Season 2013 On The Gaula
The first fish of the 2013 season is landed on the NFC beats! 07.06.2013
The 2013 season on the Gaula got off to a good start with near perfect conditions! The water temperature is 10.6c with a water level of 150m3 at the Gaulfossen (and dropping).

And the fishing in the opening week is already promising. Fish were seen entering the Gaulfossen pool steadily today and above the Gaulfossen, in the Støren area already yesterday. Reports of fish being caught in Støren are coming in as well.

The first fish of the NFC season was caught by Oliver Brehmer,a beautiful 9.5 kg fresh silver salmon

During this afternoon’s fishing session the first fish was caught on NFC beats, at the E1 beat in Kvål. Oliver Brehmer, from Hamburg, was able to hook and land a beautiful silver fish of 9.5 kg. The fish was taken on a red Templedog at the head of E1. Shortly before, another fish was hooked, but unfortunately lost, in E2 by our first time Norwegian guest, Birger Norberg. The fish are on the move!

Now is the time to tie on some strong tippet, check our knots twice and get in the river with high hopes of a solid take from a bright slab of Gaula silver!

Given this start, the coming weeks hold great promise. There are still a few spaces available so come wet a line with us on the Gaula in perfect early summer conditions!

Next sea-liced salmon caught on the NFC Beats! Now with lots of rain the river has flooded, but hopefully this will help to move some fish up the river! 07.06.2013

Olivier Plasseraud with his beautiful salmon of 9kg, measured 97cm caught on Beat L1.

The conditions have continued to be good and our fishermen have been fishing hard to make contact with one of Gaula’s early run salmon. On the 2nd day another fish was lost in the morning by Olivier in Beat E2, but in the evening he fished the upper part of our Beat L1 and hooked another fish. After an exiting fight Olivier was able to land a perfect salmon which weighed 9kg. The fish was unfortunately bleeding quite a bit, so Olivier had to keep the fish.

During the early afternoon it began to rain heavily, and up to 40mm of rain has fallen in the higher reaches of the Gauldal valley, so the river began to rise quickly. By this morning the river had risen up to 472m³ at Gaulfossen and the heavy rain drastically reduced the rivers visibility. But as usual the Gaula will not be unfishable for long – we even might be able to do some casts in the evening again in the upper parts above Gaulfossen and by tomorrow morning we should be able to fish the entire river again if it does not continue to rain to heavily.

A Black & Orange tube fly was Olivier’s choice – seem to work out well!

The fish have passed Gaulfossen! The 2nd fish above the rapids was landed last night! 07.06.2013
It was again Olivier Plasseraud from France who caught his 2nd fish of the week. He fished our Beat D2 last night and was able to land his 2nd fish of the week. Even though the water after the heavy rain falls was quite high he gave Beat D2 a try – and with success! Olivier was able to catch and release a really nice fish which measured 101cm. Olivier estimated the fish to weigh about 10kg.

Olivier with his beautiful fish of about 10kg (101cm).

Good to see our fishermen releasing big fish! Well done Olivier!

As well our regular Fabien Laborde caught an excellent fish on Beat B2 during the late evening the night before. Fabien fished Beat B2 in the Støren area and after an exiting fight in high water conditions he was able to land a nice fish which measured 89cm. Fabien estimated the weight about 7,5kg as it was quite a fat salmon. Fabien took a video with his camera from the fight and the release – we are just about to prepare it for the website and will post it as soon as possible.

A well conditioned salmon off approx. 7,5kg from Beat B2 – caught by French Angler Fabien Laborde.

In general the fishing is still a bit slow, but some nice fish have been caught on the river – and it is very positive that fish seem the have spread out even to the higher reaches of the NFC beats. As well as fish having been caught close to our Bogen Søndre Beat. We have also received reports from local authorities that greater numbers of salmon in the fjord are on their way into the fjord to enter the river. So we are expecting exiting days to come! We will keep you updated!

Big fish number 3 for Olivier! 08.06.2013
Olivier Plasseraud caught another good fish yesterday. This time he was fishing B1 in the Støren area and was able to land a very nice salmon of 106cm length. The fish weighed in at 11,2 kg. The fish was deeply hooked and was bleeding badly already while landing, so there was no chance to release it.

Olivier with salmon number 3 – 11,2 kg caught on Beat B1 in the Støren area.

