Season 2016 On The Gaula
Season 2016 started with a nice fish on our Beat E3! 05.06.2016
After preparing all our beats and the Lodge for the coming season we finally got started last night. Due to snow melt the water level rose quite a bit up to 399 kbm at the Gaulfossen gauge. But already short after midnight some fish have been caught on the lower river – it looks like a good start as on the whole lower river are caught a good number of fish in good sizes already. As usual, after the water rose in the late evening and night, during the morning the water started dropping quickly – which is of course n advantage for all fly fishermen, so also on our beats and the first salmon of the season 2016 has been landed by our Italian guest Stefano Stefanacci on Beat E3 at 11h at a water level of 299kbm.

Stefano Stefanacci with salmon Nr. 1 - 2016 – 100cm weighing 10kg.

Stefano fished a big Orange tube fly – the salmon took the fly very deep and bleeded, so there was no chance to release it.

Also our other fishermen got in touch with some fish on Beat L1 but could not hook them properly. But we are sure to get some more catch reports in today – exiting to see how things move on this first day of the season, but we can say we are all very glad to be back! The prospects are good, there are a good number fish on the way to the river, the test net fishing at the outer fjord has been good and very promising for us up on the rivers at the Trondheimfjord.

We are looking forward to the days to come! We keep you updated.

The fishing on the Gaula is on fire! 07.06.2016
The conditions right now are perfect! The water is constantly dropping, the water temperature is already about 9 °C and the fishing right now on the lower Gaula is very good. The fish seem to be coming in groups, so it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time, but if you hit it – your “salmon heaven” awaits!

During the early morning hours of the 4th of June our Norwegian guest Tom Lillevik fished on E2 and spotted some fish moving. After only 2 casts he hooked into a good fish, a few minutes later he landed his first salmon – a good fish of about 7,5kg.

Tom Lillevik and his nice salmon from Beat E2.

Later the same morning our Italian guest Giulio Righini found his luck again, and landed his 3rd fish of the trip! The salmon was caught on Beat E1. Again a fish around 9kg – Giulio really had some fantastic days on his first visit on the Gaula.

Giulio with his 3rd salmon – 9kg

In the afternoon, our newly arrived French guests Cyrille Borro and Laurent Galliot had our new Beat E7 on the rotation schedule. The Beat seems to fish better and better as the river drops, and they each landed a fantastic salmon! Cyrille’s fish was a fantastic fish measuring 110cm, Laurent’s fish measured 100cm –a really well-conditioned fish!

Cyrille Borro with his big salmon from Beat E7.

Laurent with his first Gaula salmon – these June fish are simply beautiful!

During the afternoon several more fish were seen moving but nobody hooked a fish. But already the next morning would be a fantastic start to the salmon season for Orazio Gatti who arrived late the night before. Orazio fished together with his guide Alessio Farloni on Beat E2. Within 1 hour of fishing he landed two great fish – the first fish was a nice salmon of about 7kg and the 2nd fish was way bigger, even if the photo does not really show the real size of that fish – Orazio’s salmon measured 112cm, quite a big fish!

Orazio with fish Nr.1 weighing about 7kg.

A big fish and and once more a happy Italian this summer – congrats Orazio!

Orazio is releasing is big fish back into the Gaula.

But the day wasn’t over yet- in fact- it would get even better! During the afternoon, our French group fishing with us this week hooked 4 salmon and landed 3 of them on Beat E1 – all good fish between 8 and 10 kg!

Bernard with his nice salmon of appr. 10kg.

Laurent and his 2nd fish, another fat fish of about 10kg and 100cm.

Yann is into a good fish on E1.

Yann Russon and his nice fish from the lower Gaula weighing approx. 8kg.

We are glad that most of our fish could be released so far, as in the early season sometimes the salmon take flies very aggressively and they get hooked deep – but so far we have only had 2 fish bleeding which had to be kept. As much as we promote catch & release, it sadly is not always possible to release a fish unharmed.

The fishing seems to be improving day by day now and if it continues like this we are expecting some great fishing weeks ahead! The river has now dropped down to a level of 105kbm on the Gaulfossen gauge – which means fish are able to run constantly through the Gaulfossen rapids and while we are writing this report the first salmon above the Gaulfossen rapids has been landed just below our Beats in Støren! They are up here now! We are very lucky to have the honour to spend our summer on such a great salmon river – and if the fishing is great, there is not much more that could be better in life.

We are looking forward to the days to come – let’s see what surprises the Gaula offers our fishermen during the next few days – hopefully the “golden river” will keep on delivering heavy silver – fingers crossed!!

P.S We still have some select few rods available, but they are filling up fast! So if you are interested in coming, even in the next few days, on short notice, please get in touch!

The great fishing continues! 15.06.2016
The Gaula as well as many other Norwegian rivers have had a great start to the salmon season 2016 so far. Our fishermen have experienced a great season start, with a lot of nice fish landed at NFC since our last update.

The opening day ended with Laurent’s big fish on Beat E1 and on the next day Manfred Raguse managed to catch his first salmon of the season 2016 down on Beat E1 – a nice and fat fish of 90cm, weighing approximately 8kg.

