Season 2012 On The Gaula

The season 2012 has started – the first fish on the NFC Beats landed on 1st of June!
02.06.2012 10:43

The first salmon of the season 2012 on the NFC Beats estimated to weigh about 7,5kg (16-17 lb ) – caught and carefully released by Per Heikkilä on Beat E2 on the 1st of June.

The season 2012 has started last night. Despite very cold weather with hail and some snow
showers and water temperatures around 4°C, the conditions for the start have not been too bad. Especially compared with the week before, which showed a long and constant period of flood of almost a week due to a combination of hot weather and snow melt. The river flow remained mostly between 400 and up to 644 m3 measured at the Gaulfossen gauge. But just in time for the beginning of the season the water cleared up and dropped back to a nice and well fishable level of 157 m3 at midnight of the 1st of June when the season started. As usual a group of mainly regulars and well known faces have arrived and as well a few new guests were keen to fish the exiting start of the season. The first days have always a very special character as the fresh running fish haven’t seen any fly or bait and the average weight of the fish is higher than during any other time of the season.

We are glad that we have a number of experienced rods fishing with us these days as these conditions are not easy at all, but for an experienced salmon fisher they are very challenging. The moment of a take of one of this absolute fresh and silver Gaula salmon in early June is just unbeatable – and it is pretty sure that the fish on the other end of the line is not small – indeed almost all fish are big salmon (over 7kg (15lb)).

The temperatures at midnight on the 1st of June 2012 fell down to 2 - 3 °C which is very cold, in some areas it was even freezing during the night. This cold temperatures are making night fishing even more difficult, so we did not wonder much that it was relatively quiet during the night session. But on the next morning things changed. Per Heikkilä was fishing Beat E2 and on the first cast he caught a sea trout – normally a good sign which meant that fresh fish is there. Just a little bit later Daniel Stephan hooked a fish on the same spot – this time obviously not a sea trout – an exiting fight with a run downstream from the top of Beat E2 into Beat E3 followed – it seemed to be a big fish but as soon it came closer to the land they saw the fish was sadly foul hooked close to the back fin – the fish measured 92 cm. After tagging the fish (the NFC participates in the new Tagging Program on the Gaula for released salmon, further details about the program will follow), so of course the fresh salmon was carefully released. It will be interesting to see, if perhaps another time the same fish might be caught during the next weeks!

On the next round Per Heikkilä hooked another fish, this time it did not make that quick run, the fish has been hooked properly, just as it should be and Per played the fish carefully with a steady pressure.

Per is into his fish on Beat E2.

After approx .8 minutes fight the first fish of the season 2012 has been landed! Per estimated his absolute bright and beautiful fish to weigh about 7,5kg (16.5lb) and released it carefully. A perfect start of newly started season!

Per is just about to release salmon Nr. 1 season 2012 from the NFC Beats

…gone! And hopefully one of the participants of the spawning season in the coming autumn! Good to see fish return in good shape!

During the following two hours a couple of more fish were showing and seen running upstream. Even though the water temperature was just 4 °C at noon today there are quite e few fish caught on the entire river as we heard from our neighbouring fisheries, but mostly on spoon and worm as normal in this time of the season. We are glad that despite the low water temperature which however improved during the day we had some promising contacts, and this keeps our hopes high for the coming days and we will be hopefully be able to provide you with some more pictures of some nice early Gaula salmon shortly. We will keep you updated!

Sadly this fish which Daniel is playing here was foul hooked – hopefully a good sign indicating that several fish might rest in the pools!

The weather is still cold but a few more fish were caught on the NFC Beats! 03.06.2012 23:25
The fishing during the second and the third day of the new season has been a bit difficult due to cold water temperatures and unusually cold air temperatures for the first days of June. Salmon tend not to be taking the flies very well in water temperatures around 4 to 5 ° C which we had in the last days, but anyway a few nice fish have been landed. For example first time visitor Tom Erik Lillevik from Norway was able to land a nice sea-liced fish on our Beat E2 at 11:30.

Tom Erik with his salmon from Beat E2 – the fish weighed in with 6,3kg (13.6lb).

Just a few minutes later he lost another fish which he had already on the bank, but the hook came out and the fish found his way back to the water – Tom Erik estimated the weight of the lost fish to be around 10 kg (22lb). He and his fishing partner Tore Andreas Indrevær had several more takes during their session on E2 - which means there are a number of fish running.

The next fish was caught at 5 pm by old regular Chris Vanseer during the afternoon of the 2nd of June – he hooked a fish before, but lost it after a couple of minutes. But on the next round he was luckier, Chris landed his first salmon, a nice fresh fish of 7,8kg (17.2lb) on a larger Acroyd tube fly.

Chris is into his fish on Beat E1

…fresh run salmon are strong…

Chris Vanseer with his first salmon of the season – 7,8kg (17.2lb).

During the late evening of the 2nd of June it started to rain heavily, the river rose quite a bit already on the evening and even more during the night and the water started to get coloured. Ignoring these adverse conditions, regular guest Fabien Laborde from France managed to catch another good fish at 1 o’clock at night on beat E1 on a large Black tube fly – so far the biggest fish from our beats this season which he estimated to weigh about 9kg (20lb) before he released it after taking a quick picture. As well this fish was covered in sea lice.

Fabien with his beautiful fish from the early morning of the 3rd of June, caught on E1 and estimated to weigh about 9kg (20lb)

During the day it kept on raining quit a lot and the river rose, but it seems things are turning now and the river will be starting to drop during the next hours. The forecast is promising less rain and as well warmer air temperatures which will surely effect the fishing positively. We are pretty sure that the next catch report will be coming in shortly.

Exciting days on the NFC Beats! 09.06.2012 21:42

Alastair Dunbar with a beautiful fish of approx. 12kg (26 ½ lb)

After an exciting start the fishing slowed down quite a bit on our beats, the water temperature dropped and fishing with the fly became difficult. On other beats there have been some good catches but mostly on worm and spoon. But after a couple of slow days the fishing finally started to pick up! The last 48 hours have been very exciting on all our Lower Beats.

For example our regular guest Sven Nedved from Germany caught a very good fish which weighed in at 10kg (22lb) on our Beat E2 just after his fishing partner Holger Seipold lost his fish on the same Beat.

Sven is playing his salmon from Beat E2.

Sven Nedved with his salmon from Beat E2 – 10kg (22lb).

But it seemed that the salmon were willing to take flies that day, so Holger hooked another fish on his next round – this time he was able to land his first salmon on NFC water – a beautiful fish of approx. 8kg (17 ½ lb). Holger released his fish carefully after taking a few quick pictures.

Holger Seipold and his nice salmon from Beat E2 which he estimated to weigh about 8kg (17 ½lb) .

As well Per Arneberg from Norway hooked a very good fish, which sadly he lost because his pre looped shooting head broke – what a pity! Some bad luck seemed to happen on that Beat, as also regular Fabien Laborde lost a whole shooting head just the night before on a really big fish in the same pool.

Per Arneberg is into his fish on E1 which broke the loop a little later…

Also from our new Beat L1 we got some exciting news that night. Alastair Dunbar from Scotland had a great session on this Beat. As his waders were leaking, he hanged them up to dry, so Alastair went out just in his clocks and did some cast from the bank and immediately got a take in the upper part of the Pool which is fishing nice in higher water levels, and on the next cast the fish took the fly properly and Alastair had an exciting fight without waders from the steep bank! Luckily his fishing partner Andre Scholz arrived and was able to help Alastair landing the first fish from our new Beat L1. The salmon swallowed the fly very deep and was bleeding so the fish had to be kept and weighed in at 8kg (17 ½ lb).

Alastair Dunbar with his first fish from Beat L1 – 8kg (17 ½ lb) pure silver!

