Season 2015 On The Gaula
Good season start on the Gaula! 04.06.2015

Jean Luc with his first salmon of the season 2015 from the NFC Beats.

In April everything looked perfect for the start of the season on the 1st June on Gaula, but during May conditions changed for the worse. The weather was not what we were hoping for, beeing the wettest May in 40 years and the coldest in 28 years. You would have to go back 53 years to find a year with lower maximum temperatures! There is still quite a lot of snow left in the mountains and it actually snowed the day before opening day.

The season started on the Gaula as usual on the 1st June at midnight and the river was pretty high after a lot of heavy rain. The water level came up from 208 m³/sec. the day before and rose to 360m³/sec. on the first day. The water temperature was only 5°C. So our group of regular rods who love the challenge of early spring fishing and also some new rods were facing a bit of a challenge. The weather i n Troendelag is always coming up with surprise s! Anyway, the first officially reported fish on the river weighed 8,5kg (near 19 lb) and was caught by Torgeir Lunde and on the NFC Beats we did not have to wait long for our first fish. Our regular guest Jean Luc Verstraeten was fortunate to land the first NFC fish of the season at 5 oclock in the morning on our Beat L1. He was fishing a weighted tube fly in a very slow manner. His fish was almost one meter long and weighed 8,5kg (near 19 lb).

Than at noon it was our regular guest Olivier Plasseraud who caught his first salmon of the 2015 season on our Beat L1. His fish was 97 cm long and weighed approx. 9kg / almost 20 lb. After a few pictures Olivier released his fish carefully.

Olivier Plasseraud with his salmon, estimated to weigh approx. 9kg.

Olivier released his salmon carefully.

During the afternoon of the first day it was Marc Henjum from the USA, who caught the third salmon of the season on our beat E2. His fish measured 93 cm and weighed 7,0kg. The fish was bleeding badly, so he was not able to release it.

Marc is playing his first Atlantic salmon of his life!

93 cm and 7,0kg, a dream came true!

This was a good season start and we are sure to be able to show you some more catches soon.

The meterorologists expect difficult weather conditions in Norway until the middle of June, but then the weather should get better and the warmer temperatures no doubt will influence the fishing in a positive way. As we have far more snow than last year, we should get good water levels for a while and whilst the cold and wet conditions are not ideal for the early season, better conditions in late June and the later part of the season certainly will provide som good fishing.

If you would like to use the chance to fish with us during this season, please contact us by email or phone ++47-91393498, we still have a few rods vacant during this summer!

Next salmon landed on the NFC Beats 07.06.2015

Jean-Luc Verstraeten with his superb salmon from Beat E2 – 11, 5kg C&R

Although the conditions are challenging due to very cold water temperatures of about 4-5 °C and quite high water levels, our fishermen have been hooking fish and lines have been tight! First, we wanted to jump back to the 1st day, as promised, to show the pictures of Marc Henjum’s fantastic first Atlantic salmon he caught on Beat E2. Marc came over to Norway for a reunion with some of his relatives living here and made a stop on the Gaula to fish for 3 days with us and this was his first time fishing for Atlantic salmon! It did not take long, even with the tough early season conditions, to get into his first fish! On the evening of the first of June Marc was able to land a nice 7kg salmon – congratulations Marc!

The 2nd day of the season was a slower day on the river and therefore the fishing too. It was freezing during the night and the water temperature dropped quite a bit, which seemed to put the fish off a bit. On the 3rd day heavy rainfall persisted, causing the river to rise. NFC’s general manager lost a good fish, shortly before landing, after 15 min fight on Beat E1.

The following night was a bit warmer, (still at a max of 8°C during the day time at the moment), and the water dropped to better level for our Beats on the lower Gaula.

At about 13.30h Bruno Fioramonti hooked a good fish, but sadly also this fish came off after a 10 minute fight. We expect to see warmer weather and less rain in the coming week, which will have a positive impact on the fishing as we move towards what we hope to be an incredible summer of fishing!

Bruno fishing his fish, sadly it came off….

Jean-Luc just about to land his 2nd salmon in 4 days…not bad for the first week of the season!

What a fish!! And clearly to see, a happy angler!

Jean- Luc releases his salmon – an end of a perfect day!

Generally the catches are promising by looking on the whole river and less rods fishing the river, which might be caused on the new fishing rules - that all salmon over 100cm have to be released (which NFC absolutely support) . There have been good catches on the Gaulfossen Pool and also on other places on the lower river, so we are just waiting the water level to drop hopefully down to a level which makes it possible for fish to pass the Gaulfossen soon, so that next week we can fish harder on the beats above the Gaulfoss – but, today Enrico saw on his way down river someone playing a fish in the Støren area – which means that there maybe are already more fish than we have thought….we will find out and keep you posted!

A productive day on the lower Gaula 07.06.2015
On Friday the sun came out for the first time as the weather improved and the water temperature went up to 7,1°C in the evening.

Manfred Raguse with his 1st. salmon, measuring 101 cm and weighing approx. 11kg/ 24 ¾ lb.