Manfred with his first salmon for the 2016 season – congratulations!

Also Thies Reimers caught his first fish of the season on Beat E1, estimated to weigh roughly 8kg as well. Thies fished alone, and was able to release the fish. We have also heard of a lot of fish which have passed the Gaulfossen in the past few days, and we the rumors were confirmed, again by Thies, who managed to catch the first fish above Gaulfossen on our Beats for season 2016. This time it was quite high up river on Beat BS2!

Thies Reimers with fish Nr.1 above Gaulfossen – 8,5kg from Beat BS2

The 2nd fish above Gaulfossen from Beat M2 - well done, Alessio!

In the meantime there have also been some nice fish caught again by Laurent and Fabrizio on Beat E1 – both fish weighed roughly 7kg.

Laurent Galliot with his 3rd fish during his week!

Fabrizio is into a fish on Beat E1a

Fabrizio landing...

A nice fresh fish – the E-Beats are delivering fresh silver these days!

During the evening Fabrizio fished Beat BS2 and hooked another fish, an even bigger one! After good fight he managed to land his 2nd fish of the day – 105cm, and about 12kg! What a nice fish!

The 2nd fish of the day, this one from BS2 and measuring 105cm.

The fish now seem to be coming in small groups and if you have your fly in the water at the right moment you are able to catch a fish or more in a short period. Like our French team managed the following day. They landed 3 fish within 1 hour on Beat E1a! Laurent landed is 4th fish for the week, this time “only” a modest fish of about 6kg. Cyrille Borro landed a really nice fish of 10kg, and also Yan Russon caught his next fish, this one measured 90cm.

Yan and his fresh fish from that crazy June-session on Beat E1a.

Also our Italian guest Stefano Maspoli who came just for 3 days for the first time to the Gaula managed to land his fish. He caught a nice fish on Beat BS1 of 87cm.

Stefano and his fish from Beat BS1.

On the way to the airport Laurent and Cyrille stopped at Beat E1a again, just to have a few last casts. Cyrille lost another big fish and and Laurent caught his 5th fish! What a week for him! His last fish weighed about 8kg.

Laurent with his “Welcome back next time” salmon from Beat E1a!

The water is now constantly dropping due to the dry weather we are experiencing these weeks. Also much of the snow has already melted, which means we actually have a “summer water level” in early June. It looks a bit strange for this time of the year, but on the other hand it is quite fun to fish with lighter lines and lighter tackle for these big fish which are around this time of the season! It is also very exiting that we see fish moving everywhere, not very common at this early stage of the season – it feels like July fishing!

The weather forecast is still not very “typical” for the Gaula and Norway in June, but anyway, the water level seems to be steady for a while as things look right now, at a great fishing level. All pools are fishing quite well right now, which means you can catch them almost anywhere you cast a fly into the water! The new week has already started with a couple of good fish and we foresee some very good days to come – this week’s fishermen timed it well! We will continue to keep you informed! And for anyone interested in cashing in on what appears to be a great run of fish so far this season, feel free to contact us, as we have a very few rods left in various weeks.

A great week 24 with lots of nice fish, and happy fishermen at Norwegian Flyfishers Club! 23.06.2016
The week started off with a water level of about 60kbm at Gaulfossen, which we consider to be a regular summer water level, but is quite low for this time of the season. But this water level is great for most of our pools and fish are spread out, which means you have a good chance to catch fish on any beat right now, which is great fun! The week started with a salmon on our E-Beats, caught by regular Austrian guest Franz Hochecker – a nice fish of about 11kg.

Franz with his nice late evening fish on Sunday – 11kg caught on Beat E1.

Also our Swedish guest Anders Tångring caught a fish more or less at the same time on our Beat BS2 which weighed approximately 7kg.

Anders with his salmon from Beat BS2.

On the next morning Daniel Persson got the first fish of the day on Beat BS1 – a nice fish of 9kg.

Daniel Persson with his first salmon of his week – a good start!

Also Manfred Raguse caught his next fish, this time in Tilseth Pool (Beat C2) weighing about 8kg. Rene Didssun was able to land a really nice fish on Beat D2, measuring 106cm and probably weigh 12kg. On the next day Rene went back on the very same place, and another good fish took the fly and he was able to land a fish measuring 105cm and estimated to weigh about 11kg. Sadly we have no pictures of these two great fish as Rene fished by himself and released them both.

Anders Tångring got is next fish in Langøy (B1), a medium sized fish measuring 83cm. He also foul hooked and landed a 15kg + fish…too bad the fish missed the fly! Shortly later NFC’s Daniel Stephan fished the same beat and landed his first fish of the season, a nice salmon to start the season.

Daniel releasing Nr 1 for this summer.

Peter Ericson fished together with Daniel on Beat B1 and shortly after Daniel landed his fish, and had to head back to work, Peter hooked the next fish. Peter was able to land a superb salmon of about 10kg.

Peter landing his salmon on Beat B1.

What a nice fish – congrats Peter!