Now it was Andre’s turn. On almost the same spot he had also a take and the same thing happened again, he got a take. On the next cast he hooked a fish! The fish took immediately a lot of line from the reel and went into the backing. Even though Andre played the fish very hard he had to follow it several hundreds meters downstream, but as he thought the fish was just about to give up, the leader broke! 25lb breaking strength are sometimes just not enough on the Gaula…

Andre fighting his fish which got lost shortly afterwards…

After midnight Alastair was allowed to fish again, which was good as after another serious take he hooked his 2nd fish of the session on Beat L1. Alastair felt straight away it was a good fish he was now into. After a long and hard fight Alastair landed a very nice salmon, quite a short and heavy fish. Alastair and Andre estimated the weight of the fish to be about 12kg (26 ½ lb).

Another picture of Alastair’s nice fish of approx. 12kg (26 ½lb).

In the early morning there was again action on our Beat E2. Australian guest Charles Barret, fishing at NFC for the 2nd time, caught his salmon just shortly before his plane left back to Oslo. Charles and his guide Pelle Tronde estimated the weight of his “last minute salmon” to be about 8kg (17 ½ lb) and released it carefully after taking a picture and tagging it.

Charles with his nice salmon of approx. 8kg (17 ½ lb) – tagged and released!

Charles and his nice fish...

It seems the fishing has finally really started and we are looking very much forward to the next hours and have high hopes to report a few new catches soon.

A good start into the new week on the NFC Beats! 11.06.2012 18:02

Per Arneberg with a wonderful cock fish from this morning on Beat L1 – 12,5kg (27.5lb)

The week has begun very well! The Lower Beats are starting to produce fish and salmon finally seem to be interested in flies, like a Greenlander Tube Fly which Per Arneberg was fishing on the new Beat L1 this morning. After he had a serious take in the Upper Part of the Pool, he fished the lower Part of the Pool and hooked a fish. The salmon took off and went downstream almost all the way to the Lundamo Bridge.

After an exciting fight of about 40 min Per was able to land a very well conditioned salmon. The fish took the fly very deep and after 10 min trying to release the fish Per decided to keep the salmon as it seemed that it was not able to recover. Per’s fish weighed 12,5kg (27,5lb) and had a length of 108cm.

Enrico Cristiani fished the same Beat after Per got his nice salmon, and in almost the same exact spot Enrico hooked the next fish on the morning session at L1 – on a Green Highlander – it followed another exciting fight and the second fish was landed a while later. Enrico’s fish weighed in with 9,1kg (20lb).

Enrico is into fish Nr. 2 on Beat L1 this morning…

Enrico Cristiani with his superb salmon of 9,1kg (20lb) – sealiced and beautiful!

Already yesterday evening and during the night we had some good action on the E-Beats. Per Heikkilä from Sweden fished after the Sunday-meeting on our Beat E2 and caught a nice fish of approx. 6,5kg (14lb) on a Black & Orange tube fly. Per released his fish carefully after taking a quick picture and tagging the fish.

Per with his salmon form Beat E2 – approx 6,5kg (14lb)

During the night Stig Engstrøm from Norway hooked a good fish on E2 which went downstream into Beat E3 and while landing the fish, which he estimated to weigh about 10kg (22lb) the hook just came off. Stig had another take during the night and lost this fish after he had it on for short while.

As well our regular guest and good friend Chris Henshaw was into some serious action on Beat E1 last night together with his fishing partner Andy Murray from Scotland (who is a Ghillie on the river Tweed). After Chris and Andy returned from their night–session Chris wrote us a short email about his experiences he made this night; below the copy of the Email:

“ANDY lost one and I lost a very big fish also a guest lost a good one on
E1/2 last night. I would I think at last have broken the 15kg-mark if it had not come off, I thought I had it but them it just turn from up steam and headed slow then faster down through E3 and pulled of , was shaking at the legs it was so strong a fish I just could not turn it .I did see it twice when it exploded on the surface at the start and it was biggggg whoo felt so good.

Tight Lines“
Chris Henshaw

The water level kept on dropping all night and as well during the day due to colder temperatures in the mountains, which means that there hasn’t been that much melting water the last 24 hrs and that makes fishing conditions for us right now quite promising! We are pretty sure that later today or in the next few hours more fish will be taken and probably while writing this update the next fish is just about to be landed!

We have a number of experienced rods fishing this week, so we are looking forward to get together again with all fishermen on Wednesday on the barbecue in hear some the latest stories from the Gaula-banks.

Last Saturday’s barbecue on the river bank with all guests our guides and the staff – it is always nice to get together and have a good time.

The Norwegian summer and its night sky – what a atmosphere to catch salmon!

If you want to be part of our Gaula.season during this summer, there are still chances to get into prime weeks 28 and 29 at the moment, but as well in the later season during August we still have a few rods vacant – please contact us via Email or either phone.

Fantastic days on the NFC Beats – the Lower Beats are producing some nice fish! 13.06.2012 19:46

Charles Barrett jr. with his superb Gaula salmon - weighed 13,5kg (almost 30lb) and released carefully after having taken a few pictures.

The fishing during the last few days has been very good on all our Lower Beats. It seems that the fishing gets better and better every day and at the moment it is difficult to follow up on all that is going on in time as a new catch report is coming in all the time from our fishermen. The biggest fish so far has been caught this morning by Charles Barrett jr. – a beautiful cock fish of 13,5kg (almost 30lb) which has been released after being weighted in one of our nets.

But we will try to list all the catches accordingly to the time schedule. After the latest update the day continued very well for Mortan Carlsen from the Faroe Islands. He caught two fish on our Beat E1 during the evening session. The first fish was a medium sized salmon of about 5kg (11lb) which has been released. The 2nd fish was a good one of 9kg (19.8lb) and was bleeding badly, so Mortan had to keep the salmon.

Mortan with his fish Nr. 1 from Beat E1 - approx. 5kg (11lb) and released.

Mortan with his 2nd fish of the evening – this weighed in with 9kg (19.8lb)

Also our Norwegian guests Tommy Risnes and Stig Engstrøm had a great night on Beat E1. They caught 3 fish and lost several. Tommy is here fishing with us for the first time, but it did not take long until he landed his first two NFC-fish. The first salmon he caught he estimated to weight about 7kg (15lb) and he released it.

Tommy is into his first fish…

Tommy with fish Nr. 1 - approx. 7kg (15lb).

Tommy releases his nice salmon in E1…

After Tommy got his salmon, his fishing partner Stig Engstrøm hooked another fish and was able to land a beautiful salmon of 7,4kg (16.3lb). Sadly his fish was hooked deeply and could not be released. The same happened with Tommy’s 2nd fish shortly afterwards.

Stig is fighting his salmon on Beat E1…

Stig Engstrøm with his nice salmon of 7,4kg (16.3lb).

Tommy is playing fish Nr. 2 of his session on E1.

Stig and Tommy with their fish from Beat E1 – what a night!!

During the evening Thies Reimers was fishing Beat E3, which seemed to have changed in a very positive way regarding fishing it with the fly. Shortly after he arrived he hooked a nice salmon at the bottom end of the Pool on a Black&Orange Tube Fly. After a good fight Thies was able to land a good fish which he estimated to weight about 9kg (20lb).

Thies Reimers with his nice fish of approx. 9kg (20lb).

Thies releasing his salmon…

The next morning started very well for Pelle Klippinge from Sweden. He caught a beautiful fish on Beat E2. Pelle estimated his salmon to weigh about 8,5kg (18.5lb).

Swedish author Pelle Klippinge with is salmon of approx. 8,5kg (19.8lb) – caught and releases on Beat E2.

At noon Charles Barrett jr. and his fishing partner Jonathan Harris from England had a great session on Beat E3 – each of them caught a beautiful fish. Charles landed the fist salmon of the session after an exciting fight. Charles beautiful and sealiced salmon weighted in at exact 8kg (17.6lb). Also this salmon was hooked in the gills and could not be released.

