christian with his 2nd fish –approx. 3kg (6.5lb)- as well released

Also our regular guest Karsten Kruhl came up again to fish for the last weekend, and he had success. He was able to catch two nice fish of 6,2kg (13.6lb) on Beat C1 and another good salmon of 8,3kg (18.3lb) on Beat D2.

A couple of more grilse have been caught by Henry Giles from England, Herbert Smetana from Germany or either Chris Vanseer from Belgium. Some smaller sea trout have been taken on our Lower Beats and Manfred Raguse caught a better one on our Beat BS1.

Henry with one of his grilse which he was able to catch during his week

Joachim Ruthmann caught a good fish on Beat E3 – he estimated his nice salmon to weigh about 8.5kg (18.5lb).

The last fish of the season 2010 has been caught by NFC’s Daniel Stephan as well on Beat E3 – a very nice female fish about 9kg (20lb). Daniel released his fish carefully. A nice fish to end a season on the Gaula!

Sadly there have been not many pictures taken of the last catches as often the fish have been released and fishermen have been alone on the Beat.

We just got a picture from a fish caught by our Italian guest Stefano Mantegazza one week earlier.

Stefano with a fresh fish of 4.6kg ( 10.1lb) from our Beat E2

Bookings for next season have now started and we hope that you will be able to join us next season. The earlier you contact us, the better is the chance of getting fishing during your preferred week(s).

Best wishes,

Your team of the Norwegian Flyfishers Club

Time to say good bye on the Gaula for 2010…but we all will be back on 1st of June 2011!!!/td>