It seems as though the fish are moving in all our beats, and we have been catching fish basically in all parts of the river. Jerome Pommel caught a good fish on our new Beat G1, Granøien, weighing about 8kg. Daniel Persson was able to catch and release another great fish from Bogen Sondre (BS1).

Daniel with his 2nd fish of about 10kg this week!

Pascal van Reckem from Belgium came back this year to fish for his 2nd time for salmon and wanted to try an earlier week this time. A decision which paid off nicely, as he managed to catch his first June salmon on the Gaula – a nice fish weighing 7kg, caught on BS2.

Pascal with his salmon from BS2.

Also regular guest Karsten, came last minute for only a couple of days, and it didn’t take him long to hook up with his first fish of the 2016 season.

Karsten with his first fish of the season 2016 – weighing about 6kg caught on Beat B1.

Manfred Raguse caught another fish on Beat BS1 about 7,5kg and Ludovic Pommel fished the same Beat a short time later, and was able to catch another salmon of 8kg. Ludovic went back to the same beat during the night as it was “free for all” and managed to catch the next one on Beat BS1 – again 8kg fish.

Thies Reimers fished Beat G1 and caught and released a salmon of 7,5kg, also a bit later Jerome Pommel caught a fish about the same size in the same Beat.

On beat BS1 it was again Karsten who caught the next salmon, a medium sized fish measuring 80cm.

Then our Italian guest Pierluigi Rongaclione who joined us to try his luck for the first time salmon fishing, but only had 3 days of fishing. Yet with a short window, luck was on his side, and he managed to land a nice fish! He caught and released a nice fish on the E-Beats, his first Atlantic salmon.

Pierluigi with his first salmon – weighing about 8 kg caught on Beat E2.

But this day should be even better for Pierluigi. In the evening he fished together with Karsten on Beat B1 and caught his next salmon, also weighing between 8,5 and 9kg! What a day! Sometimes you just hit it right – congratulations Gigi!

Pierluigi with salmon Nr. 2 – a good way to start salmon fishing! During that evening more and more.

During that evening more and more reports kept rolling in, and it seemed to be a really “fishy” day! Rene managed to catch his next fish – again a big one, this time on Beat BS1. Rene caught 3 fish over 100cm during his week – a great week for him!

Rene Didssun with his 3rd fish over 1m in length length – this one measuring 103cm .

Regular Austrian guest Johann Btieler manged to catch two salmon on Beat C2 that night, the first one about 5kg the 2nd about 8kg. On the next morning he caught another nice fish on Beat B1 – a good fish weighing about 9kg.

Robert Heintschel, as well from Austria caught a good fish of 7kg on Beat BS1 during the night. On the next morning it was again Karsten who caught his 4th fish if his 3-day trip – this one was caught on Beat G1 and weighing 9kg. Well done Kartsten!

We also had two fishermen from Trondheim fishing with us this weekend – they had a great time and and landed 4 fish. Lars Lundlie caught 2 fish of about 12kg and another fish of 7kg and his friend Tore Larsen caught a medium sized fish of 5,3kg which he kept as it was bitten by a killer whale and was injured quite badly. Also Peter Ericson caught another fish of about 10kg on the Lodge Pool.

During Sunday morning, our American guests, Bob and Zach Fanch fished Beat E1a – and Zach was able to land his first Atlantic salmon, weighing in at 6kg – the fish bled and had to be kept. This was Zach’s first salmon, and the trip was to celebrate his belated birthday, so Congratulations, and Happy Birthday Zach!

Bob Fanch and his son Zach holding his first Atlantic salmon caught on beat E1a.

Old regular guest Tim Sparkes, who returned again to fish with NFC, arrived earlier than his partner, and while picking up Bruce from the airport he had a short stop at Beat E1a. It only took him 25 min to land his first fish for the trip – weighing about 8,5kg – a good start.

Tim with his salmon from the E-Beats.

While we sit here writing this weekly update, more catch reports are rolling in. The fishing is simply great! The Gaula is producing good fish throughout the watershed and it all looks like it will continue to be a great season. The next 3 weeks are fully booked but after that we still have a few free rods here and there– so if you have not booked any salmon fishing yet, you are welcome to get in touch and we would be happy to find a way to accommodate you.

We will keep you updated.

Week 25 – Typical “summer” conditions and good fishing continues! 30.06.2016
Week 25 started as good as week 24 ended- the great fishing continued. Manfred Raguse caught the first fish of week. Manfred was able to catch and release a big fish of about 12,5kg on Beat C2. He had already landed two fish earlier in the day, one salmon of about 7kg on Beat BS1 and another of about 5kg on Beat G1.

Also Johann Bstieler kept on catching in his 2nd week of fishing with us! He caught two more fish on Beat B1 weighing about 4kg and and another big fish of about 11kg. Regular guest Thomas Mahnke started his week with a nice fish on beat E1a.

Thomas with his first fish of the week – approx. 9kg from Beat E1a.

Also Tore Ueland had a good start and caught a salmon of about 7,5kg on Beat E2.

Tore releases his salmon on Beat E2.