Manfred Raguse decided to fish our Beat E2 on Friday and after a short period his decision paid off with a vengeance. As the day progressed it became obvious that it was going to be a truly magical day. Manfred ended up landing and releasing 4 salmon between 11:15 am. and 5 pm. The fish meassured 101, 97, 94 and 89 cm.

He estimated the weight of the fish, which were fresh run and covered with long tailed sea lice to be 11, 9.5, 8,5 and 7 kg or resp. 24 ¾, 21, 18 ¾ and 15 1/2 lb.. All fish were released carefully. As usual at this time of the year, Manfred was using his 15ft. Helios rod, an Orvis salmon reel and a heavy sinking line. He caught all fish on Fulling Mill salmon tube flies. The landing of the fish (except one, as Terry was playing a fish on his own rod simultaneously) was filmed by Gaula veteran Terry Oldfield and we will put the videos online on this website over the next few days (if you do not want to wait, Take a look at the video that shows the largest Gaula salmon being caught on fly last season:

It will join its mates on the upstream migration soon.

2nd. fish: caught at 11:45 in E2: 94cm, approx 8,5kg/ 18 ¾ lb.

Manfred is playing one of his 4 fish from our Beat E2.

The average weight of these bright freshrun Gaula salmon is at the moment 8,2 kg. Over the last few days
some really big fish were caught (18,0 kg, 17,9 kg, 17,0 kg) and the average weight of the 10 largest fish caught on the Gaula this season is at the moment 14,6kg. This is a very impressive average weight and it will definitely go up during the next few days!

3rd. fish: caught at 14:30 in E2: length 89cm, weighing approx. 7kg/ 15 ½ lb.

4. fish: caught at 17:00 in E2: length 97 cm, weighing approx. 9,5kg/ 21lb.

Also Terry Oldfield and Olivier Plasseraud, who fished together with Manfred our Beats E1 and E2 hooked one salmon each, sadly both salmon were lost during the fight.

Terry und Olivier saw several fish jumping in Ovre Statshoelen (E2) – the first ones this year. Consequently Olivier reeled in and went upstream to fish for the jumping fish. Right away a large fish took his fly and a hell of a battle began. Unfortunately the fish was lost after approx. 10 minutes.

Terry Oldfield taking a closer look at a Fulling Mill tube fly.

It looks like conditions are improving for the fly now. The air temperature rose to 17°C and also the water temperature increased to 7 °C in the afternoon. It rained a lot yesterday evening and over night so the water
went up to 463 m³/sec and is now dropping again. Because of the rain a lot of the snow will have melted
and if everything goes well, we may be able to catch the first fish above the Gaulfossen in the coming week.

In problematic weather conditions like these, beats above Gaulfossen can be fishless for several weeks after the start of the season and the high quality of our water, which is a combination of beats below and above Gaulfossen, gives us access to parts of the lower beats at any time, either in rotation or on our “free for all” water. In this way the angler is sure to fish water that holds fish at any time, even in a worst case scenario.

Our expectations for large salmon (7 kg/ 15 lb. and more) this season are quite high, because last season more medium sized salmon (1.446) were caught than in the last two years (2012: 1.313, 2013: 990). This indicates that the survival rate of this years class must have been quite good. Also the large number of grilse caught last year gives us hope for the 2015 season, with a good number of medium sized salmon weighing between 5 kg/ 11 lb and 6,5 kg/ 14 lb. As an indication of a good survival rate for this year’s 2 seawinter fish we can take the grilse catch last season, which consisted of 1.311 reported grilse, which was much higher than recent years: On the Gaula 511 grilse were caught in 2011; 426 grilse in 2012 and 737 were caught in 2013.

If you would like to fish with us on the Gaula please contact us by phone or email. We have a few rods vacant over the next few weeks and you are very welcome to join us. Please contact us for the new price list. You will be pleasantly surprised as it is now very affordable to fish on the NFC Beats. The Norwegian Krona is still weak, so everyone who pays in Euro or GBP will save a lot of money compared to previous years. Why not take this opportunity to connect with one of the Gaula monsters!

A challenging start to week 24 makes way for a strong end! 16.06.2015
The week started off with high water levels again. The water rose up to 460 m³, which made the first days very tough. On Tuesday Peter Ericson caught the first fish of the week on Beat E2. Peter fished the Beat during a break from guiding. Peter decided to try it with a Banana tube fly – which proved to be a good decision.

Peter is fighting his fish.

Peter holds his nice fish of about 7,5kg weight.

Obviously released in good condition. Nice to see them go!

Sadly it kept on raining and the water level dropped very slowly but regardless, our regular Roland Puff managed to catch a nice fish on Beat E2. This fish was bleeding, so there was no point in trying to release the fish, but anyhow, a great fish!

Roland into his first salmon of the week – they are strong!

Roland with salmon Nr 1. for him – weighing 7,5kg.

Finally the water started dropping quicker and the river reached a water level around 250m³ and lower, which is a perfect level for our Beat L1. NFC’s Daniel fished the beat during a free evening and was able to land his first salmon of the season 2015.

