Season 2014 On The Gaula
The salmon season 2014 on the Gaula has started – first fish on NFC water landed above Gaulfossen! 07.06.2014
After a nice welcome dinner and a celebration of the season opening with a big bonfire just below our new Lodge with all our guests and staff, the Gaula season 2014 finally started.

The water level about 110m³ at the Gaulfossen (constantly dropping) and water-temperatures about 9 C° are perfect early June. During the night not much happened except a few seen fish, but today at noon Per Arneberg fished just below the Lodge on our Beat M and was able to land the first fish on NFC water in 2014.

A big smile: Per Arneberg with salmon Nr. 1, estimated to weigh about 8,5kg – – caught in Rognes above the Gaulfossen!

Per releases his fish from Lodge Pool.

We are glad the fishing has started well with the first salmon on the 1st of June and we are looking forward to the next days to come – it truly is very exiting!

We also wanted to update you about the latest happening around NFC besides from the fishing. During the winter months we have been quite productive, we built a new accommodation wing at our lodge. We are extremely pleased with how it has turned out and have received positive feedback from the first guests staying there with us during this opening week. We are looking very much forward to welcome our NFC guests from 2014 at the new Lodge at Rogstadmoen!

The new NFC Lodge – accommodation wing.

The backside of the new wing, on the top to the left the veranda with river view, accessed by the 1st floors living room.

A view into one of our single rooms.

A view of the suite room.

The Suite rooms provide a little extra space to unwind after a long day on the river..

We hope you will like the new “style” of accommodation we are now able to offer our guests fishing on NFC waters and are exited to hear your feedback throughout the season!

We never would have been able to finish our project on time without the fantastic help of our local building companies who did an extraordinary hard job getting our facilities ready for “move in” on the 1st of June. So we have to especially thank the local companies Børset&Bjerkset Entreprenør AS, Løhre VVS AS, Gauldal Installasjon AS, URD Klima Oppdal AS and of course Steffen Rogstad and his family for all their support and great help.

Last but not least we held an opening party with all particapting workers of the project and the NFC staff on Wednesday night! It was a fantastic evening with some very nice surprises and warm tidings of welcome from the local community – Thank you all very much – this is a very important part of the new NFC.

The local workers with the NFC staff at Rogstadmoen.

A fantastic surprise – the workers organised that well known local artist Jarle Øien Farmen (to the right) painted this nice picture, which just got its place at the new NFC Lodge thanks a lot Jarle

The first Dinner 2014 at the NFC Lodge – fantastic weather and a great atmosphere at the NFC Lodge.

The next surprise of the night: the local mens choir (many of whom also helped roof the new lodge) sang at Rogstadmoen for the opening of the Lodge building – thank you all so much, it was fantastic

But the new wing is not all that has come together; weather forecasts are looking very positive for a great opening week! Yes, exiting times are coming! Remember to check our website regularly starting now – we will hopefully be able to post pictures from more catches very soon and update the website with our weekly catch reports.

Be part of the new Norwegian Flyfishers Club and come and fish with us if you have not booked yet as we still have some rods available, even a few in some of the prime weeks.

Tight lines to all of you and we are wishing you all a great 2014 season – you certainly will hear from us very soon – hopefully with the more great news from NFC waters on the Gaula!

The fishing picks up – some nice fish have been landed today! 07.06.2014

Jean-Luc Vestraeten with his superb salmon from Beat BS1 – 104cm and estimated to weigh 11,5kg.

Today the fishing seems to have picked up! We heard about several catches along the river and as well as 2 fish landed on our Beats already.

This morning well known photographer Matt Harris headed down to fish our Beat L1 on the lower river and due to unusual low water this early in the season he was able to wade out higher up in the Pool than we typically to do in June – with success! After 3 casts he hooked a good fish which immediately took off down the rapids. Matt was fishing alone and while fighting the fish he gave Per Arneberg a call. Per drove down to Matt helping him landing the fish and took a few pictures. Sadly the fish has been bleeding and needed to be kept. Matt’s salmon weighed in with 8,5kg – a beautiful sealiced Gaula salmon!

Matt Harris with his super fresh salmon from Beat L1.

Another nice fish was caught by long time regular Jean-Luc Verstraeten (picture above) who just arrived yesterday. While Matt Harris was playing his fish on Beat L1 Daniel and Jean-Luc discussed in the parking lot at Lodge that in case Jean-Luc hooks a big fish also he should call Daniel, so he could come up to take a picture of his fish – 1 hour later Daniel got a call, it was Jean-Luc: “Good fish on!”. After 10 minutes Daniel arrived at the Pool, but Daniel Göz and Anton Hamacher (The film makers who made “Gaula – the river of silver and gold” two years ago on NFC waters) were already there to help Jean Luc take some nice shots of his perfect fish! It is Jean-Luc biggest Gaula-salmon so far! Congratulations Jean-Luc –you really deserved this fish!

Another shot from Jean-Luc’s fantastic salmon – Gaula in June – a unique experience!