A happy fisherman with Gaula’s silver – 8kg (19.6lb) caught on Beat E 3 by Charles Barrett jr.

At the same time while Charles was playing his fish on E3, another fish was hooked on Beat E2 by Otis Ferry which fought very strongly and went downstream into E3, so at the very same time two fish have were landed just in 70 meters distance! Otis estimated his fish to weigh about 9kg (20lb).

Otis Ferry with his nice salmon of approx. 9kg (20lb). Otis released his salmon carefully after taking this picture and tagging the fish.

After Charles had to keep his fish on his session on E3 he was not allowed to fish anymore for that day so it was Jonathan’s turn now and he caught even a bigger fish of approx. 10kg (22lb) almost on the same spot in the lower part of the Pool.

Jonathan Harris with his salmon of approx. 10kg (22lb) which he released carefully.

During the evening Alastair Dunbar and Daniel Stephan fished together in Beat E1. It has been relatively quiet, but eventually Alastair hooked a good fish in the very top of the Pool. The fish was very strong and went down stream quiet a bit and was just landed at the bottom of E2! This season’s salmon are extraordinary strong – we heard this from almost all our guests so far, and this is a good sign. Alastair’s fish was in perfect condition and could be released carefully after landing.

Alastair has to follow the fish into E2…

A bended rod!

Alastair Dunbar with his perfect fish of approx. 9kg (20lb).

After Alastair and Daniel fished Beat E1 they had a look at the rotation schedule and saw that E 3 was free for all at midnight and so they decided to go down there for a go. A good decision, Daniel had just felt that he had a good felling for this Pool and he just flipped out his shooting head and a bit of running line and hooked a fish on his first cast – which was not even a real cast actually! After about 12 min Daniel landed his first salmon of the season which he estimated to weight about 7kg (15.5lb) and released it carefully after taking a picture. After Daniel’s fish Alastair needed just 2 casts to hook the next fish, but this one came off while heading down stream quickly.

Daniel is playing his “midnight-salmon” on E3.

Daniel and his first one for season 2012 – a nice fish about 7kg (15.5lb).

Also Gerhard Zappa from Switzerland caught his first fish this week on Beat L1. A nice medium sized fish which weighed in with 4,5kg (9.9lb).

The next morning started with the big fish from Charles Barrett. Charles said it was a superb fight and the salmon jumped several times – quite exciting if a big fish like this one is jumping! Charles finally was able to catch and release his personal biggest Atlantic salmon so far – 13,5kg (almost 30lb) - what a fish!!!

Another picture of Charles with his big fish!

But Charles seemed to be on the right spot this morning – after releasing his big fish he caught another fish, a bit smaller but still a nice fish which he estimated to weigh about 6,5kg (14.5lb). Charles released and tagged this fish as well.

Charles with his 2nd fish this morning, photographed after tagging and weighing approx. 6.5kg (14.5lb).

We already heard of more catch reports from the Lower Beats, but these will follow in the next update. We are very glad to see so many happy fishermen and we are looking forward to the next days to come. At his time it looks like the water might drop a bit more and we should have soon salmon running up the Gaulfossen in bigger numbers so our fishing in the middle reaches of the Gaula will start as well!

We will keep you informed!

Still very good fishing on the Lower Beats! 17.06.2012 16:00

Andy Murray from Scotland with a superb salmon from Beat E1 – approx. 12,5kg (27.5lb) and released.

Even though the fish have not passed the Gaulfossen in great numbers so far, we are seeing our guests returning happily from their fishing sessions. The Lower Beats are producing a good number of fish and they are in superb condition – unusually heavy for their length and very strong. There have been many exciting fights during the last few days on all our Lower Beats.

For example, Per Heikkilä from Sweden caught within just 45 minutes 3 salmon with lengths of 109cm, 100cm and 82cm on Beat E3. The day before he caught another two fish of 92cm in E1 and another in E3 of 95cm. Per released all is salmon except the 100cm fish on E3 which was bleeding, so he had to keep the fish. As Per was fishing alone, we sadly have no pictures.

Also Tommy Risnes from Norway caught his next fish, again on Beat E3. Tommy’s fish weighed in at 9,7kg (21.3lb). Tommy’s salmon was caught on a Mikkeli Blue Tube Fly.

Tommy with his salmon of 9,7kg (21.4lb) from Beat E3

Rene Mazzocut from Switzerland has been fishing our Beat E1 – after several fishing spells which were pretty quiet, suddenly he saw a couple of fish showing at the surface and he managed to hook a strong fish which left the pool several minutes into the fight. Rene, however, was eventually able to land it in the pool below – a salmon of 7,5kg (16.5lb).

A happy fisherman – Rene Mazzocut is into his fish on E1.

Rene Mazzocut with his nice salmon of 7,5kg (16,5lb).

Also Thies Reimers caught a nice salmon; this time on beat Beat L1, our new Beat in the Lundamo area. During the whole night nothing had happened down there, but Thies just went down and after 15 minutes hooked a good fish which immediately took off and went downstream. After an exciting fight of about 15 minutes, Thies landed a very nice female salmon of approx. 10kg (22lb) which he released carefully.

Thies Reimers with his beautiful fish from Beat L1 – approx. 10kg (22lb) and released.

During the afternoon Daniel Stephan fished Beat E1. The first hour of fishing was pretty slow, nothing happened but this sunny day turned out to be a very good one for Daniel! First he landed, after a good fight, a salmon of approx. 9kg (20lb) which he released very quickly. After changing the slightly damaged leader, Daniel went into the pool again and after 10 minutes he had another solid take. The fish pulled out the loop of the line, Daniel felt right away the weight of the fish, but the salmon came off. Just two minutes later, he got another take and this time the fish was well hooked and Daniel felt that the fish was probably even bigger than the previous one. After a short while the fish left Pool E1 and went down to E2. Daniel tried to fight the fish hard, but there were no chances to turn the fish, and so the salmon made another good run and went down to E3 and even then the fish was still not tired. We started to think this fish must be foul hooked, but it wasn’t! After approx. 25 min Daniel finally managed to land the salmon. This salmon was extremely fat, a very well-conditioned female fish which measured 105cm. It was hard to estimate the weight of the fish because it was unusually massive – but we think the fish had a weight of at least 12,5kg (27,5lb). After taking a few quick pictures Daniel released the fish carefully and the female salmon got back into the water in good shape! It is especially important to release the big fish – the females! These fish spawn the future generations of Gaula salmon!

Daniel with his superb salmon of approx. 12,5kg (27.5lb) – hooked in E1 landed far down in E3 - A strong fish!

Daniel caught both fish on a Green Highlander Tube, which always fishes well in sunny weather on the Gaula. Also Interesting is that Daniel’s foul-hooked fish from the opening day, which was tagged, was caught a bit higher up in the river a few days later – again providing conclusive proof that catch and release works!

During the evening Stig Engstrøm from Norway fished E3 to land the next fish from that beat. Stig’s fish weighed in at 8,1kg (17.8lb) and was caught on a Green Samurai Tube Fly. E3 has been fishing very well over the last few days, so the positive impressions we had that the Beat has changed was confirmed! All good news or us, especially right now when fishing on the Lower Beats is very good.

We are glad to have our Lower Beats integrated in our Rotation these days – it saves the salmon holiday for most of our fishermen in a very good way! Our experience of 25 years operating a fishery here on the Gaula just shows that the combination of Lower Beats and beats in the beautiful middle part of the river creates a fishery which fishes all season through – and we are glad to be able to offer such great opportunities to our guests!

We’ll hopefully get some new catch reports in during the afternoon, but over the night the river rose quite a bit due to snow melting because of the higher air temperatures yesterday. The water is dropping again now and we are hoping it will continue to drop further.

We still have a few open rods, even during prime time but also later in the season – if you are interested to come, please send us an Email or give us a call, we might be able to fit you in! You will be very welcome to fish with us this summer on the Gaula.