The fishing has still been slow, but all signs point to improving fishing any day! For example on the Gaulfossen Pool the largest fish caught on the Gaula since 2009 – a real monster of 22,3kg (almost 50lb) !!Some other big fish has been caught as well.

We are glad to see that fish have been caught on the entire river, so fishing is not concentrated on just on the lower parts, and our fishermen are able to fish the whole rotation between the village of Kvål at the lower river up to the higher beats at Kotsøy in hope to hook one of Gaula’s big June salmon.

Take a look at our latest video from the catch & release of the beautiful salmon which Fabien Laborde was able to land 2 days ago.(see below)

We are waiting for a larger amount of fish which have been seen in the Fjords some days ago to enter the river. We are actually expecting some “action” any minute down in our lower beats and especially on the weekend to come! We are looking forward to the next days.

Olivier knows how to do it – catch and release of a 16kg salmon! 17.06.2013

Olivier with his superb salmon of approx. 16kg and 115cm length.

During the late afternoon we got a call from a guest, asking if some one could come to Beat D2, 1 km below the Lodge. Olivier confirmed he just landed a salmon of 115cm! 2 Minutes later Thies was down there at the river bank and they were able to take some good photos of this fantastic salmon. Olivier was able to release the fish in perfect shape – to continue its journey upriver to spawn! These are the fish we are all hoping for! Olivier did it once again – fish number 4 for him for the opening week, which is really good.

…a really big fish – 115cm!

…and so nice to see it being released!

This morning regular Mortan A. Carlsen from the Faroe Islands was able to land his first Gaula-salmon for this season. He fished our Beat E1 in the lower river and was able to catch and release a nice salmon which he estimated to weigh about 9kg.

Mortan in “action” on the lower Gaula!

Mortan A. Carlsen and his approx. 9kg salmon from Beat E1.

The fishing are coming upriver still rather slow but we saw more fish in the upper reaches the last 2 days - so lets keep fingers crossed for some big fish in the days to come!

After another flood the next fish have been taken again! 17.06.2013
During Sunday until Monday morning the river rose up to 500m³ at the Gaulfossen again – due to heavy rainfalls the river turned dirty and fishing for the next 24 hrs was quite slow.

But during the early evening on Monday the river began to clear and became “fishable” again and Matt Harris, a well-known photographer and journalist from the UK was able to land the fist fish of the week on our Beat L1.

Matt in action on L1…

Matt Harris with his beautiful salmon of 8,1kg measuring 95cm.

Matt’s salmon has been hooked very deeply, so the salmon had to be kept. We were lucky enough to have a new “chef” preparing the salmon for us on the next day down on our Lower Gaula Beats: April Vokey from Canada, a steelhead guide in British Columbia and excellent fly tier, who is fishing with us this week, it is her first visit in Norway.

Preparing dinner, thanks April ;)

April Vokey, Per Arneberg and Daniel Persson relaxing at the Lower Beats.

April casts a long line on Beat L1.

Also Swedish author Pelle Klippinge was quite successful. He was able to land 2 salmon during the least few days. The fist fish was medium sized fish of 4,8kg from our Beat E2.

Pelle Klippinge from Sweden with his salmon from Beat E2.

The salmon has been bleeding, so he kept the fish. On the next day Pelle caught and released his next salmon, this time caught on Beat E1. Pelle estimated the fish to weigh about 7kg.

Also Per Heikkilä, one of our guides was successful during a break from guiding- he did some casts on Beat B1 and hooked a nice fish of about 8kg which he released carefully.

Also or new guest Abbas Adam from Canada lost a good fish on Beat D1 yesterday shortly before landing it. The salmon are now running throughout the river– and latest reports are that fish have been steadily passing the Gaulfossen last night and a really good amount of fish have been seen in Melhus (close to the sea) entering the river yesterday. All of this information keeps our hopes up for improved fishing during the next days, hopefully already today!

More rain is forecasted for tomorrow, so we will keep our fingers crossed the river won’t rise too much, as we now have perfect fishing conditions!

Another positive note is that quite a few of our pools have changed nicely during the last floods – we actually think that some of the pools will be even better holding pools for the weeks to come!

The fishing seems to be picking up! 20.06.2013
Just when the water was about to finally drop to a perfect level and was clearing up we got a lot of rain and another flood made fishing very tough again. Finally the weather forecast is looking promising, the river is dropping quickly and the fist fish have been landed already.