The fishing on Monday and Tuesday was a bit slow, with not so much action on the entire river. However as posted on Facebook already it was once again Olivier Plasseraud who managed to land a good fish even though fishing was not easy. Olivier fished Beat D2, as usual he was on his own but he still manages to makes this incredible good “selfie’s” with his salmon – Olivier released his salmon as well and estimated it to weigh about 9kg.

Olivier definitely knows how to catch fish! At Beat D2, with his wonderful salmon – approx. 9kg.

Due to the latest catch reports we are optimistic that the fishing will be much better during the coming days – but we can’t complain since it is only the 4th of June and we have a good number of fish spread throughout the whole river, even up to our highest beats! It is also great to see that all of the fish that have been landed so far are in really good conditions and quite fat which is always a good sign!

We will keep you updated!

The 2nd week started with a good rise of the water due to heavy rain falls on Sunday night. 18.06.2014

Shot of the week taken by Daniel Goez: it’s the fantastic salmon from Beat BS1 caught by Jean-Luc some days ago.

The opening week ended rather slowly. The last few days in the Gaula valley have been of blazing sun and high temperatures, which made for difficult conditions for catching fish. The very warm, sunny and bright days, with gin clear water, conditions more typical of late July rather than the beginning of June, led to the fish being rather inactive. But the forecasts were right and we got the promised rain all of last night – finally the water raised up to 248 m³ on the Gaulfossen gauge which means great fishing conditions on our high water pools.

Johannes K. started the week with a medium sized fish from our Beat D1. The fish took the fly after 3 casts in the morning even though the water was still rising. Johannes assumed that fish would be moving after that rain and preceding hot days and he was right – the salmon must have just come into the pool since it took the fly so aggressively.

Johannes Kahrs with his fish from Bridge Pool – the first from that Beat, hopefully Number.1 of many this summer!

Johannes releases his salmon.

While we are waiting for more fish reports to come in we have prepared for you two videos from the last week catches. Per Arneberg’s first salmon caught and released of season 2014 on NFC water was luckily recorded:

Furthermore we uploaded the catch & release of Trond Lyngstad’s salmon from BS1. The video includes the tagging of the fish. We hope to get some reports from the salmon during the next couple of weeks. Who knows maybe it gets re-caught on its way upstream – this has happened with several tagged fish, which is just one argument that proofs that catch & release works well! We reported Trond’s fish in an earlier update but we finally also have a picture to include – not a monster but still a great fish!

Trond Lyngstad with is nice salmon weighing about 7,5kg.

The water level began dropping early this afternoon – this means the exiting times will be starting soon, tonight and for sure tomorrow we should see the rain push in a few good runs of fresh salmon into the system!

A view from the street (R30) on the NFC Lodge at Rogstadmoen.

Week 25 starts great! 18.06.2014
After the high water in the beginning of last week the fishing did not pick up as we hoped it would. Even though we had rather good conditions the big run did not arrive. Finally on Thursday we got reports that suddenly a good number of fish were running through the lower river and that some fish had been caught down there. Good news and new motivation for our fishermen. On Friday and Saturday a good number of fish were caught along the river and some fish were lost and some takes were reported by our fishermen but it took to until Sunday when regular Mary Anne Sawada managed to land and release a gorgeous fish on Beat BS1.

Usually a common picture – Mary Anne with a bended rod – but it took a bit of time until it happened season 2014

Mary Anne with her fantastic salmon of 10kg + from Beat BS1 – with sealice! After tagging the fish, it was released.

Ken Sawada’s “Orange Shiner” – a beautiful fly which Ken invented a few years ago and proofed to be successful yesterday!

On Sunday afternoon a lot of well known faces arrived, our big Norwegian group and some German long time regulars and a few new guests from the USA. All are experienced fishermen, knowing how to fish hard if it’s needed! So we have high hopes that we will be getting some nice fish during the coming days.

After the welcome dinner Tommy Risnes fished our Beat B1 and it did not take long until we got the first catch report: 102cm and weighing about 10,5kg. What a great start into a fishing week – congratulations Tommy!

Tommy with his salmon from B1 – about 10,5kg and measuring 102cm – of course released.

Today the Lodge is quite empty while writing this update – all are out - eager to fish! Due to last days catches and river reports the chances seem to be good these days – especially for big fish since several fish up to 16,6kg ( 36lb) have been caught during the last days!

We still have a few rods vacant during the next weeks, and you would be very welcome! Could it get better than salmon fishing, some good food, a few drinks and here and there watching a great Wolrd Cup Football match?! We highly doubt it…

Please get in touch if you like to come over and we will try our best to accommodate you in your preferred time.

Week 26 started with 3 great fish after the flood and a few fish lost! 25.06.2014
After a week of miserable weather and very cold temperatures, the new week started off with a flood due to heavy rainfall. The river rose up to over 500 m³ at the Gaulfossen on Sunday afternoon and the river looked almost unfishable, but we had 2 clients from the Netherlands who were very eager to get out, no matter what, just to do some casts down here at our Lodge Pool – which turned out to be a very good decision! After only an hour of fishing Vincent Bekke was able to hook a good fish, and after an exiting fight he was able to release his first salmon! Congratulations Vincent!