During this week we had the well known casting instructor Simon Gawesworth, and brand manager of Rio Fly Lines, fishing with us. It did not take him too long time until he managed to catch his first Gaula salmon and is was a good fish of about 10kg! Simon landed his salmon on Beat C2.

Simon Gawesworth and his first Gaula-salmon – about 10kg!

Thomas Mechler who visited us for the first time had a superb first day on the Gaula. He managed to catch two nice fish on Beat G1. The first fish of about 7kg and the 2nd salmon weighed about 5kg.

Thomas Mechler with 2nd salmon – about 5kg, caught on our new Beat G1.

Also, long-time guest Fabien Laborde, came back this year to fish with us and landed two good fish of about 6 and 9kg on Beat B1. The next day it was again Tore Ueland who managed to land his next salmon on the lower river, a beautiful fish from Beat E1.

Tore with a fresh fish from Beat E1.

Also Thomas Mechler caught his next salmon, this time on Beat B1, an even bigger salmon than the ones from the day before, aprrox. 9kg. Steve Radley from the UK fished our Beat E7 and landed a great fish of approx. 9kg. Fredrik Lorentzen caught his first Gaula salmon on Beat BS1 weighing about 7kg.

Daniel Stephan fished Beat G1 on the next morning and was able to catch and release a well conditioned fish of about 8,5kg.

Daniel with a fat fish from Beat G1.

A little later Fabien Laborde fished the same beat and caught his next salmon, this time about 7,5kg. Johann Bstieler reported two more fish from the lower river – 5 and 6,5kg from Beat E1a.

Kenneth Gundersen had his best Gaula day ever and managed to land 4 good fish! He started off with a nice fish of about 6,5kg on Beat B1. Then he kept on fishing, and catching-two more fish on Beat E7 from the high bank about 7,5 and 9kg and finished the day with another fish of about 5kg on Beat E1a.

Jostein with his nice salmon from Beat B1.

Tore Ueland with a nice fish from Beat E6.

Also Jostein Ueland was able to catch a good fish of about 10kg in Beat B1.

His brother Tore had a good session on Beat E7 and landed two more salmon of about 6,5 and 7,5kg. Also Per Arneberg had a great fish on Beat E1 on the same day! After an intense fight Per managed to catch and release a nice fish of 98 cm, probably weighing about 9 or 9,5kg. A super strong fish, covered with lice- meaning it was coming upstream directly from the sea!

Tore Ueland with a good fish from Beat E7.

Thomas Mahnke and another great fish from Beat B1.

During the night Tomas Mahnke fished Beat B1 and caught his next salmon, another good fish of about 9kg. While Johann Bstieler caught the first grilse of about 3kg it was again Simon Gawesworth who was able to catch and release another good fish on Beat BS1.

Thomas Mechler and his 4th fish of the week - congrats Thomas!

Thomas Mahnke with a nice fish from BS1.

Thomas Mechler caught his 4th fish on his first trip to the Gaula - what a week to start salmnon fishing!

Also regular guest Bruce Bomphrey caught a couple of nice fish during the last days. He caught fish of 4,5kg on Beat G1 and another two on Beat E1a weighing both about 5,5kg.

Also Kenneth Gundersen landed one more salmon on Beat E7, measuring 90cm (7kg) and Stephen Harris got another fish on the same Beat of about 80cm (5kg).

Daniel Stephan landed two more fish during the week of 7 and 7,5kg on Beats C1 and D2. As well as Thies Reimers, who had a nice fish of 9,5kg on Beat D2.

With one last try, heading to the airport, Stephen Harris caught another fish of 5,5kg on Beat E1a! The two last fish of the week were caught by Thomas Mahnke on Beat BS1, approx. 9kg and Mawill Lüdenbach on Beat D2 weighing about 8kg.

Mortan mit seinem ersten Fisch der Woche von unserem Beat E1A.

Even though the fishing seemed to slow down a little bit towards the end of the week - over all it was another great week on the Gaula! Its just great to see the Gaula in good shape again.

Already from last night we got report of 4 newly landed fish – of approximately 13, 5 and 8kg from Mortan Carlsen and another fish from 7kg- so it seems the fishing is still quite good!

Conditions looks promising, and we are looking forward to the coming primetime weeks!!

We will keep you updated.

Week 27 turned out to be another week of good fishing, despite the low water! 11.07.2016
Week 27 started out promising with a little rise of the water level. NFC regular guest from Germany, Werner Brinker started out the week fishing beat E7 and caught a great fish of 10,3kg (22.7lbs)! On Beat B1 it was our Norwegian guest Stein Erik Lid who started his week with a grilse of 2,5kg. Also Bruce Lindley caught medium sized fish in the first day of the week of about 5,5kg and another salmon of about 8,5kg on Beat C2.

Bruce Lindley with the bigger of his two fish of the session on Beat C2.

Bruce’s fishing partner, Jean-Luc Verstraeten was able to catch a good fish of about 9,5kg (21lb.) during that session. The fish was injured most likely by a seal, but anyway in good condition and could be released well.

Jean-Luc with his salmon from Beat C2.