Daniel with a fresh and sea-liced salmon about 7kg.

Daniel about to release Nr. 1!

The next day was gearing up to be a great one, water kept on dropping and our fishermen hooked quite a few fish and some nice fish were landed as well!

The first fish of the day was hooked by Scott Jacobs, an American guest who just came by for a day of fishing. He fished Beat E1 and hooked a good fish under the powerlines, which sadly came off after a good fight.

Manfred Raguse fished at the same time Beat L1, and basically and the same spot as Daniel the day before he hooked his salmon. A short time later he landed a good fish as you can see below.

Manfred and his fish from Beat L1 of about 8kg.

Manfred Raguse releases Nr. 1 of the day…

But Manfred somehow seems to be on the lucky side this season, after his fish on Beat L1 he drove down to Beat E2 and on his first pass through he hooked a superb salmon. Manfred was able to land a beautiful fish of about 9kg!

What a fat and nice fish! Well done Manfred!

The fishing did not end quite yet for Manfred that day! So he did it again, he landed his 3rd fish of the day - unbelievable! Manfred’s 3rd fish was estimated to weigh about 7kg. All of his fish were released.

Manfred and Nr. 3 – what a day!

While Manfred was fighting his fish Roland Puff was into action again and caught his 2nd fish for the week, this one was caught and released on Beat E3.

Roland in action on Beat E3 (with the sun shinning – a rare happening these days..).

A stunning fish – estimated to weigh 9kg – but it might be even heavier. Congrats Roland!

During the evening Scott Jacobs had Beat E2 on the schedule, which seem to be the best Pool this season so far for NFC. With a lot of confidence Scott went fishing and on his first pass he was into a fish again. Shortly before landing the fly popped out and the fish was “long line released”. But Scott said I will go in and catch another one – and so he did! He hooked his 3rd fish of the day, meaning in 2 days, and his first time on the Gaula, fishing with a 15ft rod- he hooked 3 big June salmon -not a bad start! This time Scott landed his first Gaula salmon, a very nice fish of about 7kg.

Scott “on fire” last night on the E-Beats.

Scott still fighting his salmon on Beat E2 with his guide Peter.

What a beautiful silver fish and clearly to see a very happy Angler! Well done Scott!

Scott released his fish and we have the feeling he will return to the Gaula soon!

The scientific test net catches some days ago have been very good and the dropping water gives us hope that the fish will finally be able to pass Gaulfossen in the next few days. Week 24 is over soon and considering the conditions it was a good week. Also the general river catches in the lower river below Gaulfossen are still good and getting even better now, as well some big fish up to 18kg have been caught lately! We believe as soon the water drops just another 30 m³, which could happen during the next 24 to 48 hours the fish may start passing the rapids and then we are expecting great fishing on our beats around Støren and Rognes as well.

Today our new fishermen arrive, some well known faces and good fishing rods – so if there are fish to catch we should get some new fish into our books this coming week!

If you would like to fish with us on the Gaula please contact us by phone or email. We have a few rods vacant over the next few weeks and you are very welcome to join us. Please contact us for the new price list. You will be pleasantly surprised as it is now very affordable to fish on the NFC Beats. The Norwegian Krona is still weak, so everyone who pays in Euro or GBP will save a lot of money compared to previous years. Why not take this opportunity to connect with one of the Gaula monsters!

We will keep you updated!

Another week of high water with some awesome fish caught! 23.06.2015
Week 25 was again characterized by pretty high and cold water. Water levels have been coming down allowing the fish to pass the Gaulfossen, however the average water level over the week was still high. The lower Gaula produced some good fish, and Beat E2 was again the place to be in week 25.

Our Norwegian guest Kenneth Gundersen getting some action on E2.

Kenneth with the first fish of the week – approx. 7,5kg.

Thies Reimers also caught a nice fish on Beat E2 on the same day. Thies fished the top of E2 which fished perfectly and right there where he thought a fish should take the fly – it happened. A short time later Thies landed a beautiful salmon, which he estimated to weigh about 9,5 kg.

Thies and his perfect salmon – congrats Thies!

In addition, some of the other lower Beats fished well – for example Beat E1a. The water dropped a bit during the next day so it was possible to try some new places for the first time this season. Peter wanted to test if it was possible to fish from the Island on E1a, it was a good decision – he certainly will try again after hooking the fish below and experiencing a great fight in hard current.

Peter Ericson with a fantastic fish – short and fat – approx 9kg.

On the next day Kenneth Gunderson had Beat E2 in his rotation schedule together with his Norwegian friends Jon Anders and Jostein. Jon Anders lost a fish and Kenneth landed the first medium sized salmon on our beats.

Kenneth with his 2nd fish of the week - measuring 72cm.

Jon Anders lost a nice fish after a short while however, Jostein finally landed himself a salmon after losing the fish before.

Jostein releasing his salmon of about 7kg.

