Season 2017 On The Gaula
Impressive start on the Gaula. Salmon of 21 kg 45,3 lb and 23,1 kg 50,3 lb landed Average weight of the 10 largest fish on the opening day was 15,88 kg 35,3 lb 13.06.2017

Manuel Plösser with a dream of a fish. 13,5 kg (29.8 lb.) from NFC Beat E3.

The winter was very long in Norway and the snow started to melt very late. Very heavy snow falls around eastern brought a lot of snow later as usual in the catchment areas of the Gaula valley. Already some time before the season start it was obvious that no salmon would be able to pass the Gaulfossen before the season start. The snow started to melt in the beginning of May and the water level was approximately 700 m³/sec. when we arrived on the Gaula. But a cold front pushed the warm weather away. Such a cold front is not what you normally wish for fishing, but in this case it was very welcome. The snow melt stopped and the fishing was possible at the season start. The water temperature of 5° C degrees made the fly fishing in the high water very difficult. Allessio form Italy was the first one who hooked a nice fish in Beat E6, but he lost it after a short fight. A little later he was able to hook another fish, but also this one got away after a short fight. Whilst Allessio had no luck this showed that there were some salmon in the river. In the afternoon Per Arneberg had a nice take in E7, but he was not able to hook the fish. Daniel fished the beat E7 as well and hooked a nice fish in the top of the pool. As well this fish came of after a long fight.
The opening day on the Gaula in general was extremely good. A lot of big fish were caught. In total approx. 90 salmon have been landed only on the first day of which the 10 largest fish had an average weight of impressive 15,88 kg (35.3 lb)!
On Friday and Saturday the temperature went up quite a bit and the water temperature rose. The second day of the season produced 49 landed salmon, the biggest fish weighed impressive 23,1 kg (50.3 lb)! The water level at the Gaulfossen dropped for a short periode to 156 m³ per second and the water temperature went up to 7,5 degrees and some fish were able to pass the Gaulfossen. The fishing continued to be still difficult with a rising river going up to 470 m³/sec. at the Gaulfossen, because of some rain and snow melt.

Manuel releasing his beautiful fish.

In general the season start on the Gaula was very impressive, after 4 days already 241 salmon were caught with a total weight of 2.266 kg (4,937 lb). The average weight was 9,4 kg (23.7 lb). The largest fish so far on the Gaula weighed 23,1 kg (50.3 lb) and was caught on fly directly below our beat in Kval. There are a lot of very big fish in the river. Of the first 241 salmon caught, 200 have been bigger than 7 kg (15 ½ lb). The weight of the 10 largest fish caught is between 15,1 and 23,1 kg. Judged by weight this is already a record season.

Difficult conditions, but some good fish caught 18.06.2017
The conditions in the beginning of last week have not been easy. Some rain and warm temperatures caused a high water level. But we were able to land some nice fish at the NFC beats. Manfred Raguse landed his first Norwegian salmon of the season on beat E2. His fish was 78 cm long, weighted approx. 5,5 kg (12 lb) and took a Orange Apolloni Tube. Manfred released his fish carefully.

Manfred Raguse plays his first fish of the season.

Manfred Raguse with his first Gaula salmon of the season 2017.

Thies Reimers was able to land his second salmon of the season in E7. Thies estimated the fish weighing approx. 10,5 kg and released the fish carefully after a quick picture.

Thies with his salmon weighing approx 10,5 kg from Beat E7.

On the next day our regular guest Roland Puff landed a beautiful salmon of 100 cm and 10kg in E3. Weight and length have been measured twice! The fish took a Orange/gold tube.

Roland Puff with his beautiful Gaula salmon of 100 cm and 10 kg.

Mawill Lüdenbach landed his first Gaula salmon on beat E7. His fish was 79 cm long and weighted 4,2kg.

Mawill with his first salmon from beat E7.

As well Stephan Dombaj fished the NFC Beats successfully. First, he landed a nice fish of 101 cm and approx. 10 kg on Beat L1. He was not able to land the fish in the pool and had to follow it for some hundred meters below. After a quick picture, he released the fish carefully.

Stephan with his first Gaula salmon of 10 kg (22lb) from Beat L1.

On the next morning, he managed to land another salmon in Beat E2. This fish was with 82 cm somewhat smaller than his first one. He also released this fish carefully.

Stephan with his second fish, this time from beat E2.

Franz Hochecker with his salmon weighing in with 8 kg from Beat E2.