Gerald Schimmetta caught a fish of about 6kg on Beat E7 while his fishing partner Stein Erik was lucky again and caught 2 salmon of 4,5kg and 11kg (24lbs.)!

Also Manfred Raguse was able to catch and release his next two salmon both on Beat E1a, measuring 69 and 82 cm. Hans E. Wolff was able to land a grilse on Beat E6.

The next day would end up being a great day for Bruce Lindley again, as he managed to catch 3 salmon on Beat B1! Starting with a salmon of 6kg, another 7,5kg and a big fish of about 10kg. Jean-Luc lost a couple more fish during the same session – it seemed as though there were some fish moving on that Beat!

Bruce with his first fish of 6kg.

Bruce with Nr. 2 from Beat B1 that morning

Bruce with his fish of about 10kg – what a great session!

Bruce, Jean-Luc and Sugai celebrating Bruce his perfect morning!

Andre Scholz with his salmon from Beat B1.

Andre also caught a quite big seatrout of 75cm, maybe weighing 4kg on Beat G1 during the afternoon. It is great to see some larger sea trout around the Gaula again- a fun alternative to salmon!

Regular Japanese guest Takuo Noda had a good morning on beat E1 and E1a and caught grilse and a good fish of 8,5kg! Well done, Takuo!

Karsten K. returned fish with us again and landed a nice fish on Beat C1 which he estimated to weigh about 8kg. Then it was again Bruce Lindley, who managed to catch his next salmon, this time on Beat D2 and weighing about 6,5kg.

Bruce with his 6th salmon for the week – approx. 6,5kg.

Jonathan Argent caught a seatrout and a nice salmon of about 8kg on the next day. Also Sacha Pütz was able to land a grilse and a medium sized salmon on Beat E4.

Stein Erik Lid fished beat E7 again– and it seemed as though E7 was his lucky beat, as he caught his next big fish, which also turned out to be his new personal record with a nice fish of 110cm and weighed about 13kg!

Stein Erik with his big salmon from Beat E7 – 110cm! Congratulations!

Stein Erik managed even to catch another fish of about 5kg on Beat E3 on the next morning, while of course Bruce Lindley caught his next fish as well. He fished Beat C2 and decided to fish a bit deeper and not long after, another big fish was landed!

Bruce with his great fish from Beat C2.

The week ended with another salmon of 6kg from Beat E1 for Andre Scholz and superb salmon on our Bua Bridge Pool. It was the biggest salmon so far from that Beat. Maurizio Restaino decided to try his single hand, 7 weight rod, and although the rod snapped during the fight, Maurizio was able to land this beautiful fish of 102cm- a new personal record for Maurizio as well- congratulations!!

We are waiting with fingers crossed for quite a bit of rain today, so hopefully the water level will rise a bit. If so, we should expect some great days coming up! We have welcomed back our big French group led by Fabrice Bergues this week as well as some regular German guests, who are all excited about the prospects of the week ahead!

We will keep you updated.

Week 28 Update: Biggest fish of the season at Norwegian Flyfishers Club so far! 18.07.2016
This week our French guest and friend Fabrice Bergues returned with his large group of French fishermen. The week started off with a great session for Francois Deloup who was able to catch 3 salmon on his first day, 2 of them he caught at Langøy (Beat B1) and the 3rd at Tilseth Pool (C2). The following morning, after the river rose a bit overnight, Fabrice fished Beat B1 and was able to land huge salmon of 120cm and estimated to weigh about 18,5kg - what a fish! Not only Fabrice’s largest salmon to date, this is the biggest fish landed at NFC so far this season.

Fabrice with his big fish from Beat B1.

What a great fish - congratulations Fabrice!

Also Francois salmon from the first day- all good fish of: 9,5kg, 7,5kg and 6kg.

Francois with his first salmon of 9,5kg from Beat B1.

Francois with his 2nd fish of the day.

Francois with the next salmon, this time on Beat C2.

Our first time visitor Joe Layden was able to land his first Gaula salmon, a good sized grilse of about 3kg. NFC’s Daniel Stephan fished our Beat A1 and managed to land a nice fish as well, the fish measured 102cm and was estimated to weigh about 10,5kg.

Daniel and his salmon from Beat A1.

On the next morning Francois Deloup was in the right place at the right time, and landed another good salmon, this time from Beat B2 and estimated to weigh about 6kg.

Francois Deloup with his 4th salmon of the week – 6kg from Beat B2.

Also NFC regular, French fisherman Fredric Andre managed to catch fish Nr. 2 and 3 that morning, again on Beat B1. Fredric’s fish were estimated to weigh about 8,5kg and 7kg.

Fredric with one of his salmon.

A few grilse have been caught by Andre Scholz, Fabrice Bergues and Uli Dorfner. German regular Andreas Grass managed to land a nice fish on Beat B2 of about 9,5kg.

Andreas is into his fish on Beat B2.

Andreas with his nice hen fish – approx. 9,5kg and of course released.