Vincent Bekke with his first salmon – appr. 7,5kg measuring 92cm. What a great start for Vincent – releasing a nice salmon, that is good Karma!

The water keeps on dropping quickly, so our classical high water pools are fishing nicely at the moment! Obviously our Beat BS2 did as well! Margaret Yorke, fishing with us every year, managed to catch and release an excellent male salmon of 98cm, estimated to weigh about 9 kg during her fist fishing session this morning!

Margaret hooked her fish on BS2 this morning.

Margaret Yorke with her first salmon of the week – 98cm, approx. 9,5kg!

Another great fish has been caught by our first time visitor Reto Suremann from Switzerland on Beat L1. Reto released his first fish after his guide Trond tagged the fish.

Reto Suremann with his superb fish from our Lundamo Beat.

It seems as though the flood has made some fish move, and the fishing is improving. As we did not have a real flood since middle of May we have high hopes that the amount of fresh water flowing into the Fjord will be pushing in the awaited run of fish.

During the day we got several more reports of lost fish! Orazio Gatti from Italy fished our Home Pool and lost a very good fish after 10 min fight just while landing it; also NFC’s Daniel Stephan hooked a good fish in our Lodge Pool but lost it after several minutes.

During last week it was extraordinarily cold, with temperatures at night even down to 2°C and 6°C during the day, strong northern winds did not help the fish to become active and willing to move upstream or take the fly. When air temperatures are far below water temperatures fishing is usually never good, not in summer time. But the latest flood and the forecast for the coming days with higher air pressure warmer temperatures up to 17°C and a few sunny days are very promising, especially in combination with a dropping water level following the high water from the flood.

Finally we got a good picture of the fish of the week 25 – approx. 10,5kg – Tommy Risnes with his salmon from B1.

Another beauty from week 25 – Mortan Carlsen’s fish from Beat D2 – aprrox. 10kg, of course released!

As well German regular guest Andreas Grass was able to catch and release a nice fish last week on Beat BS1 – about 7kg, measuring 90cm!

We also do not want to forget to show you this video from Mary Anne Sawada’s great fish on BS1 from last week:

We are really glad to see that the fishing gets better! Everyone is out fishing tonight -

As it looks very promising! We will keep you posted!

A few more nice catches after last weeks flood on NFC waters. 04.07.2014
The water level constantly dropped during last week. The higher water certainly made the fish moving and so our fishermen were able to land some nice fish.

Our regular Uli Dorfner from Germany was able to land a nice salmon on our Beat L1, weighing about 6,5kg.

Uli with his fish from Beat L1.

Also family friend Jack Rodat from the US, who is helping is us out here at the Lodge during the summer could land his first Atlantic salmon on Beat C2 – what a nice fish! Congratulations Jack!

Jack with his perfect salmon – weighing about 8kg.

Great to see, Jack releasing his first salmon! Well done!

Regular Andreas Grass could also catch and release his next salmon, weighing as well about 8kg. Andreas caught his fish on Beat BS1 which is one of our best Beats this season.

The water level is still dropping and our fishermen saw fish in the lower Beat and ad a few contacts. As well our chef at the Lodge who is an excellent fish spotter saw several fish moving along our Lodge Pool while watching down from the high bank. The lower water level should help us that fish will stop in our Pools on their way upstream and make it easier to catch them.

We will keep you updated!

Fresh fish arrived on the Gaula! 10.07.2014
While water levels were constantly dropping and water and weather conditions were actually very good, we had a slow start into week 27 – we had a few lost fish and our Swiss guest Gerardo Zappa was able to catch and release a grilse on Beat B1. But things should change by middle of the week. Suddenly a good run of fresh fish arrived on our lower Beats. German regular Christian Tamcke experienced good sessions on the E-beats. The first fish he caught Wednesday evening – a medium fish of 80cm (between 4,5 and 5kg). On the next morning he returned to the Beat and caught 3 more fish within a couple of hours.

Christian is releasing on of his fish during his week on our Beats.

Also Jonathan Argent from the UK could catch a nice grilse about 3kg measuring 70 cm on the E-beats. For some reason the Gaula seems to have a late run this summer – suddenly fish were showing in the lower Beats, just as normal for this time of the year.

NFC’s General Manager Enrico Cristiani also decided to give it a try on of the “free for all beats” of the lower beats on the same evening and was able to catch a good fish of 5,6kg.

Enrico Cristiani with his fish from the lower Gaula.

Also the test-net catches at the outer Fjord have been increasing quite a lot. The number of medium-size fish were very good lately – and already fish seem to be moving upstream the river quickly. Suddenly our fishermen saw fish showing in many of our Pools which have been rather quiet during the last two weeks.

In the meantime Christian Tamcke caught another nice fish on Beat D1 of 80cm lengths and estimated to weigh about 5kg.

Christian with his 4th salmon of his week on our Beats.