Per Arneberg fished Beat L2 during noontime of the next day. The water dropped quite a bit and he was able to wade the lower part of the Pool and could fish the nice “V,” (the tail out of the Beat.) The V is a place where fish just have to pass by on the way upstream – obviously a great spot. Per had a pull on his first round through the Pool, on the 2nd round, he hooked and landed a great fish , estimated to weigh about 9,5kg.

Per Arneberg and his nice fish, measuring 96cm.

During the evening Per and Thies fished together Beat E2 and this Beat has been fishing very well this season and again it produced fish. Thies got his 2nd fish, not as big as the first one but weighing about 8kg – a fantastic fish.

Thies with fish Nr 2. for him for the week.

Our regular guest Karsten Kruhl arrived during Thursday and Friday by noon he already landed his first salmon – again on Beat E2.

Karsten with his first salmon during his short trip to our Beats – this one weighed 7,2kg.

On Saturday we had a couple of lost fish but nothing was landed. Sunday morning was much better and 3 fish were landed before noon on Beat E2.

The first one was caught by Wolfgang Spaete, sadly we do not have a picture as he fished alone. The 2nd fish of the day was caught by Manfred Raguse, who seems to keep on catching fish constantly this season. Manfred’s estimated his 8th fish of the season to weigh about 7kg.

Manfred and his nice fish from the early morning from Beat E2.

The week ended with another fish for Karsten Kruhl. Karsten’s 2nd fish was a bit bigger than the first one and weighed about 8,5kg. It was a very effective short stay for Karsten, catching 2 salmon in 3 and a half days of fishing.

Karsten is about to pull fish number 2 into the net.

Karsten with a bright and fat fish – approx 8,5kg.

The past week has been excellent considering the high water conditions. Since Tuesday, the water finally dropped enough so the fish were able to pass Gaulfossen and they are starting to show in many of our Pools above the waterfall and the first catch reports above the rapids are coming in. We are confident that this current week will produce fish above Gaulfossen and that we will continue to catch fish in Beat E2 and the other lower Beats.

We will keep you updated.

Good Fishing on the NFC Beats both below and above Gaulfossen! 05.07.2015
Week 26 turned out to be good week on NFC waters. A great group of American anglers visited us for the first time and we were able to land some nice salmon included some big and fat fish! So far this season each week seems to start off with high water - and so did this past week as well. Sunday started off quite slowly - but Monday, the “ice broke” as the first fish of the week were landed. The fish-catching started of at Beat L1 in Lundamo, where John Hoagland was able to catch and release his first Gaula salmon!

John, bringing his fish to the net.

John Hoagland with a fresh fish from Beat L1.

Justin Miller, from the travel department of The Fly Shop out of Redding, California, was another one of the guests fishing with us this week, and it did not take long until he hooked up with his first Gaula salmon! Again E2 produced a nice fish! Justin’s first Gaula salmon weighed approxiamtely 8kg.

On Tuesday the fishing continued to improve. In the early morning Phil Monahan started the day with a good fish on Beat BS1 (above Gaulfossen). Phil estimated his salmon to weigh about 9kg.

Phil Monahan with his fish from BS1 – approx. 9kg.

Bogen Søndre (BS) seemed to be the place to be that day. Just a few hours later, photographer and NFC regular, Matt Harris landed a fantastic fish in the same pool. Matt’s fish weighed in at about 11kg - and was also the biggest fish of the week.

Matt Harris with his big female salmon – well done Matt!

Also on the beat below, BS2,we were able to land one great fish that day. Once again, Justin Miller was able to land his 2nd fish in 2.5 days of fishing. A good start to fishing the Gaula. Justin’s 2nd salmon was estimated to weigh about 9kg and he said it was a great fight!

Paul Weibe, who had earlier in the week landed a fish, caught another medium sized salmon on Beat E2 – sea-liced and super fresh!

A happy angler with his first Gaula silver – congrats Paul!

Dmitry Dolzdov, Loop ambassador to Russia, who was here filming with us (footage to come later this summer!) was also able to land a medium sized fish on the same beat a bit later on the same day.

Dmitry with his fish from Beat E2.

After quite a few novice salmon anglers had already landed fish, we celebrated with our “post-midsummer night” party down at the E-Beat with all guests with a big Bonfire.

Blazing up the fire!

Beers and BBQ on the lower Gaula.

The next day was a good day for Taylor Edrington of Royal Gorge Anglers, in Colorado. After loosing one good fish on the E-Beats, Taylor was finally able to land his next fish in Beat E3 – a silver beauty of about 9kg.

Taylor Edrington with a perfect salmon from Beat E3.

Also John Bleh had a great session at Langøy (Beat B1) in the Støren area. He caught 2 fish during the morning session, the first 1 was a smaller salmon of approx. 4kg, the 2nd one double the size!

John with one of his two fish.

John releases his fish – a great fish and a great shot!

In the evening it was again Taylor who was able to land a cracking fish on the very same beat - even bigger than his fish from the day before. Taylor’s fish managed to run out of the pool (B1) and was landed in Renna (B2)- the beat below! Gaula salmon are strong this season…

Taylor and his cracking fish! Absolutely stunning! Well done, Taylor!