Several more nice fish have been caught during the week by Uli Dorfner on beat E5 which weighed about 6,8kg, by Jean-Luc Pouillen on Beat C2 of 7,5kg, Fredric Andre with another big fish of 9kg on Beat B1, Sven Hempel caught a nice fish on Beat E5 of 7kg, a grilse by Christoph Mathey, a 4kg-salmon on Beat BS1 by Joe Layden and the last fish of the week on Beat E3 caught by Andre Scholz which he estimated to weigh about 7kg.

Generally the fishing seems to have slowed down a bit this last week. It seems the fish are all settling into their pools, and waiting for the fall spawning, making them less aggressive. We think that the reason might be that there has been no big rise or flood since the season start, and therefore the salmon have settled a bit into their lies, and are less aggressive than usual. There is supposed to come a bit of rain which hopefully will help to wake them up again!

Our new week started last night, most fishermen just have started this morning, rather than fishing last night, so we hope to have a few new catch reports in by lunch time!

By the way, from next week onwards we have a few open rods – the big fish are here, so if you like to come up to Norway, please get in touch, you are welcome –and with rain in the future forecast– we believe it is going to be really good fishing after a good rise of the water!

We will keep you updated.

Week 29 – Despite the very low water conditions, some nice fish caught! 27.07.2016
Week 29 because of the unusually low water, was less productive than a typical week 29 is supposed to be. The water continued to drop to a very low level and the fish have not been active at all. Since the river has not been rising for weeks, it seems as though the salmon in the pools have not been in any mood to take any flies. Nevertheless, a few of our guests were lucky and able to land some nice fish this week!

Our first time visitor Josh Heinz from the United States for example was able to land his first Gaula salmon on our Beat G1. A good and fresh fish of about 7kg.

Josh Heinz with his nice salmon from Beat G1.

A couple of grilse have been caught by Richard Brodski, Mike Gibbons and Christian Grevendahl. We also had a female angler from Slovakia, Kristina Brodska who was fishing with us this week. After losing a good salmon on Beat E7 right as she was landing it, she managed to land the biggest seatrout on our beats for this summer so far. She estimated her seatrout to weigh about 4,5kg.

Kristina with her nice Seatrout from Beat G1.

Also John Bleh managed to catch two fish this week, a grilse and nice salmon of about 7kg from Beat E7.

John Bleh with his salmon from Beat E7.

Beat E7 has been fishing well, almost all season – so we are glad we have been able to integrate these new E-Beats into our rotation. It seems as though Beat E7 even holds fish, which is very rare on the lower river to have a holding pool. But also E6 is fishing well now, especially in very low water. Richard Brodksi was able to catch 3 more grilse during his stay, and as it was his first trip for Atlantic salmon, even smaller fish were able to put a smile on his face – good to see!

Richard with one of his grilse from this past week.

Also Ludevit Kurpas caught a nice fish on Beat E7 this week after loosing a couple of slalom earlier on.

Ludevit with his nice salmon from Beat E7.

Finally during Saturday it started to rain heavily, the river stared to rise and continued all Sunday and Sunday night! So we got the rain we desperately needed – sadly due to this long period of dryness the river became quite coloured due to debris in the river and the visibility is a bit low for the fly during the day, but it will clear up shortly and we are sure we will have some new catch reports very soon!

We will keep you updated!

Week 30 – With much needed rain, and a rising river, some great fish have been caught! 11.08.2016
The week kicked off with rising water on Sunday night, and with the turbid, dirty water which pushed downriver, it took a while for the fish to wake up and get into the biting mood again, after a long period of low water. The next morning would turn out to be a great one for our German guest Matthias Vorweg who was able to land a grilse and a nice salmon about 5,5kg on our Beat B1. As well as Brendan Pitchard, who caught a nice fish on Beat E7 of about 5kg, fresh and sea-liced! Also our French group started well with a nice salmon for Fred Staerk on Beat BS1 which he estimated to weigh about 6,5kg.

Fred Staerk with his first salmon of the week from BS1.

During the evening Fred caught another fish on Beat B2 weighing about 6kg. On the next day he and his friend Jean-Marie Freund fished Beat C2 and caught each a salmon during their session. Jean-Marie’s salmon measured 105cm and probably weighed about 11,5kg!

Jean-Marie with his nice salmon from Beat C2 – 105cm.

Fred’s 3rd fish of the week estimated to weigh about 6kg and was caught in beautiful Sunset light on Beat C2 as well.

Fred with fish Nr.3 of the week – fresh and silver!

Next it was Olivier Tisseraud who managed to catch his first Gaula salmon of about 6,5kg on Beat M, right below the lodge, as well as being able to catch another seatrout as well. Also Yannick Kopff landed two grilse during the same days. A couple of grilse were also caught by Takeo Osawa and Philippe Koehler. Jean-Marie Freund was able to catch another salmon of about 4,5kg while Fred Staerk finished his week with another nice fish of 6kg on Beat B2. Beat B2, Renna, has started to produce some nice fish now later in the season– it has been slow for most of the season so far, but suddenly it seems to hold fish and more and more fish are taken on that nice piece of water. It shows that pools that don’t get fished, certainly don’t produce fish, so it is important to fish all pools- especially those that others overlook!