Our friend and regular guest Chris Henshaw with a nice salmon of 8,4kg, measuring 95 cm.

A bended rod on Beat B1! Chris played the fish hard.

As of yesterday it seems quite a few fish have been coming into the river as we have received reports of good numbers of fish caught on the lower river! During last nights evening session, still in quite high water, our Italian guest Federico Malipiero lost a fish on E2 on the lower river, and pretty much at the same time our long time Norwegian regular Rune Jensen was able to catch and release a nice fish on our new Beat M directly at the new NFC Lodge. The fish was estimated to weigh about 9,5kg. Rune and his friend Gregar took a video of the fight and release. Pictures and video will follow soon.

This morning Manfred Raguse fished our Beat E2 and caught a fresh and sea-liced, medium salmon of 4,2kg. The fish was bleeding badly, so Manfred was forced to keep it.

Manfred Raguse with his salmon from Beat E2 – weighing 4,2kg.

Sea-liced salmon – it clearly shows this fish has recently entered the river.

We have a big group of Norwegian fishermen fishing with us this week and as well a few long time regular German guests – so we are hopeful for some good catch reports in the coming days! Lets keep our fingers crossed the fishing will really start now!

Slow fishing on the Gaula - but fish seem to be finally on the way. 20.06.2013
The fishing is still pretty slow in light of the relatively good conditions all season long and our high hopes at the beginning of the season. It seems to be a slow season start all over Norway and even in Russia the opening was slow. This may be caused by the long winter which kept the fjord and the sea temperature cold for a long time, which may be the reason why the salmon have not begun to run the up the rivers. However, we do not know for sure, and as always when the fishing is slow, everyone has a different explanation for the situation and are searching for reasons why – but we do not know for sure why the fishing has been slow. But the test-net catches for research tagging salmon are increasing quite a bit during the last days and even local newspapers have been reporting that a lot more fish are on the way to the rivers now. So let’s hope the salmon begin to make it up the river system in the next coming days and here on the Gaula we begin to experience our typical great summer fishing. Nevertheless, we have a few good fishermen fishing with us who are even able to land fish when fishing is slow. For example our Norwegian guest Tommy Risnes, caught a really nice fish on Beat E2 yesterday night.

Tommy shortly before releasing his fantastic fish of approx. 9.5kg…

Tommy lost another fish the day before as well as his fishing partner Stig Engstrøm who lost a very good fish on Beat D1. The fish left the Pool and Stig was unable to follow it as the water was still quite high, and finally the shooting line broke.

NFC’s Thies Reimers caught a really good fish on E2 as well, just 6 hours before Tommy’s fish. Thies estimated the fish between 9-10kg. He was fishing alone, so sadly there was no one to take pictures. As usual Thies released his salmon.

We have also just finished uploading 2 new videos of fish recently landed on the NFC beats.

This video shows Rune Jensen catching and releasing his fish of approx. 9.5kg from Sunday evening on our Beat M:

The 2nd video shows NFC’s former chairman Manfred Raguse playing a medium salmon down on our E-Beats:

We hope you enjoy watching it while we try to work on our catch statistics out here on the banks of the Gaula. Either way, we are having a great time with our guests and staff at our new Lodge and facilities, and we hope that “fishing wise” things will turn on soon!

Still rather slow fishing on the Gaula – but some nice fish have been caught! 04.07.2013

Margaret Yorke with her superb salmon from our Beat BS1!

Following the flood this past week, we had expected a boost in the fishing as new fish enter into the river system, but the fishing did not picked up the way we had hoped. But this is not just on our beats, the fishing on the whole river as well as on neighbouring rivers (and actually in many rivers throughout Norway) has not been good. But the test-net used for tagging fish to track them, done by NINA (Norsk Institut for Naturforskning) in the outer fjord areas had a good number of fish caught lately. But it seems as though the salmon are staying in the sea and are still not entering the rivers in very big number for some reason. But it seems as though the number of medium-sized fish as well as grilse are improving.

However, our fishermen and women are fishing hard to try to come in contact with fish and subsequently several nice fish have been caught on our beats.
On her first day fishing long time regular guest Margaret Yorke, was able to land her biggest salmon ever so far! She fished our Beat BS1, and immediately she hooked a fish but lost it shortly after. Just a short while later another fish took her fly, this time the hook was set well and after a very exiting fight she was able to land a beautiful male fish of 13kg and 111cm length. Congratulations Margaret!