Also Mortan Carlsen caught a fish of about 7kg on Beat E2 and John Bleh landed his next salmon of about 7kg, this time from Beat L1.

Regular guest, and long-time NFC friend, Andreas Grass from Germany was able to land a big fish on Beat BS2 during the night - really fat fish measuring 98cm.

Andreas with a nice fish from Beat BS2.

Andreas releasing his great fish. Always nice to see them go again.

NFC’s Daniel Stephan took a break from work at the Lodge and managed to catch a good fish on Beat L2.

Daniel is into a fish on Beat L2.

Daniel and his fish from Beat L2 – weighing 9kg.

The week ended with two good salmon; one for Alessio Farloni of Italy, during the night from Saturday to Sunday on Beat E2, which weighed approx.8kg; and another one for Matt Harris on Sunday afternoon on Beat B1.

Matt’s 2nd fish during his stay – about 8kg from Beat B1.

It has been a good week and its great to see that a good number of fish have been caught above the Gaulfossen rapids now. So now we can fish now the whole river which is a lot more fun than just concentrate on the lower beats. Two day ago also the 2nd fish over 20kg has been landed in the Lundamo-area. So some really big fish are around this summer!

Not to forget: Justin Miller and fish Nr. 1

...and Nr. 2: Justin together with Guide Simon Kitcher.

Week 27 has just started and it’s supposed to be a good one!

Attention: From mid/end of July we still have some vacancies and this could be a great time to come. Its does not look like will experience low water any time soon – so if you are interested, just get in touch!

We will keep you updated.

A great week with lots of fish landed and happy fishermen & fisherwomen! 17.07.2015
Week 28 turned out to be the best week of the season so far. We have experienced Gaula fishing at its best and our fishermen and women seem to have had a great time. The week’s conditions started off with relatively cold weather and still high water, but this did not affect fishing negatively. Rather, we were able to land fish in almost all of our beats! Andre Scholz started the week with a salmon from our Railway Pool weighing about 8,5kg. On the next day he caught the next 2 fish to write in our books, a grilse and another good fish of 7,2kg on our beat BS1.

Andre with his nice fresh fish from BS1.

Next it was our German guest, Stefan Ludwig, who was able to land his first Gaula salmon on B1. He estimated to weigh the fish about 7kg

Stefan with his first Gaula salmon – congratulation Stefan!

Timo Järvinen from Sweden had a go at our Lodge Pool- with great results. A nice fresh fish, which he estimated to weigh about 6kg (but it looks bigger)! Anyway, a great fish!

Timo Järvinen with his fish from our Lodge Pool.

During the week we had big group of French fishermen- and women as guests in our lodge. They had a good time and all caught fish. Francois Deloup and Fabrice Bergues had an excellent day on the Beats BS2 and BS1. Fabrice started the day with an approx. 5,5kg fish on BS2, Francois was also fishing BS2, and was able to land two good fish of 5,5 and 8kg. During the evening session they caught even more fish, Francois with another salmon of about 5kg and Fabrice with a big fish of 101cm and about 10kg weight! What a day!

Fabrice with his big fish from A1 – approx. 10kg.

Also Manfred Raguse caught a fish on that day on BS2 weighing about 6,5kg and regular Japanese guest Shusuke Hirano had a fish of about 6kg on Beat B1.

Another member of the French group, Fredric Andre was able to land a nice fish of about 6,5kg at Langøy (Beat B1).

Fredric landing his fish on B1.

Fredric with his fish of 6,5kg in the lower part of B1.

The next day started with another fish for Francois Deloup with great gillie/guide help of his wife Sophie down here on our Lodge Pool. They estimated to weigh the fish about 5kg.

Sophie Deloup with their “team work” salmon from our Lodge Pool.

Shusuke Hirano also caught a fish on our Beat E2 of about 7kg and David Parkiet had a great fish on BS2. David’s fish was estimated to weigh about 10kg and measured 101cm.

David with his superb salmon from BS2 – 10kg.

Then it was Christoph Mathey who was able to hook up and land a 9kg salmon on B1.

On Beat B2 Andre Scholz landed a 9,5kg salmon. As well as two more grisle were also landed by Christoph Mathey and Paul Nichols. Timo Järvinen was able to land his next salmon on B1 weighing about 5kg.

Timo with his 2nd fish of the week from Beat B1.

The early morning of the next day should be a good one for Heinzi Jörling on Beat BS1. He caught a nice fresh fish of about 6kg on Beat BS1.

Heinzi Jörling with his fish from BS1.

Francois Deloup was successful again at Lodge Pool and caught another salmon of about 8kg. Fabrice was also successful again with a good grilse of 3kg as well as Manfred Raguse who managed another fish on BS1 of about 8,5kg.

David Parkiet had a good day and caught two fish at Langøy (B1). The first fish was a good fish of about 7kg and the 2nd one was a good grilse of 3kg.