Philippe Koehler with a nice girls from the past week.

Fred with his next fish – this time again from B2.

The water continued to yoyo this past week, rising with the rain, and dropping quickly as it dried, which is never great for the fishing, but it certainly makes fish move after this long period of lower water. We have received some more rain for the beginning of this new week, and already some new fish are in the statistics. It looks as though the fishing is continuing to improve and we are looking forward to the days to come!

We actually have a few available rods for the next two week, so for anyone with the salmon itch, and the ability to pull the trigger on a last minute trip up here – you are welcome to contact us and we will do our utmost to accomodate you.

Week 31 – The Gaula Delivers: great water levels, good conditions and big fish! 11.08.2016
The week stared off with a great session on beat E7 for Mike and his two sons Ryan and Kevin - the Knowles family, visiting from America. After 1 hour of fishing Ryan and Kevin where both into a fish at the same time! While Kevin landed his first Atlantic salmon of about 6kg, Ryan was in the middle of fighting a really big fish – sadly the fish came off after a 25 min fight. It was a really big one, but these things happen.

Nr. 2 for Thies for the day – 9,5kg and a happy angler.

Thies releases his nice fish.

Shortly after Ryan lost his big fish, he decided to get back in the river, and he kept fishing and hooked another fish, this time a smaller grilse and was able to land it. But what a start into Atlantic salmon fishing that night! On the next day Peter Ericson fished our Lodge Pool and was able to catch a nice fish of about 6,5kg. Beth Sterten, as well from the United States caught a grilse on Beat E1a.

During the night Thie Reimers fished Beat E7 and caught two nice fish, the first one of about 5kg and the 2nd fish was estimated to weigh about 9,5kg.

Our Swiss guest Pierre Egger managed to catch a fish of about 6,5kg as well in our Lodge Pool – Beat M. Henry Giles and Erwin Tibad each landed a grilse.

As well as NFC’s Manager Daniel Stephan, who had some time to fish and was able to land a good fish between 10 and 11kg (104cm) on Beat A1 after and exciting fight, which took him well into the backing. On Beat G1 it was again Ryan Knowles who managed to hook his next fish – a nice one of about 5,5kg.

Ryan Knowles into his salmon on Beat G1.

Ryan with his salmon of about 5,5kg.

Also Simon Kitcher landed a big fish. He fished Beat BS1 and almost at the bottom of the pool he hooked a big fish – 109cm male fish and approximately weighing 12kg.

Peter Ericson caught his next fish on Beat M, directly below the Lodge, this time a nice “lady” of 9kg which of course has to be released like all female fish in July and August.

Christopher Lloyd was able to get nice grilse on Beat E2 and Erwin Tibad caught a Seatrout of 1,5kg. Also NFC’s Daniel caught his next fish of 90cm and about 6,5kg on Beat A1.

The next day turned out to be a great day for the Knowles family again – all 3 of them caught fish on the same day! The first fish was a big male fish on Beat D2 for Kevin – 110cm and about 14 to 15kg, just an amazing fish!

Kevin with his big fish – 110cm from Beat D2 – what a fish!

His brother Ryan caught a grilse in the same Pool and their father Mike got another grilse in Beat BS2 a bit later during the day.

Ryan with his grilse from Beat D2.

Mike Knowles with his grilse from Beat BS2.

A couple of more grilse have been caught by Pierre Egger, Christopher Lloyd, Denny Kreid and Erwin Tibad. Henry Giles got a nice sea-liced fish on Beat BS1 about 7kg. Also Michal Vavro caught a sea-liced salmon our Beat M – approx. 5,5kg.

Michal Vavro with his sealiced salmon from Beat M – congrats!

NFC’s owner Per Arnberg had to leave Norway and the Gaula early this season- but for a good reasons – he is getting married! But Per would not leave without not one, but two nice gifts from the Gaula! He caught two big fish on one of his last days of fishing for the season, of about 100cm each on our Beat F1 (Railway)! Per managed the two fish from exactly the same spot, approximately 8 hours apart, landing both fish in this tricky spot! What a way to end his fishing season, and his last fish as a single guy!

Per Arneberg with his first fish of 100cm – 10kg

Fish Nr. 2 of 100cm cm – 10kg and fresh – what a day!!

Finally, we have the water levels we have needed and the fishing is quite good again, as big fish are moving and it is just fun being out on the river with the expectation to catch one of Gaula’s big Atlantics! They are out there – and it is possible to catch them any time!

The weather forecast is very promising, with a lot of rain in the forecast for tomorrow and we should have nice water levels during this newly started week – we are looking forward to the next days to come.

We will keep you updated!

Another good season on the Gaula – the promising trend on the Gaula continues 15.09.2016
After the difficult years 2013 and 2014 we are now glad to see that the fishing on the Gaula gets better year after year. So far 4.462 salmon with a total weight of 27.561 kg/ 60,772 lb were officially registered. These are 2.540 kg/ 5,600 lb more than in 2015 and for sure not all fish are registered so far!
The total catch breaks down to1845 large salmon (over 7 kg/ 15 ½ lb, 1894 medium sized salmon (2 seawinter fish, 6 ½ - 15 lb) and 723 Grilse. Compared to 2015 a total of 373 large salmon more than in 2015 were caught, despite that 2015 already was a good year with big salmon.

