St Brandon's Atoll

Destination: St Brandon's Atoll
Country: Mauritius
Saltwater: Flats wading, Inshore fishing
Capacity: 8 per week
Season: Mid October to Late May
Specialties: Wading
Species: African Pompano, Barracuda, Blue Fin Trevally, Bonefish, Dog Toothed Tuna, Giant Trevally

The Lodge


Some of the largest bonefish in the world in habit St Brandons.

St Brandonís is a group of over 50 small islands, islets, coral ridges and vast sand flats on an extended reef in the Indian Ocean. Situated 268 nautical miles north-east of Mauritiusís this area is rich in fish stocks, flora and fauna. These islands have a total land area of only 1.3 km2, with the reef measuring more than 50 km from north to south and 5 km wide which is cut by two major passes. The magnificent condition of the coral and the lobster infested outer reefs is proof that other than a small population of Creole natives who live on Raphael Island in the north this area has had very little human interference.

St Brandonís is saltwater fly fishing wonder land with scattered islands, vast connecting sandbanks and flats of hard white sand, broken coral. There are flats which hold Turtle grass, however they are few and far between. St Brandonís has the most spectacular fishing for Bonefish you will ever encounter, as on most tides anglers can expect to see vast shoals of these shallow water speedsters as well as enormous singles and doubles. On our last exploratory we landed fish of up to 87cm which according to studies puts these fish in the region of 15lbs. There is also plenty of Indo-Pacific Permit for those anglers wishing to target the ultimate shallow water gamefish. Other notable species which frequent the flats of St Brandonís are Bluefin, Golden, Yellow Dot and Green Spot Trevally, as well as the notorious Giant Trevally which reaches weights in excess of 100lbs. The guides will lead you onto the flats and help you identify the desired target species, the areas which they frequent and the tactics used to target them.

The Gryphon is a 96ft motor yacht with a 23ft beam and a 7,5ft draft catering for long range expeditions. She can accommodate up to 8 fly fishermen, 4 FlyCastaway guides, as well as a crew of 4 who cater for your every need. A large and spacious vessel boasting two stabilisers which make her extremely stable, she has a top speed of 13 knots. She is very comfortable and the perfect base with which to explore St Brandonís in luxury. It would be difficult to find a better boat from which to do the crossing as she has all the extras like a TV, DVD player and card table to help pass the time. The Gryphon is a three level vessel which offers 4 spacious guest cabins situated at the aft of the lowerdeck. Each has a spacious en-suite shower, basin and flushing toilet. All cabins and indoor dining or entertainment areas are fully air conditioned, allowing guests a chance to relax in a comfortable environment after a long days fishing out on the flats. On the mid deck she is spacious and boasts a separate salon, dining area and aft seating area all with a magnificent view of the surroundings. This area is perfect for dining, sundowners and general relaxing. All meals are served in the dining room with the chef preparing a mix of Creole and international food.

Client Comments:
"Awesome... bonefish like baracuda and good numbers of them. Caught my record bonefish consecutively on the first five, largest being over 10 lbs! What and adventure!" J.T. - UK

Travel Tips:
Guests are required to fly into Mauritius the day before departure and fly out the day after or late on the same day. Air Mauritius has direct flights from London Heathrow everyday except Tuesdays and Thursday.

Mauritius is 3 hours ahead of GMT and it take approximately 11 hours to fly there from London.

Please contact us with any questions or for booking information.