This week started with extremely different conditions. In Kval, were most of the NFCs lower Gaula Beats are located, 60mm rain came down in only one hour, this is the rain which falls normally during the whole of June! Because of a lot of rain the Gaula rose to 600 m³/second on the Gaulfossen and stayed high for a while. The river was very dirty and it was almost impossible to fish for 48 hours. This happens very rare on the Gaula. But after the water started to clear up again, some nice fish have been caught. Franz Hochecker from Austria landed a nice salmon of 90 cm and 8 kg on beat E2. His friend Robert Heintschel lost a very nice fish seconds before landing on the bank.

Sven Bechert with his first fish of the week from E3.

Also Sven Bechert was successful on Beat E2 and managed to land a beautiful salmon of 78 cm, weighing approx.. 6 kg.

We know of 3 more fish caught on the NFC water. We will show you those fish in the next update. W

If you would like to fish on the Gaula during this season, or you would like to secure in time a rod in 2018, please contact us by email: or phone 0049-172-4266036, there are still some rods vacant.

Weeks 24&25 As the high water continues, so does the good fishing, with some great fish caught! 25.07.2017
Even though we experienced a nearly constant high water season so far, the salmon have had some short windows to pass the Gaulfossen – opening up the fishing throughout our waters. This week we began catching fish above the Gaulfoss – great news for all fishermen coming to the NFC in the coming weeks!

The next fish after our last update which was landed on the NFC Beats was caught by our regular Austrian fisherman Franz Hochecker on Beat E2.

8kg bright silver from Beat E2 – Franz Hochecker and his salmon.

As well as, veteran Gaula fisherman Sven Bechert, who was successful and landed two good fish during his week with us. This one below was the first one from Beat E2.

Sven Bechert with his salmon of about 6kg from Beat E2 – the fish has been kept as it was bleeding.

Peter Gadd from the United States was fishing with us for the first time and was able to catch and release his first Gaula salmon as well on Beat E2.

Peter Gadd with his Gaula salmon of about 9kg.

Peter carefully releasing his salmon after a quick lift out of the water, for a photo!

German flyshop owner, Christopher Heiland and his friends have been fishing with us last week as well and caught some nice salmon.

Christopher Heiland with his salmon from Beat E7 weighing 7kg.

Marc-Oliver Eilers was able to land an even bigger salmon just on the other side of the river on Beat E6, a beautiful fish of 9,8kg!

Marc-Oliver with his first salmon ever – quite a fish to start with…congratulations!

Also Norwegian guest Kenneth Gundersen managed to land two fish during the week, a grilse of about 2,5kg (E7) and another good fish estimated to weigh about 9kg (E2).

On his last evening, Robert Heintschel finished his week with a great fish of about 11kg on Beat E3 after losing a couple before these days – a great ending to his week on the Gaula!

Robert Heintschel with his beautiful salmon from Beat E3, 11kg of dime-bright silver!

The following week 25, we knew fish had been able to pass up the Gaulfossen waterfall, and as “motivation” to see who could land the first fish above the foss, the NFC team put up a bottle of champagne as a prize for the first fish above the Gaulfossen- needless to say it didn’t take long for that champagne to be won!

This week, we had our French ambassador Fabrice Bergues visiting for his first time this summer. Before the first fishing day was over, Fabrice was able to land and release his first Gaula salmon of the season- also the first fish above the foss- and secure the bottle of champagne for himself! Fabrice managed to catch and release a fabulous 12kg fish on Beat B1.

Fabrice with Nr. 1 above Gaulfossen on NFC waters – 12kg c/r at Beat B1.

And it seemed as though the champagne only fueled Fabrice’s fire, as his fishing luck continued, and on the same evening he was able to land and released his next salmon on Beat BS2, estimated to weigh about 5,5kg.

Fabrice with his 2nd fish of the day at BS2.

Releasing a fish – always great to see.

It seems as though perhaps Fabrice’s luck rubbed off, as on the next day he and his fishing partner Yann Russon were fishing Beat BS1 and was both able to catch and release each a 10kg salmon – incredible!

Yann Russon with his big fish from the session on BS1.

Fabrice with his salmon of 10kg from Beat BS1 ice with his salmon of 10kg from Beat BS1

And again, during the evening Fabrice caught his next salmon! Another 10kg fish, this time from New Pool (A1). He just seems to be a fish magnet these days….

Fabrice landing his nice salmon on Beat A1.

But it was not only the French who had luck, as NFC regular Johann Bstieler was able to catch and release his first salmon of his stay, a good fish of about 6,5kg from Beat BS1.