Margaret is into her fish on BS1…a hard fight followed.

Also our regular guest from Germany, Andreas Grass caught a good fish on Beat E2 during a night session and released it immediately after a very quick picture.

…Andreas fighting his fish down on E2.

Andreas with his salmon from Beat E2.

First time visitor Mike Howells were able to catch his first Gaula salmon of about 5kg measuring 80cm! This fish size shows that the first medium fish have reached our Beats in the middle river, which will hopefully bring some action during the next days!

Mike Howells with his fish from Beat D1.

As well as our long-time regular and NFC friend, Mortan A. Carlsen from the Faroe Islands came back again and is fishing our Beats once more this summer. Yesterday he caught a very good fish on Beat C1. The salmon was hooked deeply so Mortan were forced to keep the fish. The fish weighed in with 9,5kg and measuring 101cm.

Mortan A. Carlsen with his nice fish from Beat C1. (Photo taken on our Beat M).

Our Austrian regular Gerald Schimetta was able to catch and release a nice fish of 99cm on our Beat C2. Gerald measured his female salmon to weigh about 10 kg.

Gerald with his salmon from Beat C2 – 99cm, approx. 10 kg.

Gerald releasing his big female fish – great to see our fishermen releasing those important spawning fish.

All of our fishermen have been reporting seeing more fish in the river- spread from the Lower Beats in Kvål all the way to our Beats furthest upriver at Bogen Søndre. As well as several lost fish and takes are reported from almost all Beats. It looks like things are moving here and hopefully our fishing will begin to pick up now. On neighbouring Beats the catches are increasing as well, so that is a positive sign for the coming days.

In the meantime we are working hard to get our Lodge finalized- it is still a work in progress- but the main building is close to being ready and we are very glad that we can use our facilities already. Our weekly meetings, dinners, barbecues, the fly shop and any club meeting are all taking place in our new headquarter. We will post a couple of pictures in the coming days! We also would like to take the chance to thank everyone who has helped out here to get things ready as quick as possible. For example even the youngest member of the NFC team (Henry – age 12- family friend of Enrico) have been a great help! Thank you all guys!

In front of our newly finished lodge fireplace: the NFC team: Daniel, Enrico, and Henry (maybe a future NFC guide in a few years?) and NFC’s chairman Per.

Difficult season on the Gaula – and yet some good fish have been caught on the NFC Beats. 15.07.2013
The fishing has continued to be more difficult than usual. The reasons for this rather slow season all over Norway cannot be easily explained and it seems even scientists have not a concluded an explanation yet- but Gaula is not the only watershed which has experienced a slow season.

Thies with his fresh salmon from Beat E2 – – the approx. 7kg fish has been released quickly after this picture.

Regardless, our fishermen have still been catching some good fish and some very big fish have been lost during the last days. The water level dropped down to a classic low water situation, but not as low that we have problems with the water height yet. The NFC beats fortunately fish well in most water levels- including this low level. The only problem is getting pictures of the fish which have been caught – most fishermen have released their fish without pictures, quickly as it should be in warmer water, which is one of the reasons why we are a bit delayed in updating our website.

Typical for low water the E-beats fish quite well during these conditions, which was proven by NFC’s Thies Reimers who caught a nice fish weighing about 7kg on Beat E2.

NFC’s Per Arneberg was able to catch and release a nice medium sized fish on our Beat BS2 – Per estimated to weigh his fish about 6,5kg.

Per with his fish from BS2 – 6,5kg.

Family-friend Jack is releasing Per’s fish in good shape.

Also our long time regular Dr. Werner Brinker was able to catch a good fish of about 8,5kg on Beat D1 during his first night fishing with us! After some quiet hours a group of fresh fish cam into the pool and a short time later he was able to catch and release this nice female salmon.

Our Guide Simon Kitcher and Dr. Werner Brinker with the fish from the night session on Beat D1.

On the next day Werner caught another fish on Beat BS2 - yet another female about 4,5kg which he of course released as well.

The 2nd fish on day number 1 for Dr. Werner Brinker – this time from BS2 and weighing about 4,5kg.

Also the other participants of our long time regular group from Germany were able to catch a couple of fish in the last days. Hans E. Wolff caught a beautiful male salmon weighing in at 10 kg – sadly the picture was lost- but either way a fantastic fish from Beat E2 was landed. His friend and fishing partner Humbert Henzler caught 2 grilse and another medium sized fish, all from the E-Beats.