While we have been preparing for the weeks change on Sunday and we were observing our water below the Lodge, we counted over 60 salmon passing by! Grilse, medium fish and big fish estimated to be 15kg+! So there are certainly fresh fish moving right now. During the afternoon Manfred Raguse caught another fish about 5,5 to 6kg on Beat D2 measuring 82cm and also Andre Scholz, who just arrived, reported 3 lost fish while his night session! Also other beats on the whole river caught much better during the last 2 days comparing to the times before, so we are very optimistic that this new run of fish will increase the fishing for the entire river!

We will keep you posted!

Summer time in the Gaula valley 25.07.2014
This week started with hot air temperatures up to 30°C and this unusually warm weather has continued all week. Despite the hot summer conditions with its hot air and warm water the fishing has been improved quite a bit. All our guest this week have caught fish.

Fly tyer Sacha Pütz from Germany caught 2 nice fish during the first two days of the week. He started his week with an approx. 4,5kg fish from our L1 Beat down in Lundamo. In the evening just after dinner he tried our Lodge Pool, right at the top. It just took a few casts until he was into his next fish.

Sacha is into his 2nd fish – the salmon took the fly and tried to go up river!

After a strong fight from the high bank – finally netted!

Well done Sacha!

Sacha Puetz with his salmon from our Beat M – appr. 7kg C&R

Releasing a fish – always great to see!

Below you can see the first fish Sacha caught down river on our Lundamo Beat, L1. The Beat fishes very nicely in low water. The fish always stop there in the rapids before they go further upstream, so there is always a good chance to get a take – so Sacha, waded out and landed a fresh medium sized fish.

Sacha’s fish from Beat L1 – pure silver, just beautiful.

Also our regular Shusuke Hirano is back for his week on the Gaula – after having lost a nice fish he was able to land the 2nd fish he hooked. A great fish estimated to weigh 10kg. Shusuke released the big female carefully.

A long way from Japan to fish for Atlantic Salmon – Shusuke does it every year – mostly with success as seen on this picture.

Also his fishing partner Takuo Noda was able to land 2 salmon so far this week. After having lost several fish, on Beat C1, he finally was able to catch his first Atlantic salmon. He caught another grilse the same night.

After having a good time at the Lodge to celebrate his first fish, we told him that we celebrate our first time catches with a jump from the Bridge into the Gaula. We did not have to ask twice…Takuo jumped!

Takuo is into his first salmon.

Takuo with his nice salmon from Beat C1.

Takuos fish - ready to release.

A jump for the first one! “BIG SALMONNNNN!” Well done, Takuo!

Also our first time visitor Nicolai Ellitsgaard from Denmark had a great time on our waters, in the 4 days he fished with us, he caught 4 fish, 3 grilse and a medium sized fish.

Nicolai with his medium sized fish about 4,5kg from Beat D2.

One of Nicolai’s grilse.

Also regular Andre Scholz caught a few fish and lost several more during his first week on our Beats. Typical for Andre – fishing at nights and bad quality pictures ;)

Andre’s first one…

Andre’s 2nd fish from Beat D2 at night time.

Karsten Kruhl came back just for a day of fishing – he caught a nice medium sized salmon between 4,5 and 5 kg.

Karstens’s salmon from Beat D2.

Also Enrico Cristiani and Sepp Killenseberger caught each a grilse – Sepp just lost another big fish this noon on Beat C1.

The fishing general has picked up quite a bit, not just on our Beats; this week fish are being seen and caught in much higher numbers than the preceding weeks throughout the entire river. We have also seen fish showing on the lower beats any time we have gone down there, which is a good sign for the coming days and weeks. Even though its very low and warm water the fishing is pretty good right now – and if the promised rain will fall and if the cooler temperatures come we are very optimistic for the coming week – and who knows this week is still not over – there are certainly very big fish around – since we have seen some monsters swimming slowly upstream just below our Lodge in the gin clear water…

We still have some rods available for the weeks to come – so if you think about a short notice booking, just let us know and we will try to accommodate you. You would be welcome.

Some nice fish caught after the Spate 25.07.2014
Week 29 started with a nice water level over 50m3 on the Gaulfossen. A very welcomed rain on Saturday let the water rise a bit and fish were moving again.

So it did not take long time until our fist time visitor, and winner of the lottery on the EWF fly fair in April 2014 hooked his first Atlantic salmon. Arriving Sunday – and first salmon caught on Monday morning; salmon fishing could not start any better.


Juergen with his first Atlantic salmon.

After a quick picture Jürgen released his first fish, which he estimated to weigh about 4,5kg.

Also Andre Scholz caught a few more fish. A fish about 6kg on Beat BS1 and another Grilse on Beat C1, the next fish Andre landed was on one of our free for all beats on the lower river – a great fish about 7,5kg. We actually do not know what happened to the picture, but we get used to it…at least we can see a smile of Andre and obviously a very good fish. Andre released all his salmon.

Andre with his salmon from the E-beats – approx. 7,5kg C&R

Andre’s fishing partner Heinz Jörling from Germany who fished the first time for Atlantic salmon managed to land 4 fish and lost another good fish.