Manfred Raguse managed to land his first salmon above Gaulfossen on Beat A1, a good fish of 104cm and weighing in with 11,1kg. Unfortunately, Manfred was unable to release the fish, as it was bleeding a lot.

Manfred Raguse with his salmon from Beat A1 – 11,1kg.

As well as, French fishermen Gilles Hirogyen, who landed a great fish of 11kg from Tilseth Pool (Beat C2) – the first one from that Beat this season. This picture will follow.

As we write this, it appears the fishing is even better upstream of the Gaulfossen these days than down river. We have seen quite a good number fish moving in many of our pools, and the water level continues to drop constantly again right now, down to a level where the next fish should be able to pass Gaulfossen – that means we should expect some great fishing upriver these days to come.

It is a super exiting time right now- We will keep you updated!

Week 26: Many great fish have been landed! 25.07.2017
To start things off, we want to mention the last couple of fish of Week 25 caught on Sunday morning. Below NFC regular Andreas Grass landed a very nice salmon of 101cm on Beat G1.

Andreas into his early morning salmon on Beat G1.

Andreas with his super salmon – 101 cm pure silver! Well done, Andreas!

Also our guide Mawill Lüdenbach took the chance on his free Sunday to do some fishing and landed another good fish on the very same Beat, measuring 94cm.

Mawill Lüdenbach with a hen fish of 94cm that he carefully released.

After seeing fish moving in the pool just below the lodge, Per Arneberg (chairman and owner of NFC) took the rowboat over to the opposite bank and after only a few casts, hooked a great fish.

Per fighting on Beat M2 – Lodge Pool, right bank.

Per with his nice salmon of 97cm – great fun!

Week 26 started after our welcome dinner on Sunday evening. The water level was slowly dropping during the weekend to a rather moderate level and actually warming up. But then it started raining Sunday evening and we expected the river to rise again quickly. Regular guest Bruce Bomphrey caught the first salmon of the week on the opposite bank of the Lodge indicating that there were many fish on the move.

NFC’s Daniel Stephan fished Beat A1 on Sunday and only needed 20 minutes of fishing to land his first salmon of the season of 10,4kg (22.9 lbs). The fish bled, and had to be kept.

Daniel with his salmon Nr. 1 - caught on Beat A1 (photo taken in Beat B1).

First time American guest Marc Fitzsimmons was fishing Beat G1 Monday morning and was able to catch and release his first Gaula salmon of about 7kg (15.3 lbs).

Marc Fitzsimmons with his first Gaula salmon.

That night, Mortan Carlsen from the Faroe Islands fished Beat A1 and caught two salmon of 100 and 83 cm.

On Beat BS1 it was Tim Sparkes who caught the next salmon, another great fish of 100cm and exactly 10kg (22 lbs).

Regular English guest Tim Sparkes with his great fish from Beat BS1.

A lot of fish were moving the following day giving Mortan and Daniel a great session at noon on Beat G1. Daniel caught and released a 4kg (8.8 lbs) salmon just before he hooked and fought a 2nd fish, which he released.

Daniel bending the rod.

Daniel with his salmon of 103cm – what a great fish!

Shortly after Daniel released his 2nd fish Mortan hooked another nice fish on the same Beat, this time 97cm.

Mortan with his beautiful salmon from Beat G1.

Mortan releases his fish – always the best part of the catch.

American guest Craig Stemmer landed his first Atlantic salmon on Beat BS1 – a fat fish of 99,5 cm and probably weighing over 10kg (22lbs).

Guide Marcus and Craig Stemmer with his nice salmon from BS1.

Well known salmon Angler Henrik Mortensen from Denmark had a great week fishing with us and started his week with two great fish on Beat A1. The first fish weighed about 8kg (17.6 lbs) and the 2nd was even bigger and estimated to weigh 11kg (24 lbs).

Henrik Mortensen with fish Nr. 1 for him for the week – approx. 8kg (17.8 lbs)

Henrik with his 2nd fish of about 11kg (24 lbs) and 104cm

On beat BS2 our American guest Bob Colson was able to catch and release a great fish of 105cm, sadly we don’t have a picture as he was fishing on his own. On the same morning Australian Charles Barret caught and released another fish of about 5kg (11 lbs) in G1 and also photographer Matt Harris was lucky again on his short visit and got a nice 6kg (13 lbs) fish in the very same Beat

Matt Harris with his salmon from Beat G1.