After the big flood and some days of very high water the fishing is picking up again! 23.06.2012 16:27

…fish on!!! The E-Beats are starting to fish well again - Kevin is into a fish last night…

Kevin Kennedy with his nice fish from Beat E1 last night – the fish weighed 11,3kg (25lb).

Kevin releases his nice fish from Beat E1.

Hard rain and melting snow in the mountains caused a big flood at the beginning of the week. The Gaula water level rose up to 877 m³ per sec. on Monday night. Even though the Gaula can cope with very high water, it was too much in such a short time – fishing slowed down a lot from the great days during the week before. After some tough days we are now “back in business” now and our fishermen are catching fish again – the fishing has now become as good as in the days last week, so we are glad to see our guest returning happily from their sessions. As the water level has still been pretty high all the time, the fishing above Gaulfossen is still slow, so the fishing is still very much concentrated on the Lower Beats.

Since the water has dropped to a moderate level the fishing has been picking up and we are catching fish again. For example our regular Wolfgang Späte from Germany caught a nice fish on Beat E3 which weighed in with 7,2kg (16lb).

Wolfgang Späte with his salmon of 7,2kg (16lb) from Beat E3.

On the day before on the same Beat, there have been some fish lost by our other German regulars Andreas Grass and Uli Dorfner– as well Eilif Eckhoff lost a salmon on E3 by breaking of the hook!

But luckily the rotation schedule gave Uli another chance on the Lower Beats yesterday evening and he caught a smaller salmon about 4kg (9lb) on Beat E2 – as well as Andreas and Uli lost each another fish.

Also Yngve Landro from Norway was lucky last night – he caught and released a salmon of 95cm, which he estimated to weigh about 9kg (20lb).

Yngve Landro is into his fish on Beat E3…a common picture in the past years...

Yngve with his beautiful salmon of approx. 9kg (20lb) which he released carefully.

A couple of more fish have been lost that same evening for example by Thies Reimers in Beat L1 – he hooked a good fish but lost it after a long run. Also Aage Nilsen from Norway lost a fish on Beat E2 last night. In the late evening our American guest Kevin Kennedy (photo on top of the page) caught a superb fish of 11,3kg (25lb), which has been weighed in one of our landing nets and been released carefully afterwards. The fight of Kevin’s salmon was also filmed – so we will try to put the footage online during the next days. Due to warm air temperatures during the day the water rose again in the night, but it is not rising that much anymore, so today in the early morning Andreas Grass and Ulid Dorfner were fishing Beat L1 and had a good session. Andreas caught a nice fish about 10kg (22lb) which he released and a 2nd fish, a smaller fish of about 3kg (6.5lb) has been caught and released by his fishing partner Uli Dorfner.

Approx. 10kg – a nice fish and a happy fisherman!

Just shortly before the session ended at noon, Andreas hooked another fish – again a good fish, and after an exciting fight he was able to land his 2nd fish of the session, which weighed with 8kg (17.5lb). Andreas had to keep that salmon because it was bleeding badly.

Also from Beat E2 we just got a catch report from Geir Espeland. He managed to catch a good fish about 9,5kg (21lb).

Geir Espeland from Norway with his nice fish of 9,5kg (21lb) from beat E2.

We also got a few pictures from Ken Sawada after he returned back home in Japan- It shows Ken with a nice salmon from last week of approx. 11kg (24lb) measuring 100 cm, which he released carefully.

Ken Sawada with his nice fish of 100cm, approx. 11kg (24lb)

Ken releases his salmon from Beat E2.

Ken caught as well a nice seatrout about 2 kg (5lb) which has been released as well.

Ken Sawada with a nice seatrout from Beat E3.

We had another good seatrout caught by Daniel Stephan earlier this week about 2,5kg (6lb) – so it seems some bigger seatrout starting to return to the Gaula again which is a good sign!

The water has begun to slowly drop and fishing improves! 28.06.2012 12:04

Manfred Raguse hooked a fish on Beat L1

A wonderful fish caught this morning on Beat L1 by Manfred Raguse – estimated to weigh about 12kg (26.5lb)

Even though the water is still rising in the evenings due to slow melt, it has been dropping every day a bit more. This season we have experienced that the water needs to be below 300 m3 for the fish to stop in our Lower Beats and to take flies! For example this nice salmon caught by our first time German visitor, Thomas Junker. He caught a nice fish on Beat L1. His salmon weighed in at 8kg (17.6lb) and was caught on a Red & White Tube fly.

Thomas Junker with his nice salmon from Beat L1

Mortan Carlsen had another good fish on Beat E1. Mortens fish was deeply hooked, so he was forced to keep the salmon, which weighed in with exactly 10kg (22lb).

Morten is fighting the fish hard on a short line…

…almost landed…

Morten Carlsen from the Faroe Islands with his salmon of 10kg (22lb)

Also Per Arneberg caught his next fish on a Green Highlander Tube Fly. This time E2 was the place to be – he was able to catch and release a nice fish of about 7kg (15.5lb).

Per Arneberg is into a fish on Beat E2…

Enrico and Per with Per’s fish from Beat E2- approx. 7kg (15.5lb).

Per Arneberg releases his salmon.

Petri Teleranta from Finland caught a medium size fish of 6kg (13lb) on Beat E2.

Petri is into a fish on the E-Beats

…just about to land…


Petri Teleranta with his nice salmon from Beat E2 -6kg (13lb)

On Beat E3 Tarquin Millington-Drake and Kevin Kennedy had some serious action. They were fishing at a distance of 30 meters and each hooked a fish, one shortly after the other. An exiting double fight ensued, with one fish swimming upsteam and the other downstream, forcing the anglers to switch positions and cross over their lines, and still managed to land both fish! Tarquin’s fish was released carefully after taking a picture. Kevin’s fish was hooked deeply and was bleeding, so Kevin kept his salmon. Both fish were estimated to weigh about 6kg (13lb).

Double up! In the front Kevin with his bended rod, in the back ground Tarquin is playing his salmon! Exiting!

What a picture – two salmon landed at the same time on Beat E3 – Tarquin and Kevin with their nice fish!

During the day also Michael Beck Hansen from Denmark caught a good fish on Beat L1 – sadly we have no pictures of his nice fish, which Michael estimated to weigh about 8kg (17.5lb).

Last night our regular Jan De Muyt from Belgium had a successful session on Beat E1. He caught a very good fish of about 10kg (22lb) which he released carefully. Also his father had a fish on, but sadly the fish came off.

Jan De Muyt with his nice fish from Beat E1 and Peter Ericson getting the hook out-not the best picture-but anyway a nice fish!

Today started very nicely for Manfred Raguse – on Beat L1 he hooked a very good fish and after an exiting fight he was able to catch and release a superb salmon of approx. 12kg (26.5lb). Manfred’s salmon measured 106cm! (Pictures on top of the page.)

During the afternoon several more catch reports came in from our Lower Beats, for example Uli Dorfner and Andreas Grass had a very good session on Beat E1 and caught 3 salmon. The fist fish was caught by Uli Dorfner. A nice medium sized salmon which has been bleeding, so he decided to keep the fish – it weighed in at approximately 4,8kg (10.5lb). Uli had to stop fishing for that day because he kept a fish – good for Andreas as he soon caught a very short and fat fish of 87cm but estimated to weigh about 8kg (17.5lb)!! Just a short while later, Andreas caught another fish which was even bigger! His 2nd fish of the session measured 100cm and he estimated to weigh the fish about 10kg (22lb)! Well done guys!

Uli Dorner with his medium sized salmon of 4,8kg (10.5lb).

Andreas Grass playing his first salmon…

Andreas with his salmon of 87cm – approx. 8kg (17.5lb).

Andreas Grass with his 10kg (22lb) salmon from Beat E1.

There have already been more fish caught, and we will report those in our next update! Things are looking promising for the next few days! We will keep you updated.