The first salmon he caught weigh about 6,2kg, measuring 86cm – a great first fish, followed by 3 more grilse during the week.

Jürgen Baumann fished again Beat BS1 with success, he caught his 2nd fish as well on the same beat – a nice grilse.

Jürgen with fish number 2 – a very fresh grilse from our Beat BS1.

Releasing fish number 2 – great to see that our fishermen release almost all fish landed.

Then it was again Andre who caught another grilse and a good fish about 5,6kg in our Beat D1. Also Peter Ericson was able tot catch and release a grilse about 2,5kg.

Despite the very warm weather and low water the fishing is not really great but still quite good considering the conditions – we are seeing quite a lot of fish in all our pools and it feels that anytime you could hook a big fish – exciting is that the fish are really spread in the whole river system, anywhere you god from lower river to way up you have chances to catch a nice salmon!

During week 30 we have Bernd Kuleisa and his fishing course tenants back – usually we should get a few fish reports quite soon, the first big fish was lost already last night in Beat B2 by Helmut Bröer - hopefully the next one will be landed!

We will keep you posted.

Very low water on the Gaula – Dry fly and wet wading time! 05.09.2014
All last week has been very hot and the water level kept on dropping constantly to a very low level, even below 10m³ at the Gaulfossen. As well water temperatures went up to over 20 °C which means that salmon fishing gets very difficult. Despite these bad conditions our fishermen still caught some fish, lost several more and had some action.

Jack Rodat with a fish from Beat D1 – C&R

Jack caught this fish a couple of nights ago on Beat D1 while doing some casting from the bank. In most Pools you don’t even need any waders these days! Also our German guest and tenant from Bernd Kuleisa’s fishing course was able to catch two fish during this week.

Tobi Vetter with on of his grilse – this fish needed to be kept as it was bleeding badly.

Jürgen Baumann came back after his short trip for grayling fishing further south. He fished our E-Beats together with his wife Regina and our first time visitor Jürgen Friesenhahn. They had a good session on the lower river. Jürgen Friesenhahn caught 2 grilse and Regina was able to land her first Atlantic salmon – well done Regina. Jürgen himself got another grilse.

Juergen with his grilse from the E-Beats.

Juergen releases his fish as well as almost all fish on NFC waters.

As mentioned, the weather kept on being very hot with air temperatures over 30°C during the days and at nights over 20°C which is very unusual for Norway. These conditions make it necessary to think about different tactics! So regular guest Rolf Frischknecht from Switzerland and just fished dry fly, even on the lower Beats – with success! After a couple of decent seatrout he hooked a nice grilse – great fun on the single handed rod!

A dry-fly Grils from the E-beats!

Finally there is forecasted some rain for the coming week, honestly we need it desperately here on the Gaula and as well as most rivers in Norway. As soon it rains and the river cools down and rises we expect much improved fishing, for several reasons: we have been diving in quite a few of our pools and there are a good number of big fish that are ready to move with the next rain. As well the test net catches in the outer fjord have been very good during the last days – this means if fresh water flows into the fjord we expect that those fish would run the rivers immediately and give us some good sport for the next days and weeks. It might be very exiting and if weather and conditions are not too bad (from a salmon fisher point of view..) we will have excellent August fishing coming up this summer!

We will keep you updated.

Another low water week with some fresh fish! 05.09.2014
We experienced another week of very low water on the Gaula. The promised rain never really came. A few short showers, but nothing solid which would make the river rising. Those conditions are never good in any salmon river – but luckily we have some beats on the lower rivers which still producing fish even in the “worst salmon conditions”. For example Bernd Kuleisa’s course tenant Rüdiger Kolbe started the week well with a very good fish of about 6kg from our Beat E3, sadly the picture was not good enough to show here. He lost another fish on the next day, but his fishing partner Jürgen Hornung had more luck this day and was able to land his fish in the very same Pool.

Juergen Hornung fighting his fish on Beat E3 – a nice fish about 3,5kg – super fresh!

This low water made it very difficult to fish very hard as just a reduced number of Pools is fishing well in those extreme conditions. We had a couple of lost fish, even on sight fishing but nothing was landed for a few days until Helmut Thiery showed up with his friends just for a day of fishing! They arrived, ate dinner, went out fishing and landed 2 fresh fish within 3 hours of fishing. That’s salmon fishing – you truly never know!

Helmut Thiery with his beautiful fish from Beat D2 – about 6kg – well done Helmut!

His friend Christoph Hotteenroth landed 30 min later this fresh grilse about 3kg!

While other tried fishing hard our chef’s daughter Johanna worked on her casting – it looks she might be a guide on NFC waters in the future ;)

Johanna with a tight loop!

Nice cast and fishing dress!

NFC’s Daniel Stephan took the chance to fish some possible collaboration-water for the future – with success!

Daniel playing a good fish.