Bob Colson tested fishing on the E-beats even though it had been a bit quiet downriver. With fresh fish coming into the river, he was able to have an excellent session with a grilse lost and a 7kg (15.3 lbs) salmon caught and released at Beat E2.

During Sunday morning Henrik Mortensen decided to fish downriver and caught the biggest salmon of the season on NFC waters so far of 114cm and about 15kg (33 lbs)– it was a big and fat hen fish. He was on his own and could not take any pictures and also those fish are important to release quickly as they are the future of this wonderful river. As usual, Mortan Carlson catches a good number of fish when he is visiting us – he finished his week with a 6kg (13 lbs) salmon on Beat BS1 and a large grilse of 68cm from the E-Beats. It seems like a lot of fish are coming in these days as our fishermen reported seeing many fish in the lower river – really good numbers of all sizes of fish. These next days should be very exiting!

We will keep you updated.

Night fishing skyline - we just love it.

Week 28: High water, happy fishermen, and some really BIG fish! 25.07.2017
Week 28 was another week with a lot of rain and very high water levels, the river came up, dropped and came up again right away after a lot of rain fall. But the fish did not seem to mind the rain, and fluctuating river, as the week was filled with many great fish, including the largest fish of the season thus far for the NFC!

July has been a rather untypical summer month on the Gaula, with lots of rain, and cold temperatures. Either way the fishing has been great. Week 28 started with a fish for Takeo Osawa on Beat E2 – a nice fish about 5kg.

Takeo Osawa with his “week-opener” on Sunday night down at E2.

The next morning was a good day for our French regular Eric Sovran. As he was able to catch and release a very big fish on Beat BS1. His salmon measured 114cm and was estimated to weigh about 15kg (33lb)!

Eric with his big salmon of 15kg (33lb) fromBS1.

Fredric Andre, Theo Ripplinger, Hans E. Wolff, Fabrice Bergues and NFC’s Daniel Stephan all managed to catch and release some bigger grilse 3 to 4 kg. (7 to 9lb). NFC owner Per Arneberg caught a nice fish of 84 cm on Beat BS1.

Per Arneberg with his fish from Beat BS1

Next were Fredric Andre and Francois Deloup who were able to land fish of 77 and 74 cm, while the next bigger fish were caught by Fabrice Bergues and Takeo Osawa in their session on Beat B1. Fabrice caught a nice fish of 94 cm estimated to weigh about 8kg (17.5lb) and Takeo’s fish measured 87 cm and was estimated to weigh approximately 7kg (15lb).

Fabrice in action on Beat B1.

Fabrice with his fish of 94cm from Beat B1. Held carefully in the water prior to release.

Fabrice with his fish of 94cm from Beat B1. Held carefully in the water prior to release.

The week continued with high water levels, as the river yo-yoed between rising and dropping levels, so the conditions were not easy but the fishing remained good throughout the week.

As the levels pushed the fish around, and new fish entered into the pools, Eric Sovran caught his next salmon of 86cm. As well as some seatrout which were landed by Hans E. Wolff and Fabrice Bergues, not huge ones but about 2-3kg (4.5-6-5lb) and simply beautiful.

Fabrice with a beautiful seatrout. We are pleased to see some better sized sea trout.

German regular Werner Brinker caught two nice fish on Beat BS2, one salmon of about 5kg (11lb) and another big fish measuring 102cm and weighing 11kg (24.2lb). On the same day his friend, and fishing partner, Hans E. Wolff managed to catch a big fish of 10,5 kg (23.1lb) in our Lodge Pool. The following day Hans caught another big fish of 98cm, sadly it was bleeding and had to be killed.

Hans E. Wolff with his 98cm salmon from Beat BS2.

Francois Truffandier caught the next good fish from our Lodge Pool, a nice 7kg (15lb) salmon which was carefully released.

Early the next morning, NFC’s Mawill Lüdenbach had the chance to fish our Beat A1. After having two takes, and changing the fly, he finally hooked into a good fish. After a hard early morning battle Mawill was able to catch and release our biggest fish of the season so far!! A great male salmon of 117cm and estimated to way 16,5kg (36-37lb) but by the look of it the fish could weighed even more!! Regardless, this was a fish of a lifetime, and well deserved – congratulations Mawill!

Mawill and his 117cm salmon – A fish of a lifetime!!

The fishing continued to be productive despite the fluctuating water levels, and for example Per Arneberg was able to release another good fish of 92 cm on Beat B1 as well as Eric Soule who was able to release another good salmon of 97cm from B1 as well.