Another good week on the Gaula – and the salmon have passed the Gaulfossen! 02.07.2012 14:37
The week continued with good catches on the Lower River on our Beats. The proof of this is given by the total catch so far which is already close to 20 tons total catch within just 1 month of the season! A clear sign for a record year on the River!

On our waters the fishing has been very good on the E-Beats and on our Beat L1. Our first time visitors from Switzerland Anton Muheim and Andreas Indergand – during their session on Beat E3 - they caught their first Gaula salmon. Anton landed a good fish of 7,4kg (16.3lb).

Anton is into his fish during the night-session on E3…

Anton Muheim with his beautiful salmon of 7,4kg (16.3lb) from Beat E3.

Just one hour later his fishing partner Andre Indergand hooked another fish and was able to land the 2nd salmon during their session, this time a nice medium sized fish of 5,6kg (12.3lb).

a common picture these days… – action on Beat E3!

Andre with his first Gaula salmon – 5,6kg (12.3lb).

The day started well during the night and continued to be great for many of our fishermen. Jan de Muyt caught his fish of the week on Beat L1, which he estimated to weigh about 5kg (11lb) which was then released. Also Nick Brock had a smaller fish on Beat E2, which weighed in with 3,3kg (7.3lb). Our Danish party headed by Michael Beck-Hansen had as well a good day – Michael caught his fish on Beat E1 of about 7kg (15.5lb) and his friend Poul Erik Nielsen had two fish on the same Beat – the fist salmon he landed was estimated to weigh about 8kg (17.5lb) and the 2nd fish which had to be kept, measured 87cm and weighed in with 6,6kg (14.5lb). Also Jean-Luc Verstraeten had a good fish form Beat L1 – approx. 9kg and released.

Jean-Luc Verstraeten with his fish from Beat L1.

Jean-Luc from Belgium is releasing his fish on Beat L1…

Our regular guest Margaret Yorke caught a very nice fish on Beat E2 which weighed in with 8,4kg (18.5lb), and on the same Beat it was again Andreas Grass who was able to land his next salmon of approx. 9kg (20lb). The salmon got tagged, and was then released – so maybe this fish will be caught a 2nd time!

Andreas Grass with his fat salmon of approx. 9kg (20lb) from Beat E2. After tagging, the fish was released carefully.

Thies Reimers had a great session on Beat E2. Within 3 hours he was able to land 3 salmon, starting with the “smallest” fish of about 6kg (13lb), followed by a superb 8kg (17.5lb) fish and ended with a perfect salmon of approx. 10kg (22lb) – Thies released all his salmon as usual.

Fish Nr. 2 of Thies session on Beat E2 – approx. 8lg (17.5lb).

..and released in good shape!

Thies “at work” – fighting his big fish which just left Beat E2 into E3…

A perfect fish – approx. 10kg (22lb), 100cm long and a happy fisherman: Thies Reimers

The following day was an interesting one – the water dropped constantly, down to a level below 180m³ on the Gaulfosssen and as soon this has level was reached we got the report from our friends working on the Gaulfossen that the fish were beginning to move and passing in great numbers! A lot of fish were able to pass the Gaulfossen during the next 24 hrs until the water started to rise again and stopped the run for a while.

We actually have been waiting for some fish to be caught on one of our pools in the Storen area – but again the next reports came in from Beat L1 from the Lower River again. It was again Poul Erik Nielsen from Denmark who was able to land a good fish of 7,9kg (17.4lb).

The week ended very well with the biggest fish of the week on Saturday night – Andreas Grass from Germany caught his 5th big fish of the week on Beat E1, measuring 106 and estimated to weigh between 13 and 15 kg (29 to 33 lb) – it was hard to estimate the fish as it was a deep fish and sadly the picture which was taken was not of the best quality – anyway a superb fish for Andreas which was of course released!

Andreas Grass with his big fish from E1 – something between 13 and 15kg (29 to 33lb).

Andreas seems to have a “run” and ended his week with a nice fish from Beat L1 which he estimated to weigh about 8kg (17.5lb) which released as well.

Andreas with fish number 5 for the week – this time from Beat L1 – estimated to weigh about 8kg (17.5lb).

..released at the border sign of the Beat – the “red stone”.

The fishing on the lower river is still really good these days and we are looking really much forward to the days coming, when fish will be caught on the entire river and also on our Pools around Storen and Rognes – there will be a good chance for fantastic fishing during the next couple of weeks!

We still have a few open rods – please let us know if you are interested to come – it is a great chance for some serious Gaula action on short notice! Send us an Email or give as a call.

The new week started already well, some good fish have been caught during the night….new reports will follow soon!

Norwegian Flyfishers Club - Announcement! 04.07.2012 21:06
A chance meeting in June 2011, while fishing the same beats of the Norwegian Flyfisher’s Club, has brought about a new and invigorating change of ownership and management to NFC as well as the fulfillment of life long dreams to run a flyfishing establishment for Per Arneberg and Enrico Cristiani.

Both men have been avid fishermen from a young age – and between the two they have fished the Gaula for many years, as well as many of the finest fly-fishing rivers of Norway, Scotland, Russia, Iceland and the United States. It was perhaps inevitable that with their shared passion for fly fishing and healthy entrepreneurial spirits, that in just one short week, the two were already discussing the idea of one day owning and operating a fishing operation such as NFC together. Little did they imagine that an exploratory conversation with the owner of NFC, Manfred Raguse, that same week, would turn their dream into a reality in less than a year.

As of the fishing season start on June 1st 2012, Per Arneberg and Enrico Cristiani took over the ownership and operation of Norwegian Flyfishers Club. As the new NFC management team, Per and Enrico have exciting plans for the future operations which will include continuing Manfred’s important thirty years of salmon conservation projects and activities that has turned the Gaula into one of the finest places to fish for Wild Atlantic Salmon in Norway today.

Per and Enrico would like to recognize Manfred’s accomplishments in founding, building and developing NFC into a great outfit and also to thank all of NFC’s loyal clientele for their contributions over the last thirty years to making Norwegian Flyfishers Club a great destination. Their hope is to continue developing NFC from this strong foundation into one of the premier fly-fishing destinations for Atlantic Salmon in Norway. Manfred Raguse will keep collaborating with NFC as a consultant, last but not least for Salmon Conservation projects and he will also act as sole booking NFC’s agent for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg. Daniel Stephan will keep supporting the new NFC management team, whilst Thies Reimers will continue to work with Manfred.

Enrico and Per with a beautiful salmon cought in early June on our Kvål beat

Per Arneberg – (Chairman, Norwegian Flyfishers Club AS) grew up trout fishing in the Telemark region of Norway and spent summers on the Laerdal river, on the west coast of Norway, where he first encountered salmon fishing. By the age of 12, he had landed his first salmon of 12 kgs and his passion for salmon fishing was born. He has been salmon fishing and exploring the sport and its rich history in his homeland of Norway ever since. In addition to overseeing the company, Per will take an active role and responsibility for continuing Manfred’s conservation work of the Gaula .

Enrico Cristiani – (General Manager NFC AS) grew up in Italy, fly-fishing in the Italian Alps, Slovenia and Austria. He was first introduced to salmon fishing while working in the Scottish borders, which soon lead him to begin fishing the famous rivers of Norway. He will combine his passion for the outdoors and flyfishing with his background in hospitality and hotel management, to act as general manager for Norwegian Flyfishers Club.

We experienced a rather slow week on our beats – but fishing seems to pick up again with some fish above Gaulfossen! 09.07.2012 16:44

Hans E. Wolff with our first fish above Gaulfossen on our Beats from last week – approx. 7kg and released.

Hans releases “number one” above the Fossen!

The past week has been difficult although a good number of fish have passed the Gaulfossen already. The fish have now been able to pass the Fossen several days in a row, so we are expecting as soon the water drops to a level around 120 m³ and below on the Gaulfossen, the salmon will stop and rest in our Pools and not keep on running as they did the past few days. However, some of our fishermen had a good week and caught some very nice fish! The first fish over the Gaulfossen was caught by our German regular guest Hans E. Wolff. He was able to catch & release a nice fish of approx. 6,5kg (14lb) on our Beat D1.