After an exiting fight finally landed – Daniel with his nice female fish about 8,5kg- C&R

The forcast still promises rain, hard to believe after being promised that for almost 2 weeks already, but hopefully this time its true! The weather radar clearly shows way more clouds and it feels like a Thunderstorm is happening any minute. We keep our fingers crossed for some heavy rain falls which would be very great and surely would offer great sport if the river would rise.

Finally some rain and some nice fish been caught! 05.09.2014
The week 32 continued the trend of very low water and challenging fishing, but finally the weather forcast was right, and we finally got some much needed rain and as soon the river rose the fish started moving and we had some action.

Fish of the week: Trond Lyngstad with his big female salmon of about 11,5kg, measuring 103cm

Some more fish have been taken, for example Attilio Vicario from Italy, who only came to fish with us for a few days, managed to land a grilse and a nice seatrout and lost two more fish.

Attilio with his grilse from our Beat L2 in Lundamo.

A few more grilse were landed by NFC’s Daniel Stephan at Beat D2, Thies Reimers and our chef Per Högvall at our Lodge Pool! Also Bernd Kuleisa caught a grilse in Beat B1. Several more fish have been lost, especially while water was rising we had action - aggressive takes while striping in flies, but as usual in these situations often the hooks are not set very well and fish easily come off, anyway its always fun to get some hook ups!

Bernd Kuleisa’s fresh Grilse from Beat B1.

Another fresh grilse – this one caught by Thies at Lodge Pool!

Daniel and Thies both lost a good fish each as well but on the next day Thies was luckier and he was able to land his next fish, this time on Beat BS1.

Well done Thies! A nice fish about 6kg from Beat BS1!

Now the water level is constantly dropping again and the river has reached 30 m³ at Gaulfossen – which is usually a great level for many of our pools to catch fish. Some our new guests of week 33 have arrived already, others will be arriving later tonight. We are looking forward to the coming days which are supposed to be cooler with some rain and clouds, it seems the “tropical Norwegian Summer” is over – not everybody might like it, but we certainly do – from a fisherman’s point of view!

We will keep you updated!

Colder air- and water temperatures and some nice fish have been caught. 05.09.2014
The air temperatures at nights have been now down to 10 °C and day temperatures did not reach often more than 20 °C. But due to just very little rainfalls the river dropped back quickly to quite low levels, so the fishing did not improve that much as we hoped, even though that the water temperature is slowly cooling down. The last rain pushed in some sea trout and new salmon and our chef Per Högvall landed a grilse about 1,5kg in beginning of last week. Our Australian guest Graham O’Neill just came for 4 days of fishing and was able to land two fish and had a few more contacts during his days on our water. His first Norwegian salmon Graham was caught on our Beat D1.

Graham with his salmon from Beat D1 – a nice female fish of about 6kg, C&R

The 2nd fish was caught on our lower Gaula Beats, a fresh fish about 3kg which had sealice. Graham released both of his fish after taking a few pictures.

A fresh salmon from the E-Beats caught by Graham O’Neill from Australia.

On Thursday evening we finally got some rain and the river rose a bit. This little rise made some fish obviously moving. It was again our chef Per Högvall who took the next 2 fish on our Beats. He fished on one of our “free for all” beats close to the Lodge and could catch and released two fish, the first one was quite fresh and he estimated the weight to be about 4kg, the 2nd one was a smaller fish, a nice grilse and luckily Per Arneberg was close by and could take a picture and a short video of the release.

A good day for Per – his 2nd of the day, a nice grilse, caught without waders…

Trond playing his “single handed” salmon.

Another good fish was caught by Trond Lyngstad who tried fishing with a single-handed rod on our Beat D2, with success: Just after fishing a short while Trond was into a nice fish.

A happy fishermen and a beautiful salmon from Beat D2 – of course released. Well done, Trond!

A couple of fish have been lost and our fishermen reported a few more takes but on Saturday no fish has been caught. The last fish of the week has been caught on Sunday midday by regular German guest Joachim Ruthmann on our Beat E1.

During the day it started raining and it is supposed to rain quite hard tomorrow, so it looks that we will get some water for the coming days. Let’s see what happens! A small flood would be great for a good back-end of the season 2014.

We will keep you updated.

A great end to the 2014 season! 09.09.2014
The final two weeks of our Gaula season have been really great! Following some good rain and a typical mid-summer flood, suddenly the fishing was as good as the Gaula is renowned for especially for this late in the season. We were able to land a lot of fish during these two weeks, many of them grilse, but also a lot of medium sized fish and as a few really big fish including our biggest fish of the season, and the 2nd biggest fish of the season (biggest fly caught) on the entire Gaula for the season, - an 18 kg (40 lbs.) salmon caught by Manfred Raguse on our Beat L2 in Lundamo on the 26th of August!!!

Manfred Raguse with his fantastic salmon – approx. 18kg, 118cm – C&R.

This huge female salmon was carefully released after Manfred masterfully played and hand-tailed the fish- a true salmon fisherman showing us all how it should be done! Manfred set up his camera before starting fishing and its all on film, he was able to capture the entire fight from the take to the landing! We are editing it a bit now and are excited to share it with all of you as soon as we have a final cut put together.