Fabrice with a dream of a fish, meassuring 120 cm and approx. 18,6 kg/ 41 lb from beat B1. This fish was the largest fish from the NFC Beats and the biggest on the whole river in 2016.

So our expectation of a big fish season has proven to be correct, as the share of the large salmon compared to the total annual catch was 60,4 %, medium sized fish accounted for 35,3% and Grilse for only 4,3%. A pleasant surprise for us was the large number of medium-sized salmon, which we had not expected after the relatively low number of Grilse in 2015.

Overall we can say that the season 2016 was a good season on the Gaula and on the NFC -beats, especially the first half of the season was very productive. Already the catches in the research nets indicated a early season start, and exactly that happened. Already at the season start on the June 1st we had a good head of fish in the river and it did not took long until the first salmon of the season was landed on the NFC beats on the 1st of June. Stefano Stefanacci caught the seasons first one. a nice fish of approx. 10 kg/ 22 lb on our beat E3.

Stefano with the first salmon of the season from the NFC Beats.

On the following days the guests of the Norwegian Flyfishers Club were able to hook and land a good number of fish between 10 kg/ 22 lb and 13 kg / 28 ½ lb!

Lorenzo Nencini with his super nice fish of 109 cm, weighing approx. 12 kg/ 26 ½ lb from the new Beat E7.

Cyrille Borro with a bright dream of a fish from the beat E7. The weight was estimated to approx. 13 kg/ 28 ½ lb.

The two new NFC beats below the Gaulfossen were a very valuable addition and especially the new Beat E7 was very productive.

The water level droped very fast after the season start and it did not took long untill the first fish were caught on the NFC beats above the Gaulfossen rapids. Thies Reimers got the first fish on NFC Beats above the Gaulfossen on the 9th. June on beat BS2. The second fish was caught only a few hours later by Alessio Falorni on our Beat M, directly in front of the NFC lodge.

Alessio with his nice fish of approx. 9 kg from beat M.

Already on the 12th of June the water level flow dropped below 60 m³/sec. on the Gaulfossen! So we already reached a water level which we normally expect in the beginning or middle of July! This comparatively "low water" for this early part of the season influenced the fishing rather positive and during the following weeks many nice fish were caught on the NFC Beats.

Andreas Witt with a nice fish from beat E1.

Some guests experienced exceptional fishing, as for example Mortan Carlsen, who was able to land two absolutely stunning fish. First he landed a salmon of 115 cm and 14 kg / 31 lb on beat E1A and three days later he managed to land a dream of a fish, measuring 117 cm and approx. 15,5 kg/ 34 ¼ lb on beat B1. The fish from the Beat B1 was the biggest salmon Mortan ever caught on the Gaula.

Mortan with his first fish of the week from beat E1A, measuring 114 cm.

Mortan with his second fish of 117 cm from Beat B1.

Mortan was able to land 4 more fish between 4 kg / 9 lb and 10 kg/ 22 lb during his week!

The biggest fish of the season was caught by Fabrice Bergues on the 12th of July on beat B1. His fish was 120 cm long and weighted approx. 18,6 kg/ 41 lb. After a quick picture Fabrice released the fish carefully.

During the salmon fishing we were also able to land some nice sea trout, here is a beautiful fish caught by Kristina.

A little bit later during the season the fishing got more difficult, because of the low water situation. But still several nice fish were caught. For example Kevin Knowles was able to land a beautiful fish of 110 cm in beat D2.

Kevin Knowles and Maurizio with Kevins fantastic fish of 110 cm!

Also the fly fishing schools with Bernd Kuleisa were booked very well and Rüdiger Kolbe was able to land a very nice fish in the new Beat G1, during his course week.

Thies releases his second last fish of the season carefully.

We are looking back on a overall very successfully season 2016, although the great early season conditions in June were followed too soon by early low water conditions which influenced some of the prime weeks quite negatively. This continued into August with some much needed rainfall coming late and not providing quite the bonanza we had been hoping for.

The new NFC Lodge has become a popular center for all NFC guests who raved about the excellent food, which was prepared by the new NFC chef Gaby Syväniemi. No wonder, Gaby worked in some high quality and well known restaurants in the past.

A very nice dinner at the NFC Lodge. Reindeer, mashed potatoes, asparagus and a red wine-cherry sauce.

The very good fishing in many of the weeks during the last season caused that many guests already secured their rod for 2017. The low value of the Norwegian kroner assures a great price. Some prime time weeks are already fully booked and in some other weeks only a few rods are still available. We would recommend all fly fishers who would like to fish with us on the Gaula next year, to contact us soonest, to secure one of the last few vacant rods during the best weeks and to avoid disapointment. If you are interested, please send us an email: or call us: 0049 (0) 40 589 23 02.