A few hours later the next fish has been caught on that Beat. Our first time visitor Rob Thomas caught the fish in the very end of the Pool. Rob’s salmon weighed in with 6,8kg (15lb)

Rob Thomas with his first Gaula – salmon – weighing 6,8kg (15lb)

Also the E-Beats have been producing some good fish this week, for example on Beat E2 it was Bruce Lindley who was able to catch and release an superb fresh fish of an estimated weight about 10kg (22lb). Hans E. Wolff was successful again, also on the same Beat, and caught good salmon of 7,7kg (17lb).

Hans E. Wolff with his nice salmon from Beat E2 – 7,7kg (17lb)

Our regular guest from the Jersey (UK) Bob Mallet had as well some good fishing on Beat E3 and landed a nice salmon of approx. 8kg (17.5lb). Bob released this fish. A little bit later during the week Bob caught another fish on Beat L1. After a very exiting fight with an enormous run downstream Bob managed to land a good fish of 7,2kg (15.8lb).

Bob Mallet with his nice fish of 7,2kg (15.8lb) and his guide Grant Foreman.

We also caught the first few grilse on the Lower Beats, caught and released by Christian Tamcke and Humbert Henzler. Our regular guest Karsten Kruhl had an exiting evening on Beat B2 in the Storen area – he hooked a good fish quite high up in the Pool and after a very good fight at the tail out of the Pool several 100 meters downstream he was able to land a nice fish of 9,2kg (20.2lb).

Karsten Kruhl with his nice salmon from Beat B2 from yesterday afternoon – 9,2kg (20.2lb)

During the end of last week we have not reported a few fish, the pictures came in today so we would like to show you those fish.

Per Arneberg with a good fish from Beat E1 – approx. 6kg (13lb) and released.

Daniel Persson is into a big fish on E1…

Daniel with his perfect salmon –sealiced and silver! He estimated to weigh this fish 10kg (22lb) and released it.

We also had a couple of fish caught on our Bogen Sondre Beat during this week, but we haven’t got the pictures yet, so they will follow in the next update. We hope the fishing above the Gaulfossen has really started now and we are finally getting into our summer fishing conditions, which we normally should have had two weeks ago!

Week 28 started with several good fish! 11.07.2012 17:03

Maurizio Corti with his superb salmon from Beat E1 – 9.7kg (21.3lb)

Already the end of last week has been pretty good on our Bogen Sondre Beat, and it continued very well for Andre Scholz. He was able to catch and release 3 salmon on his Sunday session up there. Sadly we have no pictures but Andre estimated his fish to weigh about 8.5 kg (18.5 lb),7 kg (15.5 lb) and the last one about 6 kg (13 lb).

Also our Japanese regular guest Shusuke Hirano caught his first salmon of the week on Beat BS1. His salmon was weighing in with 6.5 kg (14.3lb). In the evening it was Enrico Cristiani who had a good fish on the same Beat. Enrico just made 4 casts and hooked immediately a fish. After an exiting fight he could land his nice salmon of 8.5 kg (18.7 lb). Enrico fish was bleeding badly, so he needed to keep it.

Enrico Cristiani with his beautiful salmon from Beat BS1 - 8.5 kg (18.7 lb).

A little bit later during the evening Daniel Stephan fished the same beat with Thies Reimers and just after Thies had a take and Daniel reached the same spot shortly afterwards and hooked a fish. A few minutes later Daniel was able to release a nice fish of approx. 6.5 kg (14.5 lb).

Daniel is into a fish in BS1…

…Daniel putting a deep bend into his rod shortly before landing his fish …

Daniel with his salmon of approx 6.5 kg (14.5 lb), which was carefully released.

At the same time 40 kilometres downstream our regular guest Maurizio Corti from Italy fished our Beat E1 and hooked a very good fish in the lower part of the beat. After some good runs Maurizio landed a superb salmon of 9.7 kg (21.3 lb) as seen on the picture on the top of the page.

The next morning was quite exiting for Shusuke Hirano. As it was the first time he fished our new Beat in Lundamo L1, and straight away he was successful- he caught and released a nice female salmon of approx. 7 kg (15.5 lb)! The fish had been tagged, so it had been caught once before – it will be interesting to know by who and where “Number 2395” had been caught before. We will find out…

Shusuke Hirano with his salmon from Beat L1 – approx. 7 kg (15.5 lb) and measuring 90 cm.

…we will see where Number 2395 has been tagged before!

During the evening Joachim Müller from Germany had good session on our Beat A1 in the Støren area. Joachim caught a big fish of exact 10 kg (22 lb).

As promised: enclosed is a picture from Friday’s first fish from Bogen Sondre, caught by Kenneth Lindberg and weighing 6 kg (13.2 lb).

Kenneth Lindberg with his fish from beat BS2 – 6 kg (13.2 lb)

It has been raining quite a bit on Monday, so the river came up again, but it is steadily dropping now and we hope for water levels below 120 m³ this evening, so hopefully fish will remain longer in our pools in the middle reaches! We will keep you updated on the exciting days ahead!

Due to new rain falls the fishing slowed down quite a bit – but a few good fish have still been taken by our fishermen and the water levels are dropping quickly right now! 17.07.2012 19:20

Pelle Tronde with a perfect salmon of approx. 10 kg (22 lbs) which he released carefully.

The fishing during last week started pretty well, but then due to new rain falls and rising water the fishing slowed down quite a bit. The salmon were not stopping in our pools to rest, as in water levels above 120 m³ they seem to run very quickly through and it is quite difficult to get them to take. Nevertheless, some good fish have been taken during the last few days and it is positive to say that the fish are still very fresh, some even sea-liced, which means that there are still fresh fish coming in – not in great numbers at the moments, but still there is a chance to catch a big, beautiful bright Gaula salmon! Pelle Tronde from Sweden had a great session on our Beat BS1 and was able to land good salmon of approx. 8 kg (17.5 lb) and 10 kg (22 lb) and lost another fish in the same size during the session on Beat BS1.

A bent rod on Beat BS1 – not an uncommon sight in the last few days! Here Pelle is playing his big fish of approx. 10 kg (22 lb) (the same fish from the top of the page).

Also Peter Ericson caught and released the first fish on our Bua-Bridge Pool, which he estimated to weigh about 7kg (15.5 lbs)! As well as Andre Scholz who caught one of the few grilse in Beat L1 and another good fish on Beat BS1, both fish have been released.

Andre is into a fish on BS1…

Andre Scholz with a good fish, weighing approx. 10 kg (22 lbs).

Andre Scholz releasing his salmon on Beat Bs1…

Also our fist time visitor Dr. Michael Konik was lucky and caught his first salmon ever as well on Beat BS1 – his fish weighed in with 6,4kg (14.1lb). Congratulations!

On Beat B2 Daniel Stephan was able to catch and release a nice male fish, which he estimated to weigh about 8 kg (17.5 lbs). Daniel landed the fish just before the fish was able to leave the pool into Beat C2 and said it was a strong salmon.

Daniel is playing his fish on Beat B2.

Daniel Stephan with his salmon from Beat B2 – approx. 8 kg (17.5 lbs)

Also Franz Huss caught a nice fish on the same Beat later during the evening. Franz’s fish weighed in with 7 kg (15.4 lbs).

Our Japanese guest Shusuke Hirano caught his next two fish by end of the week, a grilse on Beat E3 and a nice fish on Beat BS2, which he estimated to weigh about 9.5 kg (21 lbs) and released the fish carefully.