But now back to the start of the great two weeks we experienced. After the river rose quickly to over 400 m³ NFC’s Daniel Stephan and Thies Reimers seized the opportunity to do some fishing and had a fantastic evening during the flood in high water!

Daniel started the day with a 2.5 kg grilse at New Pool. Shortly after, Daniel moved onto our Lodge Pool just below the new NFC Lodge at Rogstadmoen and he caught his next fish of around 3.5 kg.

Daniel with fish nr. 1

Daniel with fish nr. 2 from our Lodge Pool.

Our intern from the United States, Andrew Wabshinak was fishing together with Daniel in Lodge Pool and after he lost a nice salmon he was able to land the next fish he hooked which was a nice sea trout of about 2 kg – his first fish on the double handed rod!

Andrew with his sea trout! Well done, Andrew!

In the meantime Thies Reimers kept on fishing New Pool and struck gold by landing 3 fish! The first one weighing in at 2 kg, the 2nd one with 3 kg and the last fish with about 8 kg!

Thies Reimers with his biggest fish of the evening – about 8kg – C&R

Concurrently our regular guest Uwe Daubenmerkel caught a good fish during that night in our Langøy Pool. A nice female salmon of about 6.5 kg!

The next day would prove to be equally as good as the day before and as we had a relatively small number of guests fishing with us that week, Daniel and Thies had some more free time to do some fishing together and again tried their luck in New Pool- one of our best high water pools. It did not take long until the first fish was hooked, landed and carefully released.

The story behind that fish was quite amusing as Daniel’s fly became stuck in the bottom, so he proceeded to walk down and loosen it with his hand and just as he was able to loosen the fly and line from the rock a fish struck his fly! This meant Daniel was left with no choice but to “hand hook” the fish on a distance of 2 meters! He was quickly able to retain pressure on the fish and get the rod back in his hands- and land a nice fish estimated to weight about 4.5 kg. Well done Daniel- landing those fish by any means necessary!

Daniel with his “hand – hooked” salmon from New Pool!

Not long after, Thies lost a huge fish in New Pool as well- unsure of whether the fish was foul-hooked or a monster- the fish took a massive run down the entire length of New Pool and as it made its way into the rapids below- the leader proved too weak to hold the massive fish. Then Daniel and Thies both moved on to other pools and Thies managed to land a grilse in Home Pool and shortly after another one further upriver at Bogen Søndre, in Black Pool. Daniel was also able to land another grilse in Lodge Pool.

Then it was time for our few guests for the week to get into some action, and longtime regular Joachim Ruthmann was able to catch his next grilse in Langøy and as well Manfred Raguse landed a grilse out of the same pool.On the next day Bernd Czerr from Germany arrived. A very experienced fisherman and who knows the Gaula well from years of fishing here. After following the weather forecast, Bernd made plans with Daniel, hoped in his car and raced up to the Gaula to take advantage of the great conditions. This proved to be a very wise decision – as on his first day Bernd was able to land 5 fish! 3 good sea trout between 1.8-2.5 kg and two grilse of 2.8 and 3.5 kg – all released.

As all guests were out taking advantage of the ideal conditions, and the lodge was quite, Daniel and Thies were able to make some casts, and again with success. This time Daniel hooked a fish on Beat L2 in Lundamo and this fish proved to be another adventure. The fish was able to use the strong current, and make its way out of our L2 beat, into our beat below, L1. But Daniel was unable to stop it there, and the fish continued to run downstream- so Daniel and Thies had to jog in hot pursuit after the fish to try to land the fish before it was able to empty Daniel’s reel! After following the fish over 600 meters along the rapids Thies managed to net the fish well below our L1 beat!

Daniel with his salmon of approx. 10 kg from Beat L2 and landed 600 meters below… ..One way to get your daily exercise!

During the evening Daniel and Thies fished Black Pool at Bogen Søndre, after loosing a couple of fish and some takes Daniel landed his next fish which he estimated to weigh around 4 kg and Thies caught a grilse on the bottom end of the beat, just above the Reppe Bridge- a spot often overlooked by both staff and guests.

Not the best picture - but a good end of the day for Thies after having lost a big fish just before!

Daniel playing his fish in Black Pool.

Daniel with his 4 kg fish during a rainy night on BS2.

That same night, our Lodge chef, Per Högvall was able to land another beautiful sea trout as well as our guide, Simon Kitcher caught a grilse of 2.8 kg in New Pool. August has also proven to be a great time for more substantial sea trout that in years past here on the Gaula- with fish regularly between 1-3 kgs.

The day has been also great for guests Kristian Ericson and Jon Eivind Schotte – Krisitian managed to catch and release 1 sea trout and 2 grilse, and Jon Eivind caught a good fish of around 8 kg in Langøy.