Some days before regular Karsten Kruhl landed a good fish on Beat D2, in our newly integrated beat for the 2013 season - “Upper Pool” – a nice low water spot.

Karsten Kruhl’s nice fish about 9kg

Week 29 - Gaula fishing is still challenging- but seems to be picking up! 08.08.2013
On Saturday evening it began to rain heavily and the river rose quite a bit by Sunday when our new week started. Due to constant rainfalls the river continued rising until Tuesday evening when it finally began to stabilize. Regardless, during the rising water a few fish were caught for example on Beat C2 a “bigger” grilse of 3,3kg was landed by Robert Heintschel from Austria and a couple of other grilse at our Beat BS1 were caught our Swedish group led by Mikael Tholin. Wednesday the water slowly stared dropping and this started to turn things. Our guide Trond Lyngstad fished our Lodge Pool (Beat M) and hooked a nice fish on “June-tackle” with a big orange fly and a heavy sinking shooting head. After an exiting fight he was able to land a good fish of about 9kg measuring 96cm!

Trond is playing his fish on Beat M.

Trond Lyngstad with his fish of 96cm – of course released!

We also took a video of the fight, which we will upload soon. During the evening our fist time guest from Scotland, Stuart Lyon fished the same beat and after a short while he hooked a very big fish. He was hardly able to move the fish which fought hard. After 25 min of a tough fight the hook came loose. Stuart said the fish was over 30lbs and it most likely was the biggest fish he had ever hooked. Later on at the Lodge we saw the video taken of the fight, and it seemed to be a very big fish!!! A little ironic that Stuart landed the next morning a small grilse on Beat B1 – but we are sure Stuart will be back and try again for one of Gaula’s “big ones”.

Stuart with his grilse on the next morning – always with a smile!

The water continued to drop quite slowly and most of our fishermen reported contact with and saw fish here and there, but it was still difficult to make the moving fish take. On the next day NFC’s Daniel Stephan took a break from the fly shop and made some casts at Beat M down at the Lodge. On his 4th cast he was into a fish. After a few minutes Daniel was able to land and release a nice female fish of about 8,5kg measuring 95cm!

Daniel short before landing his fish on Beat M.

Daniel with his female salmon of about 8,5kg.

Daniel resuscitating the fish after a good fight…

Good to see a fish swimming away in good shape, to continue its journey to spawn!

Also our regular Martin Peter from Switzerland was successful. After he lost a big fish in Beat D2 earlier in the evening he was able to land a good fish during the morning. The fish measured 90cm and Martin estimated his sea-liced salmon from Beat L to weight about 8kg. Martin fished alone, so we do not have any picture of the fish.

NFC friend and regular guest Andre Scholz arrived during the night- and it did not take long before he caught his first salmon! After an extremely hard fight on the E-Beats Andre was able to release a superb and very well conditioned male fish of 105cm – most likely weighing about 11kg! What a start of a salmon holiday!

As well our first time visitor Eddie Devon from England got a good impression of the Gaula – while test casting his line on our Home Pool he hooked a nice fish on a pure floating line – even though the water was still relatively high. After a good fight Eddie was able to release his first Gaula salmon measuring 90 cm and weighed approx. 7kg. Congratulations Eddie!

Eddie with his “test-casting salmon” from our Home Pool.

The fishing is by far not as great as it should be during this “prime time” period of the season, but with a bit of luck to be on the right place at the right time our fishermen are getting in touch with some good fish and the chance to catch a really big fish this season is still there! Due to the weather forecast for the coming days we expect the river to drop quite a bit down to normal summer water level – so we are looking forward to see what happens these days on the Gaula.

This week we have fishing with us quite a few German customers, a few British fly fishermen, a few regulars and some new faces and not to forget our friends from the United States from the New York Anglers Club. Further reports will be following soon!

Week 30 – Summertime on the Gaula 08.08.2013

A view down on our new Beat M – Lodge Pool from the mountain on the other side.

Week 30 was one of the warmest weeks on the Gaula in the last few years. The air temperatures were even above 25 ° C during most of the week which is not very common in the middle of Norway. Either way, due to the rain fall earlier this week it started with nice fishing conditions. First time visitors Detlef Jarusch and Franz Biwer caught there first Gaula fish on Beat BS1, two grilse and Jan Ehmke caught a fish of 4,5kg during the same session. On the next day Jan Ehmke was successful again and caught a nice salmon of 5,5kg on Beat D1.