Jean-Luc Pouillen was able to catch and release a 5,5kg salmon from New Pool (Beat A1). Again Francois Deloup was able to catch another fish- this time from beat E1, approximately 7,5kg. Also Andre Scholz caught two more fish. On Beat A1 he caught a fish of about 6,5kg and on BS1 he was able to catch and release a fish of about 7kg.

Andre with a bent rod – shortly before landing his salmon on BS1.

Andre with his salmon of about 7kg.

Shortly after, David Parkiet fished Beat BS1 and caught his next fish weighing about 8kg.

David with his next fish – this time it was BS1 and a about 8kg fish.

Francois Deloup seemed to be on fire this week- and caught his next two salmon on Beat A1. 5 and 6,5kg during the afternoon session!

Francois with his 5kg fish.

Francois Deloup and his fish of 6,5kg from A1.

Christoph Mathey caught a fish of about 5kg on Beat B1 and Natalie Reveillac caught a fish of 4,3kg on Beat BS1.

Natalie with her salmon from BS1!

NFC’s Daniel Stephan was able to get out fishing after work, and accompanied Andre to Beat L1. It was Daniel’s birthday (which he likes to keep quite and hopefully do some fishing on!) and after fishing every birthday for the last 10 years working at NFC, without a birthday fish- this was the year!! On the 2nd run through the top channel at L1- he hooked a fish. After a short but good fight Daniel landed his first birthday-salmon of about 6kg!

Daniel into his fish on Beat L1.

Daniel with his salmon of about 6kg from Beat L1.

Andre and Daniel continued fishing but not much happened anymore so Andre decided to head back home. Daniel said he would make one more round. Just after Daniel started fishing, he called Andre to tell him that he should turn back to help him as he was into his next salmon and it felt big – and it was! After about 20 min Daniel managed to land our biggest salmon of the season so far, measuring 112cm and estimated to weigh about 14,5kg - What a birthday!

Congratulations Daniel- and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Daniel and his big birthday-fish – about 14,5kg!

The next day was a bit slower as the water temperature cooled down quite a bit. But Fredric Andre was able to catch a nice fish on Beat BS2 of about 6kg.

A nice shot: Fredric’s fish forced into the shallow water.

Fredric Andre with his fish from BS2.

The last fish of the week was a grilse caught by Jean-Luc Poullien.

We are really glad to say that we had a fantastic week of fishing and due to the upcoming weather forecast and the net-catches of the science netting in the outer Trondheim Fjord which continue to be full of fish and the amount of fresh fish we caught and see in the river, we believe the great fishing will continue! We are looking very much forward to the weeks to come – already week 29 started with another great fish last night – reports will follow!

Another great week on the NFC Beats 30.07.2015
Week 29 started off a bit slower than the week before, but we still experienced another exiting fishing including some very big fish! For example, this big fish of about 13,5kg which was landed below our Lodge by "Big" Per Arneberg (at the age of 84!).

The Per Arneberg’s (junior and senior) with the big female fish of 13,5kg.

The week actually started off with 3 fish for Fabrice Bergues, at the bridge below the Lodge. The first one he estimated to weigh about 9kg by measuring 96cm. On the next morning he got two more fish of about 6 and 5kg in the same spot.

Fabrice landing his big fish on Sunday night, below the Bridge.

Fabrice Bergues with his salmon of about 9kg from “Grana Bridge”.

Also Ernie McFadzen, regular guest from Canada caught a good fish in the same spot, weighing about 7kg on the same day.

Per Arneberg and Daniel Stephan fished Beat BS2 on the next morning and Per hooked a fresh and sea-liced salmon between 5 and 6 kg and was able to land it shortly there after.

Per’s fish just about to be landed…

Fabrice fighting on Bua Bridge Pool…

Fabrice with his Bua salmon – what a nice fish! Well done, Fabrice!

The next day it was again Ernie McFadzen who started the day with fish from the “Grana Bridge Pool” weighing about 7kg. His fishing partner Greg Dixon was successful on our Lodge Pool and caught a fish about 8kg. The water was rising quickly that day due to heavy rain falls and several more fish have been hooked but came off. But Andre Scholz managed to land three of his 4 hooked salmon on New Pool that night and he caught a seatrout of about 2kg as well.

Andre Scholz with his first fish of the session – this one weighing about 8,5kg.

Nr 2. of the night session – about 5kg.

Nr. 3 of about 7,5kg – A great session for Andre on Beat A1!

On the next morning Stefano Mantegazza was able to land a fish on Beat BS2 weighing about 5kg and NFC’s Daniel Stephan landed a good fish of about 7,5kg on Beat B1.

Our Scottish regulars “the Lyons” - Stuart, Kirk and Blaine had a fantastic morning session. All 3 landed a fish – which means that 3 generation, grandfather, father and son landed each a fish within a few hours! That has probably not happened often before on the Gaula – what a great experience!

Kirk Lyon into the fist fish of the “3 generation day”.

Kirk Lyon with his salmon, weighing 6,5kg.

Blaine Lyon (13 years old) with his fish from New Pool – well done Blaine!!!

Stuart Lyon in the middle with his salmon caught shortly after Blaine’s salmon – about 7kg.