The following day it was time for long-time Gaula fisherman Bernd Czerr to strike again! Before breakfast in the morning he drove to Black Pool at Bogen Søndre and hooked and landed a superb salmon of 11.6 kg with a length of 105 cm! Bernd released the big fish and after recharging his fishing batteries with a good breakfast at the lodge, drove down to Kvål to fish our E-beats and caught a fresh fish of about 4 kg. Guide, Simon Kitcher fished New Pool again and caught a fish of 3 kg, and Thies Reimers lost a big fish in Tilseth Pool and landed another grilse later on.

The next morning Taki Alvanos and Thomas Mahnke from Germany arrived. Not wasting any time – they tackled up, drove to Road Pool at Bogen Søndre and Taki was able to land his first fish just after 2 hours of fishing!

Taki with his first fish of his trip - approx. 6.5 kg – C&R

Several more fish were lost that day by Thies, Daniel and Bernd but although nothing else was landed that day- fish were still in a good taking mood. Already the next morning started well with a grilse for Joachim Ruthmann out of Home Pool and another nice fish of 4 kg during the evening. Then it was again Uwe Daubenmerkel who could land his next salmon out of Beat B1– it seems Uwe enjoys fishing Langøy- as he was able to land two good fish within 3 days out of that pool! Well done, Uwe!

Uwe with his salmon of approx. 6.5 kg from Beat B1.

Also Thomas Mahnke landed his first Gaula fish, in the form of 2 good sea trout of 1.5 and 2.5 kg. On Beat L2 in Lundamo German regular guest Erwin Tibad caught a good fish of approximately 6.5 kg.

Erwin with his nice fish from Beat L2 – approx. 6.5 kg.

Also Taki Alvanos caught his next fish, this time just below our Lodge at the Grana Bridge – a good and fresh grilse about 3.5 kg- great to see fresh fish caught so late in the season!

In the meantime the water continued to drop down to a normal water level and fishing techniques had to be adapted back to summer tactics and smaller flies. The good thing after the flood was that the water temperature drastically dropped so that fish still seemed interested in some of our flies- as opposed to the weeks prior when we the water temperature was way over 20°C! We still had a good water flow, and the visibility continued to increase.

The next day was the day of Manfred’s big fish – as mentioned on top of the page, he was able to hook and land an 18 kg salmon on Beat L2! What a fish – this big female salmon will hopefully produce a lot of big Gaula salmon for the future! We will be publishing the video very soon in our next update; it is great to see how Manfred hooked, played and landed this big fish, just wait and see!

But that wasn’t the only fish caught that day. Joachim Ruthmann was able to land his next fish, again on Beat A2, this time about 4.5 kg.

Joachim Ruthmann with his salmon from A2.

As well as Bernd Czerr, who landed another good grilse on Beat BS1. The next day Uwe Daubenmerkel fished Beat D1. After loosing a fish, and taking a quick “dip in the river” to cool off- Uwe changed his clothes, drove back to the pool and caught another fish this time about 6.5 kg!

The next day was good day again for Taki Alvanos who managed to land a good fish of about 9 kg as well as Thomas who landed a nice fish of 4.5 kg during their session on Langøy.

Taki with his great fish from Beat B1 – approx. 9 kg – C&R.

Thomas with his salmon of 4.5 kg.

Our first time visitor Allan Matthews, who just arrived and came to fish for the last 3 days of the season, was able to land 2 fish. Our chef Per Högvall, had spotted a good fish of about 9 kg directly in from of the Lodge. The fish came up several times before Per was able to motivate Allan to try some casts for that fish. The fish took the fly and a few minutes later Allan landed a great fish about 9 kg! The following day Allan was also able to land a grilse in Junction Pool.

Allan hooked his fish at the Lodge.

Andrew netting Allan’s fish in front of our Lodge.

Allan with his great fish of about 9 kg!

The last two days of the season were a bit slower than the days before but still a few nice fish were caught and several good ones lost. Manfred Raguse and Thomas Mahnke caught grilse, as well as numerous good sizes sea trout were caught as well. Taki landed the last salmon of the season on Beat BS1 of about 4.5 kg.

Now the season is over and we are very glad that the season ended with two last great weeks! The fishing has been rather tough throughout the season, but it seems that this may have been caused by low water levels and the hot temperatures (the water temperature for more than 4 weeks over 20°C and air temperatures - unusual high for Norway – was for long periods close to 30°C!) as the last two weeks clearly showed that there were actually a lot of fish in the river and they suddenly started to wake up again! We are now in the process of packing up here and will be leaving the Gaula with a good feeling as we saw the river back to how we expect it is supposed to be, and known for – with great fishing! This means that there will certainly be a great number of fish for spawning so we are already looking forward to the next season!

We will be posting in a few days time some more pictures of our new Lodge which came together in late May, and has been working out great for the summer. We hope you all enjoyed the new accommodations and hope to see more of you staying with us at the NFC Lodge at Rogstadmoen next summer. We will also finish a season recap with some more details of the fishing season and of course with Manfred’s big fish video! We wanted to keep you updated for now on how the fishing has been here now the last two weeks – we really had a great time! Thanks to everyone participating and helping out! Thank you all for a wonderful season and we hope to see many of you back again here next year!

We will keep you posted, and don’t hesitate to contact us in the off-season.