Jan Ehmke with his 2nd fish – 5,5kg caught on Beat D1.

Also Bernd Kuleisa and his group of friends were successful during the week. Bernd caught 2 grilse and also his friend Tobi Vetter caught his first salmon ever – not a big one, but a nice small fresh grilse.

Bernd Kuleisa with his friend Tobias Vetter holding his first salmon, caught on Beat C1.

Helmut Bröer from Germany caught another grilse, as well as Andre Scholz and John Stokerson and Ernie McFadzen from our team from the New York Anglers Club. Also NFC’s Thies Reimers caught another fish.

Its good to see that it seems the grilse are coming back and entering the river now.

The hot weather conditions makes it very difficult to get in touch with bigger fish, the water was quite warm and fishing in the bright daylight in a “gin-clear” river is never easy. So we are actually glad that we had some action.

Bernd Kuleisa is hosting in the coming week another course on the NFC Beats – and due to the first reports coming in, his participants have been quite successful! The reports and pictures will follow these days.

Week 31 – Good fishing on the Gaula with a very successful salmon fishing course! 08.08.2013

Rüdiger Kolbe and course leader Bernd Kuleisa with Rüdiger’s 7kg salmon!

The week 31 started with a lower water level, but due to the rise in the water level last week there were a few fresh fish running. The lower water level was actually perfect to start for our salmon fishing course, which was taking place this week with 7 new salmon fishermen. Bernd Kuleisa from Germany has been hosting a course for many years on the NFC waters, mostly with German clients. This year’s course was the most successful course so far with his clients. Almost all of the new salmon fishers were able to land their first Atlantic salmon on the fly! For example Rüdiger Kolbe even managed to land 3 fish during the course: 2 Grilse and a great fish of about 7kg, which was caught on our Home Pool!

We were also lucky enough to film the fight and the releasing of the fish. Please check the video below:

Markus’ fantastic salmon from Beat BS1, approx. 10kg.

Markus Leukhardt, who is fishing the 3rd time the course with Bernd Kuleisa was able to land his biggest Atlantic salmon ever during this week – a fresh salmon measuring 102 cm and estimated to weigh about 10kg – he caught and released his nice fish on Beat BS1. Markus caught as well another Grilse on the E-Beats the day before.

Daniel with his fish from Beat M – approx 4,5kg.

As well our regular and friend Andre Scholz caught his next couple of fish this week. Andre landed an approx. 10kg fish on Beat BS1 and the day before he had a quite spectacular fight on the E-Beats with an approx. 6kg salmon from the high bank. Andre caught another Grilse down there as well and this morning another fish of approx. 5,5kg.

Also the NFC team caught some fish, for example Daniel Stephan just below our Lodge, was able to land and release an approx. 4,5kg female fish.

Hartmut with his Grilse from our Home Pool.

Also NFC’s Thies Reimers caught his next fish – a beautiful fresh fish on our Beat A2. Thies estimated the weight of his salmon about 6,5kg and released it as he always does.

Earlier this week our 2nd time participant of Bernd’s fly fishing course Hartmut Schuhmacher was able to catch and release his first fly caught salmon ever – a nice fresh Grilse from our Home Pool.

Hartmut releases his first fly-caught salmon-great!

Jürgen at Beat E2 with his sealiced salmon – Nr.1 for him! Congratulations!

Also his brother Lutz managed to catch his first salmon during the week, as well as Jürgen Hornung. He caught his first salmon on the fly in Beat E2 and released it as well as all fish have been this week on the NFC Beats.

Last but not least course leader Bernd Kuleisa found some time fish himself, with success. After a Grilse earlier this week Bernd was able last night to land another fish on our Beat D2 – a nice medium sized fish of approx. 5kg.

Bernd Kuleisa with his nice fish from the last night on Beat D2.

We just got in another fish-report from Rüdiger Kolbe – Nr. 4 on his first week of salmon fishing – he estimated it to weigh about 4kg.

Rüdiger with salmon Nr. 4 this week – approx. 5kg from Beat D2

Considering that the season was quite tough so far and that we had a number of rods who have never been fishing for salmon before – we experienced a great week on the Gaula. It seems things are moving here and more fish are still coming into the river – finally! So we hope it will continue and we will be able to report a couple of more nice fish for the coming weeks until the season ends.