Manfred Raguse fished Beat BS1 and was able to catch and release a good fish about 7 kg (15.5 lbs), Manfred caught his fish on Temple dog tube fly. On the same Beat a day later it was Mawill Lüdenbach who was able to land the next fish – Mawill could released the approx. 9 kg (20 lbs) female salmon. It was Mawill’s fist salmon on the NFC Beats- quite a nice one! We hope to see some more in the catch book the next few days.

As we were preparing the update, Andre Scholz just caught another good fish which he had to keep because it was bleeding – he has been releasing all other 8 fish which he caught last week, but this time it was not possible. Andre hooked the fish in Beat F1 and landed it a few 100 meters downstream in Beat B1 - what a fight in the early morning!!

Andre with his beautiful salmon – hooked in Beat F1 landed in Beat B1 and photographed in Beat B2!!!

The water is dropping quickly at the moment and we just have to keep our fingers crossed that this time the rain will stay away and we will finally get to a level were fish are starting to rest in our pools –as soon this happens the fishing should improve dramatically! We have high hopes for the next few days!

We still have some vacancies in August, which might be very interesting this summer due to the overall higher-than-average water level we have had so far – there is a good chance for excellent August fishing this year and the costs are quite low compared to prime time – so in case you have the time for some fishing – please let us know! You would be very welcome. Please contact us via Email or phone:

Phone: Enrico: +47-40479669 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting KOSTENLOS +47-40479669 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Phone: Daniel: +47-94869377 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting KOSTENLOS +47-94869377 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

We are looking forward to hear from you!

Your team at the
Norwegian Flyfishers Club

Midnight at our E Beats – a mystic light at this time of the season!

A slow week on the Gaula – but some big fish were caught! 22.07.2012 23:54

Mawill Lüdenbach with his superb salmon of 14kg (31lb) from one of our free for all beats.

The fishing on the Gaula has been pretty slow during the last week, and we can say that the whole July so far is a way under our expectation after the good start weeks we had experienced. It seems that the big July runs are somehow missing and this effects the fishing in a negative way. Not many fish are showing in the pools and it is hard to make the salmon take the flies these days. Anyway, fishermen who are fishing hard still have a chance to catch fish, and so did Mawill Lüdenbach from Germany fishing for the fist time our Beats. After he lost several good fish during the week, he finally landed a really nice salmon of 14 kg (31lb). The fish took the fly in Beat F (in one of our free for all beats) and was been landed after an extremely exciting fight all the way down in Beat B1. Mawill had to keep the fish and it weighed in with 14kg (31lb) and measured 113cm.

Also our Norwegian guest Per Holmen has been successful and caught a good fish on Beat C2. Per’s fish weighed in with 7,5kg (16.5lb).

On the same Beat our Norwegian regular guest Jan Gunnar Furuly caught an even bigger fish the day after – his salmon measured 104 cm and weighed in with exact 10kg (22lb).

Jan Gunnar with his salmon from Beat C2 – 10kg (22lb)

Thomas Wölfle, known photographer and writer for several fishing magazines had a nice fish in Beat B1 and lost another big fish on Beat D2 the day before, but this time he was able to land his salmon – a medium sized fish of 5kg (11lb).

Thomas with his salmon from Beat B1 – 5kg (11lb).

Also his fishing partner Michael Werner, chief author from the German fly-fishing magazine “Fliegenfischen” has been successful and caught a nice salmon on Beat D1 of 6,8kg (15lb).

Michael with his fish from Beat D1

Pelle Tronde from Sweden caught a good fish on the same Beat the day before. Pelle estimated to weigh his fish about 8,5kg (19lb).

On our Bogen Sondre beat the fishing has not been very productive either, but at least decent and our regular guest for week 29 on that Beat caught a couple of nice fish during their stay. Christian Wieland for example had 4 fish during the week, 2 grilse and 2 nice fish of 8kg (17.6lb) and 8,3kg (18.3lb).

Christian with his nice fish of 8,3kg (18.3lb) from the Bogen Sondre Beat..

Christian Wieland with his fish from Beat BS2 – 8kg (17.5lb).

Mikael Tholin caught a good fish as well of 8,5kg (18.7lb)

Mikael Tholin with his nice fish from our Bogen Sondre Beat.

A couple of grilse were caught as well by Takuo Noda and Per Holmen, but in general we can say that the grilse run has not been very good this season. The average weight of caught salmon so far is still over 8kg (17lb), which is very high for this time of the season.

Finally the water dropped down to a level below 80 m³ on the Gaulfossen, which should have improve the fishing, but actually we do not have great expectation for the coming days as the weather is still forecasted to be cold and rainy – we really would need a change of the weather so that things could improve quickly, but this season the summer just seems never to arrive…But we still have hopes that things might change soon! We will keep you updated.

Still challenging fishing on the entire Gaula 31.07.2012 18:39

Matthew Solon playing a salmon on Beat A1…

Matthew with his first Gaula salmon – estimated to weigh about 6kg (13lb).

…it always makes you smile to release a good fish!

Even though the total of registered fish is already up to almost 32 tons of caught salmon on the entire river, the fishing is now slow. Most of the fish have been caught at the beginning of the season when the salmon were mostly below the Gaulfossen due to high water levels – sadly the regular summer run has not produced the numbers of fish as usual, so since the beginning July we have been experiencing some hard times on the Gaula – basically we have a lack of fresh running fish. Of course our fishermen are still catching fish, but it seem to be very hard to get good takes these days. Nevertheless we caught a couple of fish – even fresh ones, which is a positive sign. Our Matthew Solon from Ireland caught a nice salmon of approx. 6kg (13lb) on Beat A1, which he released carefully as seen on the pictures at the top of the page.

Out fishermen have seen fish during their sessions on various pools, but not as many as it used to be, so it has been a bit difficult for the less experience fishermen to keep up the motivation and the confidence of having the possibility to catch a superb salmon-which is always there. While demonstrating some casting technique, it was the time for Kent Håkansson to hook a good fish on Beat B1 – after an exciting fight, Kent was able to land a nice fish of approx. 10kg (22lb) which was then released. We have a video of the fight and the release, which will be published at a later stage, but sadly no regular picture has been taken.

Christian Wilckens from Germany, fishing for the fist time with us and participating in the fly fishing course organized by Bernd Kuliesa this week, was lucky and just needed a few casts to land his first salmon of his trip. He fished our Beat D2 (Bua Bridge Pool) and immediately hooked a nice fish of 7,7kg (17lb).

Christian Wilckens with his fish from Beat D2, pictured in Beat B2 a couple of hours later.

Also Ed Harris, fishing our Bogen Søndre Beat, had a good experience – he needed just 3 casts to catch his first fish on Beat BS2, even though his friend had just fished there and was not able to catch anything! Ed landed a nice fish of 7,5kg (16.5lb). Another salmon of 8,5 kg (18.7lb) was caught on Bogen Søndre by James Goodman.

Trond Lyngstad fished our Beat C2 after our “Wednesday Barbecue” with all our guests, clients and the staff. Trond released a very nice fish of 104cm, estimated to weigh about 11kg (24lb).
Sadly Trond was fishing alone so there could not been taken a proper picture, but it is more important that the fish was released, especially as it was a big fish, which are important for the spawning season ahead in late autumn.

Our regular guest Fabien Laborde came again for the 2nd time this season to fish with us and also experienced a tough time without many fish caught – but at least he managed to get his salmon, not huge but anyway a nice fish! Fabien normally releases all fish he catches, but this time it was not possible – as his salmon was bleeding, so Fabien had to keep the fish which weighed in with 4,5kg (10lb).

Fabien with his salmon from Beat B1.

It is hard to say why the fishing is as difficult as it has been in the past few weeks, there is no clear explanation- it is just a difficult summer season after an excellent June. We have to take the nature as it is – next year things will be surely different again, while there is still a chance as well for this season that things change at any day and we will get a good August run and fishing will be great again. We will try to do our best – just keep on fishing! Time will show!