Eric Soule with his 97cm female salmon - C/R of course.

Many more grilse have been landed by Fancois Deloup, Fabrice Bergues, Sacha Pütz. Fabrice also managed to land a good fish of about 7kg (15lb) at Beat A1.

Fabrice about to release his salmon on Beat A1.

Another funny story happened this week – we got a call from Alex Pearl from the US. He arrived with the Hurtigruten cruise ship in Trondheim and had a couple of hours to fish for salmon. We were able to make last minute arrangements to pick him up and get him fishing for a few hours on our E-Beats. Guided by Mawill, Alex arrived and after a short lesson on double hand casting, made few casts and hooked into 2 fish within 20 min, shortly later he hooked into the next one – this time it was hooked well, and Alex was able to catch and release his first Gaula salmon – approx. 5kg (11lb) and 80cm. Isn’t salmon fishing easy!?!

Alex Pearl with his E-beat salmon – exiting hours on the Gaula!

Fly-tier Sacha Pütz managed, just before the session ended, to catch and release a good fish on Beat A1 of about 8kg.

Sacha Pütz with his “last minute” A1 salmon!

It also seemed as though the Lodge Pool was on fire this week, as several more fish have been caught there by Francois Deloup another 7kg (15.5lb), two more grilse by Hans E. Wolff and Mawill Lüdenbach caught another 9kg (20lb) on the other bank, just opposite the Lodge building.

As well as New Pool (A1), which was still fishing well all week, producing fish again by NFC’s Daniel while fishing the beat during the late evening. Daniel landed a perfect fish of 97cm (approx. 9,5kg /21lb). The following morning Daniel managed to land another 4kg fish on Beat A2 as well.

Daniel with his 97cm fish from Beat A1 – simply perfect.

A couple of more grilse were caught by Werner Brinker, Jean-Luc Pouillen, Yoshinobu Toide as well as a medium sized fish by Eric Soule between 5,5 and 6kg (about 13lb).

The week finished with a superb fish on our Beat A1. French regular Francois Deloup was able to catch and release another great female salmon on Beat A1 after a hard battle, where the fish ran Francois all the way from New Pool down to Home Pool! The salmon measured 110cm and estimated to weigh about 13kg.

Francois Deloup with his beautiful salmon from Beat A1 – 110cm.

Despite the tough conditions with cold and high water it turned out to be a really good week. The river is now in perfect shape and it seems there are a lot of fish around and still fresh fish are running all the time. We are looking forward to the coming weeks, as we hope the fishing will continue to produce as many and good sized fish as the last few weeks. As we post this, week 29 has started very well with lots of more big fish! We will keep you posted.

That also means that the fishing in August will most likely be quite productive– so in case you have not booked anything yet or looking for some short notice fishing – just get in touch, we should be able to accommodate you!

Week 29: Another exiting week on the NFC Beats with some big fish landed! 15.08.2017
Week 29 was the first week thus far this season we experienced consistently dropping water levels, and the river finally reached what we would consider a “normal” summer level.

The week started off well with a fish a good session on G1 from our Austrian regulars Robert Heintschel and Franz Hochecker. They landed 3 good fish of approximately 10 kg (22lb), 8kg (17.5lb) and 5.5kg (12lb)!

Robert with his smaller of the two he caught salmon from Beat G1.

Franz with his nice salmon of about 8kg (17.5lb).

Also our American guests John Hogaland and John Bleh started off with a bang as well.

John Hogland was able to land and release a 5.6kg (12.3lb) salmon on Monday morning and John Bleh caught his biggest Atlantic salmon thus far at Langøy (B1) – a superb fish of 110cm and probably weighing about 13,8kg (30.3lb)!

John Bleh with guide Simon Kitcher holding the big female fish which has been quickly released after this fast picture.

That afternoon was a great day for a few other guests, as Jeff Bright was also able to catch and released his first salmon of the trip, a good fish of 6kg at Beat A1.

Jeff Bright with his first salmon if the week.

Regular NFC guest, Jean-Luc Verstraeten came back for his 3rd week with us and caught his biggest salmon of 2017 at Beat BS2 – a really beautiful female salmon measuring 109cm and certainly weighing about 13kg (28.5lb)!

Jean-Luc with his stunning bar of silver from BS2.

German Fly tier Sacha Pütz was able to land a salmon of 4,2kg (9.3lbs) at our Lodge Pool after losing a couple of fish there before.

Sacha and his fat medium sized salmon from our Lodge Pool.