Peter Ericson caught another grilse and Manfred Raguse was able to land a nice fish on Beat BS1 Measuring 96cm.

Manfred fighting his fish on BS1.

Manfred Raguse with his salmon of about 8,5kg from BS1.

Fabrice Bergues caught another fish on Beat D1, weighing about 5 to 6kg. The last day of the week was again a great day with several landed fish, for example Stefano Mantegazza’s nice salmon from BS1.

Stefano into his fish on Beat BS1.

Stefano and his salmon from BS1 – approx. 8kg – a very nice male fish!

Also Trond Lyngstad was able to land a great fish below the Grana Bridge, a good fish of about 10kg. Simon Kitcher landed a grilse on Beat BS2, Hartmut and Lutz Schuhmacher caught each a fish. Hartmut landed a good fish of about 5kg on Beat B1 and Lutz a grilse on Beat E2. On Sunday, our guide Peter Ericson had a good day and landed two good fish, first a nice one on Beat A1 of about 6kg and last fish of the week was a big fish of about 11,5kg measuring 105cm – what a great end of a Gaula fishing week!

The water level is dropping now constantly and we might for the first time this season have “classic Gaula summer water level”, which should be very interesting and exiting for the fishing!

We will keep you updated!

A week with changing water conditions and some very good fish! 02.08.2015
The fishing last week was characterized by non-stop changing water levels, which meant the fishing was not always easy as the salmon never really seemed to settle down into the pools and did not take the fly aggressively.

Nevertheless, we experienced another good week with some very nice fish caught on our beats, as well as grilse, which have begun to show up in bigger numbers. Markus Leukhardt started the week on Beat D1 with a good fish between 8,5 and 9kg, measuring 98cm.

Markus with his nice salmon from Beat D1.

Also Peter Ericson caught a nice fish on our Lodge Pool that evening, which he estimated to weigh about 9kg.

Our German regular guest Lutz Schuhmacher caught a fish of 70cm on Beat BS1 on the next morning.

Lutz with his fish from BS1.

Also Bernd Kuleisa’s course guest Tobi Vetter had good day and was able to land 2 fish! A grilse on Beat B2 and a nice fish of about 5,5kg on Beat D1.

Tobi Vetter with his 2nd fish of the day.

NFC’s Daniel Stephan also caught 2 grilse and another good fish of 6,5kg, while fishing before and after his shifts at the lodge. Two more grilse were caught by Bernd Kuleisa and Peter Ericson. Also, long-time regular, and NFC friend, Johannes Kahrs has been visiting us for a couple of days and caught a grilse and another fish of about 4,5kg.

Johannes hooked his fish on Beat A1.

Johannes with his fish of about 4,5kg.

The next 24 hours were a great time for Hartmut Schuhmacher, as he managed to land two nice salmon! The first fish was landed in the evening on Beat E2 in the lower Gaula.

Hartmut with his fresh and sea-liced salmon from Beat E2 – approx. 6,5kg.

The 2nd fish he landed on beat BS1. This fish was slightly bigger and he estimated it about 7kg.

Hartmut with his good fish from BS1.

During the same day our Norwegian guest Tom Jørstad was successful on Beat BS2, and he was able to catch and release a fish of about 5,5kg.

A few more grilse were also caught by Daniel Stephan, Bernd Kuleisa and Tobi Vetter. After work our chef Per Högvall hooked a fish right below our Lodge. After an exiting fight from the high bank Per landed a nice fish of about 7,5kg, assisted by guide Simon Kitcher.

Per is just about to lead the fish into the net…

A happy face – the fish is landed in the net – well done Per!

Per Högvall and Simon Kitcher with Per’s nice salmon right below the Lodge.

The next day was good day for Dory Shipley. She was able to land her first Norwegian salmon on Beat BS1!

Dory and guide Peter with Dory’s first Norwegian salmon.


Also Lynn Shramek was able to land her first Norwegian salmon on the day. It was her last fishing session and finally she was able to land a beautiful fish on our beat on the Bua. It’s always great to land a fish at the Bua Bridge- it is quite special to land a fish in such a small river deep in the Bua Valley!

Lynn and guide Peter with her Bua salmon – approx. 6kg.

The weeks last salmon was landed by Bernd Kuleisa. Again a big fish towards the end of the week, this time Bernd was lucky on BS1 and caught the biggest fish of the week with a length of 103 cm and an estimated weigh of about 11kg. A great fish – congratulation Bernd!

Bernd’s big and fresh fish from BS1 – approx. 11kg!

As we write this update- the river is still continuing its yo-yoing- as soon as it drops down some heavy rain makes the river rise again. These unstable and somewhat challenging fishing conditions are what we have been experiencing the last few weeks. We think some more stable conditions would improve the “taking mood” of the salmon - which are obviously there, but they are “moody” at times, so it has again been a week where you had to be on the river at the right spot at the right time.

As things look we should expect good conditions throughout the remainder of the season.