We just got a report from our Bogen Søndre Beat from Thies Reimers where he managed to catch and release and nice fish of 109cm, which he estimated to weigh between 12 (26.5lb) and 13 kg (28.5lb) – Hopefully a good sign that things are changing….!

Fishing seems to be picking up as more fresh fish are caught throughout the NFC Beats! 04.08.2012 19:08

Johannes Kmieciak with his sea-liced fish of 7kg (15.5 lb) from Beat E2


After a relatively slow start to the week, the fishing seems to be improving as more fresh run fish are caught on various NFC beats.
Last evening, our regular British guest Henry Giles headed to Bridge Pool for the last half hour of his session to take a few casts. After seeing a bright grilse jump just after he arrived, Henry was able to hook and land a beautiful, fresh, sea-liced fish of 4.5 kg (approx. 10 lbs.)!

Henry Giles with his 4.5 kg (10 lbs) fresh silver fish from Bridge Pool

Shortly after, Per Arneberg and Enrico Cristiani arrived, and saw another fresh fish jump. Per began at the head of the pool, and within 5 casts was into a very fresh girlse which took the fly ferociously and proceeded to jump repeatedly before throwing the hook!
Per and Enrico reported many more bright fish jumping during their session in Bridge Pool.

Later in the evening, Johannes Kmieciak was able to land a bright sea-liced fish of approximately 7kg (15.5 lbs) in our E2 beat! (See photo at the top of the page)
All of these bright, sea-liced fish are a good sign that perhaps more fresh fish are running into the river presently, which could indicate improved fishing for the coming days and weeks.

Today our regular guest Rune Jensen was fishing our Bogen Sondre 2 (Black Pool) Beat with his father-in-law, Fritjof Kamtevold.
The two fished the beat from the boat, and Fritjof was able to land another bright, fresh, sea-liced fish of approximately 6 kg (13.2 lbs)! The picture of Fritjof Kamtevold with his fish from BS2 will follow later!

Already last week Pelle Tronde from Sweden was able to land a nice and very fresh fish on our Beat D1. He releases his catch of approx. 8kg (17,5lb.) carefully.

Pelle playing his fish on our Beat D1

Pelle with his nice fresh fish of ca. 8kg (17,5lb)

We have also received reports from fishermen out in the fjord that large numbers of salmon have been seen pouring into the Trondheim fjord, most likely headed for the river. This news, coupled with the arrival of quite a few fresh, silver fish seems to be a positive indication of good fishing to come! We have our fingers crossed!

Tight lines,

Your Team at NFC

Still challenging fishing on the Gaula – but some big fish have been taken! 12.08.2012 18:44

Bernd Kuleisa with his salmon from Beat B1 – weighing 10.2 kg (22.5 lbs).

The fishing on the entire river and as well on our Beats is still challenging these days, but our fishermen are still fishing hard and some are being rewarded with beautiful fish, like Bernd Kuleisa on our Beat B1. After an exiting fight he was able to land a superb male fish of 10.2 kg (22.5 lbs). Bernd had to keep it, as the fish was bleeding badly and could not be revived.

Werner Steinsdorfer from Germany also had luck on his side! He fished our Beat D2 and landed a nice salmon of 8.6 kg (19 lbs). The fish had serious injuries on the fins and also on the scales; so Werner thought that it might be an escaped farm fish, and therefore he kept it – scale samples have been sent to the authorities, so we should know more about it in a short time. Two days later Werner was lucky again and caught and released another nice fish estimated to weigh about 6kg (13lb) on our Beat A1.

Werner Steinsdorfer with his salmon from Beat D2 – 8.6 kg (19 lbs)

Ralph Warnke caught another big fish on Beat B2, which he estimated to weigh about 10 kg (22 lbs). Ralph was fishing on his own, so we do not have a picture as he released his salmon carefully.

Bernd Kuleisa’s luck continued as he caught another fish of about 3 kg (6.5 lbs) on Beat E2!

Bernd´s fish of approx. 3kg

We have as well received a picture from a nice fish which was caught last week on our Beat A1 by Tom Jørstad. Tom released his fish which he estimated to weigh about 8.5 kg (19 lbs) carefully after taking this quick picture.

Tom with his salmon from Beat A1 – approx. 8.5 kg (19 lbs)

The fishing is, as apparent from our reports far from being great, but on a positive note the fish being caught have a very high average weight – which means that anyone fishing with us, still has a good chance to catch a big fish! Which for most of our fishermen is the reason to fish the Gaula!

But also quite a few fresh fish have been seen moving in the lower parts of the river and as well we heard that on neighbouring beats in Lundamo quite a few fresh fish have been hooked in the last few days. Reports like this always give us hope of improved fishing over the next few days!

Even though the fishing is slow these days we are having a great time on the beautiful Gaula, including the participants of this weeks Flyfishing course lead by Bernd Kuleisa as well all our guests participating in our weekly barbeques in these wonderful surroundings! Sharing a meal with other fisherman and a chance to tell fishing tales is always a wonderful memory!

…Choosing the “right” fly – a decision which is never an easy one…

NFC’s Wednesday-Barbecue at “Laksebu“ – its always nice to get together!

Hopefully fishing will continue to pick up as well and we will have more fish and pictures to report!

We will keep you updated!

And so the season finally comes to an end….We want to thank all of you for making it great! 04.09.2012 12:23

Beat D2 on one of the last evenings…

At midnight, on Friday, August 31st our season on the Gaula came to a close as guests and NFC staff gathered by a bonfire at Langøy, under the full moon for a final farewell grill.

Gathering together at the Bonfire on our “big fish” pool, Langøy on the last evening of the 2012 season – the lines have finally been wound up and plans are already afoot for season 2013!

The season on our beats ended with some nice fish landed, as well as several lost. Olivier Plasseraud, who joined us from France for the last days of the season was able to land two nice fis

Olivier with his female salmon of 96cm, weighing approx. 8,5kg (21lb), which he released carefully after a quick photo!

Olivier’s 2nd fish for the last days from Beat D2 – weighing 6,5kg (15lb) and measured 87cm.

And a few days before, first time guest, Stefano Stefanacci from Italy caught and released a very nice fish on Beat C2, which he estimated to weigh about 11kg measuring 105cm.

Stefano with his salmon from Beat C2 – approx 11kg (24lb).

Markus Leukhardt from Germany, one of the participants of Bernd Kuleisa’s flyfishing course, caught a nice grilse of 2,6kg (5.7lb) on Beat B2 during his week.

An old friend of NFC, Karsten Kruhl from Germany, returned for his third time this year at the end of the season and landed a nice fresh salmon on Beat E2! He estimated the fish to weigh about 7,5kg (16.5lb) and released the fish to continue its spawning journey.

Karsten Kruhl with his fish from Beat E2 during the last days of the season.

Despite the challenging conditions on the Gaula this year, we had a great season with wonderful memories. The fishing may not have lived up to the Gaula’s well-known reputation as one of the top producing salmon rivers in the world, but we here at NFC have none the less had an amazing season. It has been great to see so many familiar faces, as well as making new friends along the river. We hope to see all of you back next year! And remember, after the difficult fishing season in 2007, followed a great season in 2008 – hopefully history will repeat itself!

We will be following up soon with detailed figures for the season 2012, as well as our plans for the coming season! We have exciting developments for the 2013 season, and we all hope you will be part of it!

We are starting soon with the booking process for 2013 – so those of you who have been fishing with us in 2012 will be contacted shortly – in the mean time, for all of you wanting to fish in 2013, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to start planning your fishing for next summer.

Lastly, from Per and Enrico, we would like to personally thank all of you for a great first season at NFC! We have had a wonderful summer getting to know many of you well, and are looking forward to meeting next summer along the banks of the Gaula. We appreciate all of your ideas and suggestions and welcome more should any of you have further questions/comments for us for next year and the future. Please feel free to get in touch and we hope to see all of you again in 2013!

Warm Regards,
Your NFC-Team