Jeff Bright caught another beautiful fish on Beat B1. The salmon he was bale to release was weighing about 6kg (13.2lb).

Jeff Bright holds a perfect Gaula salmon on Beat B1.

As well as Manfred Raguse who was able to catch and release a great fish of 105cm and weighing about 12kg (26.5lb) on our Beat B1.

Manfred releasing his big fish from beat B1.

Our first-time visiting Canadian guest Terry Antoniuk caught a great fish on Beat G1, after he caught a grilse during the first evening. His 2nd salmon of the week was a great one – measuring 98 cm and weighing well over 9kg (20lb).

Terry with his great fish and guide Daniel Persson.

As the week continued, the weather began to get warmer and warmer, and with plenty of sun, the conditions definitely had a negative impact on the fish as they stopped taking flies as well as they did the first days of the week, and the weeks before. But still our fishermen landed fish – like Jaques Caluwe from Belgium who was able to catch and release the next big fish of 104 cm, weighing about 12kg on our Beat B2.

Jaques with his early morning salmon 104cm from Beat B2.

During bright sunshine our Belgium team keep on doing well and Gust Florus caught a nice 83cm fish on Beat G1.

A nice fresh fish for Gust!

After a quick lift the release of his nice salmon.

Also Jean-Luc Verstraeten was successful again and caught a salmon about the same size, measuring 85cm.

Jean-Luc with his bright sunshine salmon from Beat G1.

We kept on catching some grilse and smaller salmon, for example by Robert Heintschel, Franz Hochecker, Daniel Stephan, Fabrice Bergues, Thies Reimers, Andre Scholz, Dennis Ling and Maurzio Restiano.

Dennis Ling with a fresh grilse.

As well as a couple of nice seatrout were landed and released, such as the picture below showing a nice one from Beat A1 caught and released by Gene Weber.

Gene with his seatrout from Beat A1.

Toward the end of the week the water was already quite low and the fishing had slowed down a bit, but that is a part of fishing a natural, unregulated river, and we still see plenty of fish in our pools and fresh ones coming into the E-Beats. We think that as soon we get some water the fishing will be great again.

We will keep you updated!

Our season on the Gaula ended on the 31st August – we look forward to season 2018! 15.09.2017
During the last part of the season the runs of fresh salmon were more on the slow side. But on our E Beats there was a chance to catch fresh fish anytime due to their proximity to the sea.

After a longer low water period during the last third of the season the much appreciated rain came around the 20st August, but the fishing improved not as much as we had hoped for. The season on the Gaula overall was a great one. Especially the number of very large salmon was very impressive. During the season 7 fish over 20kg / 44 lb were caught and the largest fish were 24kg/ 53 lb, 23,1kg/ 51 lb. and 21,2kg/ 46 ½ lb.

The registered catch during the 3 month season showed a total of 5.062 salmon with a total weight of 24.627kg /54,303 lb. Over 62% of all caught fish were returned on the river seen as a whole, whilst more than 90% of the catch on NFC waters was returned. The share of the large salmon over 7kg/ 15 ½ lb was 13.107kg/ 28,901 lb in total 1.340 salmon which account for 26% of the total number caught, but for 53% of the total weight. In total 1.689 medium sized fish (2 sea winter) were caught, weighing between 3 and 7kg/ 7 - 15 ½ lb. They had a total weight of 7.785kg/ 17,166 lb, accounting for 33% of the total number caught and for 31% of the total weight caught.

The average weight during the course of the season was 5,06kg /11.2 lb. This is quite good if one considers that for the first time since years the share of grilse has increased with a total of 2.033 grilse significantly again. Their number accounted for 64% of the years catch, but for only 15% of the total weight caught (3.734kg/ 8,233 lb). 64% of the total Gaula catch was caught on the fly, whilst 21% were caught on worm (!), 11% on the spoon and 2% on wobblers.

It is very encouraging to see that the share of fly caught fish increased significantly on the Gaula. At the same time the still high share of fish caught on worm is very disappointing as it does not fit with the catch and release restrictions which say that a good share of fish need to be returned in a careful way. A high proportion of the worm caught fish has suffered from the injuries caused by deeply swallowed hooks and cannot be returned. Therefore worm fishing is definitely unacceptable and should be definitely banned on the Gaula. We will continue our work for clear restrictions.

If you want to fish on the beautiful fly only beats of the NFC beats, please let us know as soon as possible. The coming season is already strongly booked and the number of vacant rods is very limited. We look forward to hear from you, best by E-mail to or by phone ++49-1724266036.