We still have open rods and as conditions for August are very good we think we will have a great time coming up with some good August fishing on the Gaula! In case you have been thinking about a short notice trip – feel free to contact us. We are able to accommodate and would be glad to enjoy some good fishing time together before the end of the season!

Still good fishing on the Gaula on the NFC-Beats. 10.08.2015
The fishing the last 10 days has been remained decent. Water levels are more or less on a medium level all the time and have yet to drop very low. We are catching still fish in all sizes including very big ones, as displayed by Bernd Kuleisa’s fish from Beat B1 – a big male – about 12,5kg.

Bernd with his big fish from Beat B1.

Also NFC’s Enrico Cristiani had some good fishing the past few days after work and was able to land 3 fish, one grilse in Railway Pool and two decent fish of 5,5 to 6kg and another 7kg salmon in Beat BS1.

Enrico with his salmon of about 7kg from Beat BS1.

Regular guest Ingo Karwath from Germany was able to land 5 grilse and a few good seatrout during his week. He caught some of his fish on the “riffling hitch”. Tom Lillevik caught 3 smaller salmon on his short visit over the weekend.

Thies Reimers and Daniel Stephan had a bit time off and used the time well, catching fish in various pools. Thies caught two nice fish on Beat B1 of 6kg and Daniel several grilse on our E- beats, in the Storen Area and a decent fish of 4,5kg on Beat A1.

Michal Vavro from Slovakia was able to land his first Atlantic salmon on Beat BS1.

Michal with his first salmon of about 5,5kg – well done Michal!

Jack Rodat and Michal did some exploring in one of the Gaula tributaries, with success! Jack caught a nice salmon of about 6,5kg – congrats Jack!

Jack with his salmon.

Lodge’s Chef Per Högvall caught several grilse between 2 and 3 kg. Also Sawyer Connelly was able to land his first Atlantic salmon in Railway Pool. Bernd Kuleisa had two more nice fish from Beat BS1 a few days ago of 5,5 and about 6,5kg.

Bernd and his 5,5kg salmon from Beat BS1.

Also our Norwegian guest Stein Erik Lid had a good time during his week and was bale to land several grilse, some good seatrout, and lost a really big fish in BS1 after 10min of fight.

The Gaula is still running with over 65 m³ at Gaulfossen and we finally expect the water to drop down below 50 m³ this coming week. We are actually glad about it! We have not seen the river on the “low side” this summer and it will be exiting to see how some of the pools that have not seen fishing yet do, such as Long Pool, Junction Pool and Upper Pool – as well exiting to see will be how the E-Beat will perform this late season – always good for a big, fresh and sealiced surprise!

We still have vacancies through the end of the season if you are interested in a short notice visit – just get in touch!

We will keep you updated.

Week 33 – Great August fishing with big and many fish on NFC waters! 21.08.2015
We experienced a great week with more than 30 fish landed and many more lost. Considering we only had a small number of rods fishing this past week, , we caught a good number of fish, including some really nice ones!

Daniel with one of his fishes this week – this one from E2 – fresh and sealiced!

The few fishermen this week hit it perfectly. The water dropped in the beginning of the week to under 50 m³ at the Gaulfossen gauge and caused the salmon to stop and hold in many of our pools and it was possible to catch them at some of the beats we haven’t fished much this season. Regular guest Andreas Witt caught a nice fish on Beat BS1 around 5,5kg, 4 grils between 2 and 3 kg, and lost a couple of more fish.

Also regular Italian guest Stefano Mantegazza had a fantastic week with 8 fish landed! Most of them on the E-beats which always fishing well when the water gets low.

Stefano with a grilse from Beat E3 – they are fun catching on small rods!

Stefano also had nice fish with a 6,5 and 4 kg and several more grilse around 3 and 3,5kg.

Most fishermen have been fishing on their own, as there were many open beats and they could move around, sadly that is also the reason we haven’t got many pictures. NFC’s Daniel had superb week next to his work and landed a total of 11 fish in total from Sunday to Friday! The fish he caught were decent in size: 10kg, 7,5kg, 7kg, 7kg, 4kg and a couple of grilse!

A big male of 100cm lengths, approx 10kg – caught by Daniel on Beat D2.

Another good fish about 7,5kg on Beat C2 which Daniel could catch and release this week.

Daniel’s big fish was not the only big fish landed this week –Thies Reimers also had a fantastic fish of 101cm in length and about 10kg, bright and silver just below our Lodge! Thies landed 3 more salmon this week. Friedrich Wagenhals also landed his first salmon ever, a nice grilse and Michael Schuhmacher was able to catch his first two salmon, the first a nice fish of 5kg on beat BS1 and another grilse on the E-beats.

It is nice to see lots of fresh fish running the river late in the season. This means the run has been quite constant throughout the season, which will most likely effect in a good spawning year and give us good hopes for the coming years and salmon runs on the Gaula!

The water keeps dropping at the moment due to the warm weather, but some rain is forecasted on the long term, so we are looking forward to the last two weeks of the season – who knows how this season will end up – already now we can say it has been a very good one on the NFC beats.
We will keep you updated!